Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #86 - Cutting Through The Bull of Automation

In this week's blog, Dean talks a bit about how you, as an investor, need tools that can help you succeed. The struggle, as you know, is always "who can you trust, how do you discern the goop from the gold?" Especially in so called "automation".

Well, as always, Dean is looking out for you and in this video you will hear more about what's coming, plus, see a clip from the latest Empowering Conversations - this week’s video is hot.

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Great Stuff Dean

I knew why i was holding out because you have our best interests at heart!! Thats awesome that you were able to interview Greg your team is ALWAYS on top of things thats why im so confident and patiently waiting for your product!!

Thanks for everything

Gorgeous Frazier


Chasing The Dream's picture

As always, another good blog. I am looking for to all the "great" things in store for us.
Thanks for sharing with us information from Greg, can't wait to hear more.

Have a good week ahead of you- Carpe Diem Stacey :0)


Indiana-Joe's picture

Thanks for creating another weekly video blog for us. Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for! It reminds me of when I was young and would have the anticipation of Christmas Day morning. I could hardly wait for the big day to arrive!

As you prepare these awesome tools for us to use, we can't wait. But like a great recipe, I know it takes time and effort to ensure all ingredients are in the recipe and all the steps are followed to ensure everything is put together and baked to perfection!

Thank you for providing your students with the opportunity for the latest and greatest tools for success! We wish you continued success and good luck in everything you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


randy428's picture

Another great blog, Can't wait tot see what you have putt together. I have done the 2 year free deal with him. Not sure if i am doing everything right, But at this time I have no luck at all.



sakrificer's picture

I can not wait to see what you have in store for us especially if it will help me get off of the ground. Waiting for this is like waiting for Christmas... I just want to open and be surprised.

patiently waiting.


thanks dean !!

Jay Sthilaire's picture

THANKS SO MUCH for all you do to keep us grabbing for more!! you are AWESOME!! U r right ,you dont stop !! cant wait to use whatever you have for us because i know we are in good hands!!!! this sounds like exactly what we need to take it to the next level.i know for me it sounds like what i have been looking for for a long time......something that will drive business to my front door!!...great since i did not create a website yet .....
anticipating something AMAZING!!


What an amazing blog. I did the webinbar with Greg on sims 2.0 sounds amazing but they sounded so busy not down to earth like you are. I don't know but you sound and I haven't met you yet so normal just like one of us. Maybe its your back round you didn't come from money and no gold spoon in your month but just a true honest person not someone out to just make a buck on someone. So Dean I'm sticking to you because you always have our backs and looking out for us. You and this DG Family have kept me going for this last year with your motivation and promise to help all the way. I'm just getting started had to get some medical things out of the way first. I have met 2 of my goals. Now its time to look for my new life and REI is the way to go.I'v talked to the academy and am going to join asap money is very tight. Can't wait to hear about your new project. Sounds great! thanks DEAN you are my life line.

Thanks Dean for looking out for us.

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But I have to say about two weeks ago or so someone sent me an e-mail from DeanGraziosi Florda location giving information on Greg. Now if this did not come from your office someone is using your name.

I am not saying Greg's offers are bad but your blog sounds like this is the first info that you Dean are giving us on Greg's Sims 2.0

A little confused.

Steve and Veronica.

Thanks Once Again Dean!

cbrindamour's picture

I have been bombarded with ads for the new SIM2.0 and from what I can tell it looks awesome! A great software program can definitely make the difference in any business, and if you add the DG customization to it then it can only get better!

Can't wait to see this!


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Hello Dean

You always come up with great blogs. This new software program sounds pretty cool Cool. What ever product you put out I know its going to be great, because you always look out for us and you are always trying take us to the next level.

Antonio Smiling

great blog

as always, i have checked out and it is a great tool can't wait to see what you have for us, thanks again. Dale

Thanks for the Great Blog!!

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You've done it again. Just the short sample you gave us on your blog, answered some questions I had. Really appreciate all you do.

Look forward to the rest of the info in the future!


Amazngrc's picture

Hello Dean and family...Thank you soooo much for this opportunity. I have halted buying Simm 2.0 for the very reason on waiting for your expert call...THANK YOU again for your diligent work. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am really excited to be on board.

Deans Blog

Thank you for not giving up on me,even though I'm to busy sometimes to check my e-mails, I am trying to do better Love ya

Thanks again Dean

Shellsell's picture

Hi Dean,

It is great to be a part of the DG family. Thanks Dean for your diligence and the time you take to help us. Your being up front keeps me on track.
We know it is worth the wait with what you have to show us. You have a great week also. Blessings

Deans Blog

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Great stuff! I am so excited but am patiently waiting for you-I believe you have our best interests at heart!
Thank you for not giving up on me-I know I have had many hurdles up to this point-BUT I will not quit. I have tried many other buisiness opportunities to make money only thing it did was cost me money. Your program connects with me-I believe this is different. I am no longer working outside the home(disabled)so on the positive side, apart from doctor visits I will have the time now to read and re-read your books and watch the videos until I get it.
Thanks again. SmilingSmiling


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Good Morning,
Greg Clement is one of the good guys, just like Dean. Can't wait to see what you and Greg have in store.

Take massive action and keep moving forward and success will be achieved.

Have a great, productive Monday DG family!

Dean's Video

As usual Dean it was a great video and i am looking forward to this package you are putting together soon for the DG family. Thanks again.

Sims 2.0

Dean, I can't wait to see the tweaks you make to the Sims 2.0 system. I've been following Greg's progress with this, since the launch of the first Sims system. I wanted to purchase the first one, but did not have the money and now I'm really glad I didn't. This time I think I'll beg, borrow or steal (not really) to get it. Thanks again for another great blog. Stay in faith and enjoy the rest of your week. Myra

looking forward to it

young Money's picture

Wow dean another great blog as usual, heard alot about this program and it sounds real good. Can't wait to see what new tweaks you did to make it DG perfect. Looking forward to whats next. Have a great week dean and much success in this project.

young Money

& Live Life Cool

Great Blog

Thanks again for the great information. I have looked into SIMS, but have decided to wait for your next tool.


Let's keep it going Dean!

SynysterAndre's picture

Man, good stuff indeed Dean! I was very fortunate enough to soak in all this good information, especially the amazing surprise that you keep teasing us about, lol. Glad I was able to see you get into a good conversation with the man himself, Greg and find out all about this traffic conversioning and what it leads to. I'm sure I'm not the only one who may not fully understand this all, but I know if there's anyone whose gonna clear this whole thing in due time, it's you Dean. Thanks again for another great weekly blog and I look forward to seeing every great thing unravel as time goes on, and to see more that you have in store for us!


You are on to something "HOT"

matlock31's picture

This is going to be great

Great advice

This really help me.


Rick888's picture

I can't wait to see what Dean has in store for us next!
Thanks Dean - You are the best!

Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC


GRAB him while you can Dean. If you trust his judgement as much as it seems Pull Him on Board! Make him head of R&D(research and developement) Software Division! Make him part of your personal team and then we'll all benefit with that kind of brainstorming. Think of ALL the avenues of RealEstate software, your experience and his software genius, could do for your business. Tax Liens, Foreclosures,Probate, Short Sales, Assignments, CASHFLOW NOTES!, ect., ect. Blow the Whole thing out of the water! Dean, Cause WE got him and THEY don't! Sorry.........the excitement is carrying me away, but this is HUGE! We'll all have a jump on the comp! not just at Dean's level but our level down here in our own neighborhoods! Thanks Dean for always keeping the machine greased and always having an eye out for better parts!


Dear Dean, et al

With this combination, I may have to stop making excuses [for only owning three properties]

Thanks so many times.


Thanks Dean

Katie Taplin's picture

I do, even after being at the trainings need something to get over the wall in my way. I do appreciate all your efforts.

God Bless You Dean, U R the real Deal!!!!

You read my mind, I have started over because feel like there is something I am missing. I purchased your materials over a year ago, and have worked extensively to figure out the next move. Thank you for the encouragement, and I am not going to stop until I am your next big Success Student!!!


Thanks Dean

Thankyou for everything you do for the Dgers family..we all know you got something great instore for us're perfecting this recipe so we can run with it..That's a great idea to have Greg on your team keep on making those great blogs. Cecelia

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