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love camping with wife (in a tent), going to Mexico when we can, REI (can't wait to get some deals under my belt)

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How's it going RICK?? Kay

How's it going RICK?? Kay

how's it going???

Well, its been a hard deceision weather to join the success academy or not... I think I will today. My wife is onboard thats great!! I'm excited to get going.. hate my job, don't want to go in today either.


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Welcome to the DG website family. Good luck on all yor future deals and congratulations on joining the success academy. Looking forward to reading about your progress and future deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Well this is my third week now and still working on incorperating with a spin, I am also getting a contractors lisence to do my own work and maybe put a few buddys to work in the process, unemployment rate in Marion Co, Oregon is well above the 12% state average! the laws we have here seem to be a bit higher than most other states, put in my first ghost ad, and was told by a broker that was illegal?? Seem to have been running into alot of NAY Sayers as far as Oregon rules & regs. I too have joined PMI and am hoping to talk more with you in the future. Michael J

Fellow Oregonions

We are newbies. We feel overwhelmed. There seems soooo much to learn without a definite outline guide. But we are excited to make it work. Any opinions on the difference between S-Corp or LLC? Nice to know we are not sitting out in Oregon all alone!

Marion county

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Michael, it's good to know I have a like minded person in my own county. Hang in there, I know it is tough here but I also know it is possible to succeed. Maybe we should contact each other to encourage each other....


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I have been a business man in oregon for about 15 years and if you are asking which is better, I think the s-corp is probably better since it affords more protection and allows you to have LLC's under it, which gives you even more protection.



Just wanted to say hello.

I am new to this site and investing but live close to you so wanted to shout out a hello.

Looks like a group of us will be learning together.


Ok Lets start Talking Here

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Sorry Jay I signed up here and forgot to come back Opp's . we all need to get together. just went on craig's list and we have alot of compitition out there!!!have done alot of looking out there, Auctions, forclosers, (Leases with option to buy) is my fav. lets start talking and do a get together. my home phone is (503) 990-6935 Lets talk rick, Jay, R.D. and who ever else is in the area. I am ready to start working these concepts. Just passed my CCB board test, filled out the apps, and pay the license and bonding. so write or call. Michael J

trying to learn

Just read the profit from real estate RIGHT NOW! I am trying to find a real astate agent with no luck. I am glad to see some people that are from Oregon doing this. I need to read the book again. I would like to flip a few houses with killer deals at first and then buy and hold some as well. I am self employed in the cleaning business. I carpet clean and get properties ready for renters. I would like to make real estate my profession if I can get through this learning curve. Hope to talk to you all soon. Mike...

hello from Southern Oregon

I found you from the REI / clubs page.
Thought I would join. I just started in this new, scary world of real estate, and glad to see there are other Oregonions out there! I too have many questions, but mainly need a support team - so any input is greatly appreciated! Would love to talk to any or all of you, and lets make our futures bright!
~ Mrs. Parker

REI Clubs in Portland, OR

Does anyone know of any REI clubs in the Portland Metro area, that you would recommend? Please let me know. Thanks Tony

Hey Fellow Oregonion

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How's it going these days? My name is Eric and I am spankin new at this RE stuff but, I'm getting to know more and more every day. It seems that Oregon is a state where you need lenders or a lump of cash to invest unlike many other states. Lets network and see if we can help each other out.

On another note: Do you ride bro?


Oregon bound.

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Hey there, we'd like to say Hello & join your group, my wife & myself just purchaced Deans book's & although we haven't gotten them yet, we are truly excited to know we can achieve our goals by following Dean's advice. I have used another course in the past & saw great result's in the 1 deal I put together, I just never followed threw on that path further....just young & didn't care enough I guess. We have both lived in Oregon before and are planning to move back ASAP even though it's been a few yrs. Since we got married 5 yrs. ago, we have bought 10 small propetries around the southwest & now we're hoping to use these as a beginning, maybe to trade for someones equity before they lose thier home & good name....well it's a start anyway & we do have some cash to work with( rather keep it in my pocket). We started a journal & are excited to be finnally getting out of 116 degree summers, looking foward to our re-con trip at the end of April, will be on vacation to fish & do some Morel mushroom hunting....Yummy! We look foward to growing & helping build a team in our new home to be, if we can swing it..."WE BELIEVE" Thanks All, Rog & Diane Allen

Keep Trying

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Michel.......We will be in Medford area in late April, I know how far your County is from there but we like your post's & pic. & hope you are a member of this group, we all need to work together & make the deals flow.
I have been in the towing industry for the past 15 yrs. now & prior it was construction for 20 yrs. I took part of all trades from running equip. to concrete, plumb, frame ect. We have been using the comp. doing the search thing using lots of different search-terms to find forclosure info & maybe have seen a few sites you haven't found yet so keep trying & keep in touch....For The "S" corp. question....S-Corp. is a far better way to go says my tax-man who has done over 4 million returns, the guy is a wizzard & has guy's like Steve Winn(las vegas)as friends....I trust him. ......Rodger & Diane Allen

how to actually get group statis here

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ok got my awnser

Move in Ready...

I know most of you are looking for houses to flip but if anyone wants a Move in Ready house in Harrisburg (near Eugene & I-5) for an investment property, I know of a killer deal!
Property Specs in Harrisburg, Oregon

REI club in Eugene/Springfield

Just getting started here. Looking for .

RE investing in Oregon

I am a investor in the Salem area and am working on developing a network of people in Oregon to work with. We currently have rental property in Salem and have invested on a small level for years (rehabs, rentals, etc.) mainly living in them as we fix them. As I dig into increasing our investing in Oregon, it does seem as if there is a lot of legalities that must be understood to stay out of trouble in this State. I am not opposed to investing out of State, but know that there has got to be some means to make it happen here in Oregon with some of Dean's techniques.

So, please send me your info by Private Message or here and lets get a group together on this site and in the area to figure out how to make it happen in Oregon.

As far as a local RE Investing groups there is NWREIA (Google this to find it) that I am a member of and have attended some meetings. I have been to meetings in Salem and Portland and have met some people in Portland that are doing some of Dean's type of creative strategies.

I'm confident that networking is the key to success. We must all learn from each other to be successful and do it right.

Good luck to all,
nows the time,


Local Investing Clubs

Check out NWREIA meetings. I haven't been to any in Eugene, but I have heard that they have them down there. I'm in Salem.

Good luck and if you attend let me know what you think.


NWREIA meetings

I have also checked. We had one in Portland several years ago (where I live), but I also saw that Eugene seems to be where meetings are now. I'll keep looking. Oh, I grew up in Salem and moved to Portland 23 years ago. If we can link up to others in the area I would be willing to travel to Salem for a meetins.


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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.



I am a newbie to this. And right now am wondering why I even decided to do it. It sounded like with a lot of research and a lot of leg work and hard work I could succeed in this. However, I live in a small town south of Eugene (Roseburg area) and there is absolutely NOTHING going on here in Real Estate. I can't even get a RE Broker to talk to me about properties and that includes two friends in real estate that are making fun of me for even trying. However, I am a positive person and will work as hard as possible to make this happen.

I too have been slowed down by Oregon laws. I was a Broker in California a number of years ago, and I thought they were tough. Here is nearly impossible. My Real estate friends said ghost ads are illegal unless you are a Broker and acknowledge that in the ad.

Putting out signs are illegal as well, but it was suggested that I put them out on Friday thru Sunday as no one would be out picking them up. I did that this weekend and this morning got a call from the City saying I could be fined up to $500 if I do it again. I put two signs out Friday morning and picked them up Sunday evening!!! So, that's out too.

And is there an investment group here? LOL Of course not. Nearest would be Salem - 100 miles away.

Any suggestions?

I have now been attending

I have now been attending these meetings in both Salem and Portland for the past few months and can tell you that unless you have nothing but cash to purchase investment properties it is a good idea to go to some of the meetings. The meetings that have been very informative are in Tigard at the Baja Fresh through the NWREIA Group. There are all kinds of local resources at the meetings and they are very informative of local investing. Google "North West REIA" and you should land on there web site.

Send me a PM and hopefully I will see you there.

TTJ Investing Inc.

Unfortunately, I have no

Unfortunately, I have no idea what is available in Roseburg. I would recommend hitting Google real hard and searching for groups or RE investors in the area. It may be that there is no competition down there (I doubt it). You may have all the deals to yourself. I know that you can subscribe to the NWREIA club and get on the yahoo blog site that is full of local info, laws and investors that apply to the entire state.
Hope this helps,
good luck,


Hi Eric Are you in the

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Hi Eric
Are you in the Grants Pass area? I believe we met. YOu had possted ameetup group...I am still trying..
Have you been doing any deals?

REI clubs/Invester groups/support groups

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Just started in this RE stuff. I live in Portland, OR. I'm lookin for local support groups. Does any one have any info? We desperately need local support! It also appears this is a great networking entity.

To join or not to join...

I notice there are 68 members of the Oregon Investors Club. How does one join the Club; where does it meet or is that what this group on this site is called; and what does the Club offer in addition to this great networking opportunity?


My wife and i just finished the boot on the ground and are looking for people in the salem area or any part of oregon to nstart moving foword.