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Eurica Dick
Brooklyn NY
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I'm easy going and very shy until I get to know the individuals am dealing with on a more personal level. I'm skeptical about taking chances. While procrastinating about what if's which is not a very good way to function in this world. Thus, I've decided to change this way of life and this is why am embarking into the unknown world of real estate investing and this is how I've ended up here. I'm determine to make this work, jump high or jump low.

Traveling , learning new things ,avid scrabble player, love challenges, but won't do sky diving.

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Well,am just getting started, love to be here and hoping to meet other interested investors like myself. I know and believe that we can all learn from each other. I have learned a lot from DG education program and am ready like yesterday. Thanks!

I love what you are doing

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Hi Eurica,

I hope all is well for you today!

This is in response to your message on June 18th, 2013.

My first check came in 37 days. I had a Realtor and
help from the cash buyers I purchase properties for.

We can get started right away if you like!

Please respond to this message.



p.s. Am getting back from vacation so please forgive the delayed message.

Not Sure Yet

Hello Mae,
First I must apologize for this late response, Whenever I log into this site I never check my mail an this is not good, from now on I'll check my mail more frequently, hope this reply is not too late. Mae I forget the top of our conversation, but I believe it was about cash buyers or something to that effect,I can't recall so could you please refresh my memory. I'd love to continue where I left off if that's okay with you. Well hoping to hear from you. Thanks Eurica