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Lanita Pemberton
Las Vegas
About Me: 

I am Kra-Z Lanita. From age 9, I have done the unusual action to solve my situations and problems. I moved to Vegas from NJ in 2001 with $500 my best friend and 2 plastic storage containers. Eventually working as a Security Officer at the largest resort in Vegas and recovering from injuries due to a car accident back in February 2011, I had enough. My car was totaled and I had to decide if I was to return to the work grind. After 4 months of researching property ownership and business I did some self reflection. My choice to become an investor is my reality. This suits the life style I want, after having 10 years of Vegas life experiences. I am confident that I will always prosper, my perseverance has lead me to this very moment. That's K R A - Z, don't you ever 4get it!

Architecture, Yanni, Trance Music, dancing, Travel, Thrift shopping, beaches, fitness, nature, cars, hiking and woodworking.

Basic Info

Project Development Manager
No Children
Some College


I am excited!

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Thank you for the warm welcome.



Hell LaNita,
Just wanted to ask how you are doing?
I'm getting back into building my buyers list. The move from Phoenix to Farmington, NM has allowed me time to recoup. Anyway, hope your making some deals. Vangie