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Jason King
St Pete Beach, FL
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I started out learning about REI from my Dad who I have done a few deals with. The type of deals we were doing in the late 90's early 2000 were Timber Investments. A timber investment is where you buy a parcel of land, (80-150 acres) no improvements, just mostly timber and sell the timber and immediately sell the land again for more than you purchased it for. I'll explain one of my deals briefly.

I found a nice piece of undeveloped land with a large sum of older trees on it. I don't clear cut these properties (don't believe in it) I just take the older ones that are 20 inches at the stump or bigger. (It's hard to sell a property that looks like someone took a brush hog to all the trees.) Forest management is the key. It was an 89 acre piece I put a purchase offer in for 25K. As soon as the deal closed I had a respected Logger write me a 35K check for the timber on this property so he could start harvesting. So I was 10K ahead already. A couple weeks later I put the land up for sale for 50K. I found a buyer for it and he talked me down to 40K. So boom I had $50,000 in my pocket after all was said and done. You can't do these types of deals anymore because the Realtors caught on to this and started figuring in the timber assessment with the asking price. They sure were a great investment for a while though!

So now I'm very interested in getting into residential and multi-unit deals. I am very thankful that DG has shown me step by step how to do this. I will achieve my goals with his help and this amazing DG Community. I'm just another person who is tired of working for someone else and helping them achieve their dreams.

Skateboarding, Playing Guitar, Quantum Physics, Molecular Biology, I swear I'm not a nerd, lol

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I just saw your comment & saw Wayne Dyer's Quote on the bottom...
I also love Wayne Dyer Smiling
So I thought just stop by your guest book & say "Hello!"

Have a smiley day Smiling Smiling Smiling
Miyuki a.k.a. Coco


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Hello, I'm just getting around to reading my msgs as I haven't been on the DG site in a while.
I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the comment.
Wayne Dyer is indeed an amazing human being.

Have a Great Day!!

Jason Eye-wink


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You have the choice to eat the apple and throw it away, or save the core and grow an orchard.

Jason King