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Baltimore, Md
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I am a stay at home mother of two boy's. I have always wanted to get into real estate. I am excited to get my first deal going. I love to help people out.
My husband is the bread winner in the family. He isn't real sure of this REI stuff. I am the one who has done the research and know more about this than he. I am very serious about doing this for a living. I have my fears but I know deep down I can do this.
You see I have not had the best as far as an "easy childhood" by any means. I had many opstacles in my life, as many people do to overcome.I'm not looking for pitty or excuses. Many times during my middle school through highschool years were troublesome. I went for days without eating and we were always getting evicted from our home. My mom tried, but at that point in my life she had given up on me and my brother and sisters. As far as responsibilitty to us. So we all found other people in our lives to lean on or help us out. I for one.. never asked for anything from anyone. I still am a little stubborn at times. But my family is to this day not a close family. I want to break the chains of the past. I want to give so much more to my two boy's than my mother ever did for me and my brother and sisters.
My family means everything to me. I just want the dream of no worries and to be happy with the choices I make in life.


To find my NICHE in REI!!!

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Stay at home mother.
Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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The Blitzkrieg!

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Awsome Awsome stuff Dean. I am so excited to be a part of the team.I am ready to take action and have a better life for me and my family.
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!


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just a friendly hello


Hey !

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Hey Lisa are you gun-ho on reo or are you interested in tax sale?Maryland is a tax lien state With only a 6 month redemtion period.Oh and welcome to the dean family!!!


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Hello right back at ya, Bob.

Hey Darrellf334, Thanks for

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Hey Darrellf334,
Thanks for the welcome to the family!!
I'm gun - ho to do all types of investing at this point. I have so much information going round in my brain... Do you think anything is easier than the other? Just asking for your opinion..

Yes Tax sale properties!

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I believe tax sale properties are easier and cheaper to get. However you might want to look up the overages! This is where you really help people. And you get paid a % of the funds you collect for them This part of the tax sales is the most rewarding!Giving people money they don't know they have coming!

Hi Lisa...just wanted to

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Hi Lisa...just wanted to stop by and say hi! hopefully your reaching your goals and achieving success!! Good luck with everything!


My family is from Baltimore, and I remember when the empty row homes near The Inner Harbor was going for $1.00.
You were required to fix it up & live there. What a missed opportunity!
Baltimore is the only place for Steamed Crabs for sure!

Hi Lisa, I am moving to

Hi Lisa,
I am moving to Baltimore in December and would love to meet you! I'm really excited about all the opportunities available there. You've got a great attitude!



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good luck and your story is very inspirational..

Forclosure Books on their way.....

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Hi Lisa,
Got your message and wanted to let you know the books were emailed to you about 4 minutes ago.... i was reading your profile and let me tell you, I am so glad you are steping up. Tell your husband that I hope he jumps on board with you soon because this is an opportunity that will not last forever. You know, my wife was the one that told me about this idea of REI and at the begining I was not listening. Now, I am the one that wants to do this more than anyone!!!
Good Luck to you..... and visit my blogs from time to time, I have very exiting things coming my way way and I'll try and share everything I can to help other if it works for me.
Take care

To Your Success

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Lisa I wanted to stop by to say hey. You will find successes in real estate if you continue moving forward by taking action, writing down goals, and staying focused.
Much Success,