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Karen Griffin
recently relocated to Myrtle Beach, SC
About Me: 

I am a Southern girl who moved to California in June 2002. The weather here is awesome, but the cost of housing is outrageous! I was in business for myself for 20+ years, but am now working for a national company selling cars. I am a widow whose three daughters are now all moved and on their own. I have no retirement plan AT ALL and that time is looming on my very near horizon.

I was born to be an entrepreneur. All my life I have always been open to new ideas as to where I could make big money. My dream is to be able to live or travel anywhere in the world that I choose and still have money coming in. Enough to enjoy doing what I want to do without having to budget. Enough to help my family enjoy their lives and not be living with the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Like most of us, I have tried SO many different things. I have purchased or bought into so many programs and worked my tail off, but somehow they just didn't follow thru with the promises. I truly feel that this one is different! I have enough previous experience with RE to understand the techniques that are being explained and to see that they REALLY CAN work!

2-5-2013 Need to update this a little. I left my job in February 2012-one year ago. Now I do RE full time. It is so much fun! Don't get me wrong! It is a tremendous amount of work and frustration but it is never the same thing twice. I am relocating back to SC in the next month or so because I feel that the opportunity for my investing will be much better there. Don't EVER quit!!! If something isn't working, tweak it!

Mar 15, 2013 Left Los Angeles for Myrtle Beach, SC
Mar 20, 2013 Arrived in Myrtle Beach. Let my new life begin!

I am passionate about self development! Whether it is RE, public speaking, learning new languages, Law of Attraction or anything else!

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Have Child(ren)
Completed High School

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I use : Subject To or Contingent on Partners final walk through and approval - You can use a financing contingency as well. Speak with your lawyer for the correct wording in your state.


Power in Networking

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I come all the way from Wisconsin to say thanks for helping me find Sandi. I already meet with her and I hope to see her this weekend. All this happend because your a person with a good heart. Thanks and I hope to meet you too.



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You are very welcome! Sandi is also a person with a good heart. Hopefully, you guys can make some good deals together!

Give her my regards.



Hi Karen, my name is Ada and when I am on DG web, I like to read your posts, that are usually helping others (the way it should be lol), probably by this time you have already relocated; and I just want to wish you the best at your new place, you now a lot about this business and you should be ok.

Best wishes to you.



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Thank you so very much for your message. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear from people that they get something from my posts!

Where are you from? I checked your profile and it has no info.

My move was delayed but I am hoping to have everything tied up and be able to leave this Wed, 3/13. Crossing my fingers.


in Touch

Hi Karen,
this is Jean Richard from Milwaukee, WI here, How are things going for you. I just needed to stay in touch with you. it's been a while since the last time we chat.
please keep in touch

JR Joseph

Hi Karen

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good morn, just wanted to touch base w/you, how is everything going in was it S Carolina you moved to? I think so. Hope all is well just got back from the Edge dont know if yiou went but it was of course life altering hope to meet you at one of these. God bless.

Jean Richard

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Things are going very well, thanks! Hope all is the same for you.



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Yes, I am in SC. Good remembering. Eye-wink

Wasn't able to get to The Edge again this year unfortunately. With my very recent move, I am busy getting everything rolling here.

I am glad you enjoyed it and were able to experience it! It is truly an amazing and life changing time! Will have to make it a "must do" next year.



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I will Bird-Dog homes in Roanoke Va. for you. If you are interested contact me.


1.Hey Karen my name is Kieran and I am brand new here. I just finish reading my book and I have a ? for you.
when a seller is signing a lease option . What are some of the terms I should put in my contract contingency that would protect me just in case the deal doesn't go as plan .

2.DO i put the same contingency that you are about to explain to me from (Agreement to Lease with Option to Purchase)and add the same contingency in Bid Dog and Double Closing or is it different and if so, what are they?


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Dear Karen
Great job stepping into the future.
Myrtle Beach sounds like a great opportunity for condos and retirement deals.
Jim & Susan

What do I ask for

Good day .. Can you tell me what ? Do I ask a , lender , Mortgage Broker , a R/E Lawyer. I'm not shore what ? To ask when looking for a good one ...

Hi Ms. Kareng!!!!!!!

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Hi, I just wanted to take the time to say hello! And thanks again for giving me some advice in the forum! Everyone here is just so nice and it makes learning much more fun when you are able to do it in a positive environment! I so look forward to this seminar this saturday and can't wait to see if it's something that I will be able to start working on by this coming year or the next. Smiling So, I'm super excited about this and I wish you much continued success!

Take care and be blessed!

A question for you

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Hi Karen I was told that if I wasn't the owner of a property I couldn't post it on craigslist by owner to get buyers - do you know if that would be the same if I asked the owner for permission

Wanted to say hi

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Hi Karen,
I wanted to introduce myself as I have seen your posts everywhere on the site and I love what you have to say. I started reading your journal and it is very encouraging to see your progress, it inspires us newcomers.
Btw, I also love your profile pic you have a great smile!

Thanks for your many shared insights and positive comments.
You are an inspiration to me.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson

Thank you

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Hi Karen,

Thanks so much for stopping by and replying.

I really appreciate your support and encouragement.

warmest regards,

Just stopping by

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Just wanted to say hello,we look forward to one day getting to meet you.
WARNING we will pick your brain,you will never be the same again lol. We are enjoying the ride,smiling and laughing along the way..
We want to meet all the DG family one at a time,going to take some time lol..


Hi Karen

I wanted to stop by and say hello. I've read many of your posts in the forums and I find myself looking forward to reading them because they are always like a ray of sunshine.

I started my own journal today and I hope you will visit it because I value your input.

Make it a great week!


REI Guy's 30 Day Success Journal


Happy Holidays and continued

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Happy Holidays and continued success!

Southern Girl by the Grace

Southern Girl by the Grace of God!

Keep shining sweetheart

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Hi my name is occie im new to this site and real estate im learning fast I cant wait to close on my first deal.

P.s. Also I would enjoy being in the inner circle on the road to super star like yourself please reply I would love being mentored by you in any way.

PLUS: your pretty shine for life.


IM a Diamond in the rough looking for partners I would like to be apart of dean's elite team in the very near future my goal is 100 properties a year

P.S. god bless all the members may we all shine bright like diamonds.


Hello family I need your help asap.!!

P.H.G. LLC.'s picture

I have been trying to communicate with dean
So I can enter the inner circle also so I become one of his buyers in michigan I want to thank you for compliments and favors

I have been trying to find a good deal since I have become a member and I have found the best piece of property for my first deal.

Its a liquor store with a strip mall and land all together
Its has income already and paying tenants inventory equity is all staying I want to purchase pay the mortgage down build credit and put the store up for sale or lease in the future keep the land and strip malls.

Can you mentor me thru this deal or can we partner up and buy it together or three ways me, you and king deangraziosi

Please help fiat is coming soon!!!!.

Also im starting a gold and silver company
If you want I will pm you the details
When everything is ready ok
Peace and god blessings always.
Keep shining I can see you from location in michigan.

Opps I almost forgot

P.H.G. LLC.'s picture

The purchase price is $900,000 us.
Income property.


enjoyed visiting with you and stefanie so much. we must do it again. i will never forget my first visit to roux 61 and the crabcake and the straw"v"erry cheesecake. to quote a great rei friend of mine scrumptious...

take care,


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We enjoyed it so very much also! You were a terrific tour guide and so very gracious. It was wonderful to finally meet in person.

Natchez is still as charming as I remembered and maybe even more so now that I have a friend there.

Until next time!


Hi!!!!!!!! :-) SUPER STAR

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Check out my website


Thanks Smiling

i want to learn realestate

hi,im new in newjersey,i want to learn about tax deed,and tax lean.can any one point me in the right derection.so I can review information.thanks kindly

Amazing Journal

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Thank you so much for your journal entries. I've taken copious notes and will be using them also. I've been scared to say the least but after reading your entries, I've got the fire burning ag as in. I know my why's and well, I'm just going to go for it again. I hope it will be ok for me to ask you questions. My goal is to be at the 2015 Edge. I'm jumping in with both feet. I know I want to do wholesaling as I want to generate cash quickly. Thank you again for your journal and knowledge.

Amazing Journal

USAPropertyInvestor's picture

Thank you so much for your journal entries. I've taken copious notes and will be using them also. I've been scared to say the least but after reading your entries, I've got the fire burning again. I know my why's and well, I'm just going to go for it again. I hope it will be ok for me to ask you questions. My goal is to be at the 2015 Edge. I'm jumping in with both feet. I know I want to do wholesaling as I want to generate cash quickly. Anything you can offer as far as wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your journal and knowledge. God Bless you. Also, it's great to see someone who also enjoys The Law of Attraction.


i wish you a great 2015 !!!!! come see me again ok ?


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I sure will! That was an awesome time! You are the best host EVER!

Come see me in Myrtle, too!