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Gina Imig
Waukesha, Wisconsin
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I live in Waukesha County, WI. This is the area that I am currently investing in. I bought a duplex 4 years ago, before I became a DG member in Aug, 2011. I knew I wouldn't make a lot when I bought it, but I wanted to get my feet wet.
My plans now are to buy two properties by the end of the year, and one every month after. I want to buy, fix and hold. I am currently working for my family's business that I have been at since 11 yrs old. It's time to move on after 25 yrs, and I now have the knowledge. When I was 20 yrs. old I said I was going to buy one duplex a year. It's been 16 yrs. and I have 1. Oh but how fast I will catch up!
I have my team in place, but the local bank that I was told would let me refinance in 3 months has changed their tune. So, on to the next. I have been calling properties "ducks". Once I have all my ducks in a row, the possibilities are endless. Time to go duck hunting!

UPDATE: 2 deals. I haven't taken the proper steps to get a property a month. But I have learned that! I will get there, oh yes I will!

Softball, bowling, running around with my kids, ice fishing.

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Great job

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Way to to get r done, well away good for you for taking action+knowlegde=success...congrads to you for being an action taker.....Smiling

New To This

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I am a newbie and I need to get this on the road!


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Welcome!!! This journey is fantastic. Real Estate is awesome. I love everything about investing. Especially the people you get to meet along the way. I love hearing about people's success stories. Hope all has worked out with you so far. Happy investing.

Need Lenders?

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I'm sure I learned this through the teachings from everyone on this site, though I told everyone I work with that I'm a genius! (I actually had to look up that word to see how to spell it!) Ha ha! So I went to my county courthouse website to look at the tax records to find investment property owners. I wrote down a few repeat names, and have met both of these people a few years ago. There was one woman who had 3 different company names that owned properties with the same P.O. box #. I found out my dentist is quite an investor with 4 family properties. Then it hit me. I could look up when these properties sold, then go back to the county website and enter the dates to find out when mortgages were recorded. It lists who the lender is and for how much. Now I know what lenders may be investor friendly, and I might not have to call 100 or so lenders to do a cash out refi with no seasoning! Ya hoo!!!!


I just started last week and looking for a highly motivated member. I would like to push eachother to do our best and hold eachother accountable for what we say we want to do next. Interested? I am also keeping a journal. I am not very technical so the only way I know to get people to the site is to tell them about it. You are making awesome moves. Keep it up.


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Hi Gina,

Impressive action taking! I have found that getting each one stabilized is probably best as you mentioned. I have experience with too many at once and it represents a huuuuuge learning curve, and expensive one at that!

Still Looking?

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Hello Gina

I am a wholsaler and I want to know what areas you currently do deals in and how far out would you go.
I would like to work with you. I live and do work in WI so I really try to target my finding to cater to my investors wants and needs please. contact me here.


Still looking

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Hi Arthur,

I took a break for awhile to get my rentals repaired, etc. I started looking again, but I'm not a cash buyer. I have been financing with my local bank. I'm working with them right now to see what exactly they need from me so I can start possibly working with a wholesaler.

I'll keep you posted, but I only want properties in Waukesha, any zip codes which are 53186, 53189. Price: under $60,000.

But like I said, I'll let you know when the bank gives me the thumbs up.

Thanks for the message!



look forward to your stories and successes. ask all your questions here on this site.



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Just stopping by to say heyyyy.

Ive been down the buy and hold road myself, now that im with Dean my thinking has changed.
Im looking at other ways we can do this thing called REI.