Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #244 - Real Estate Gold From Craigslist

This is going to be the best July ever for you. Why? Because Dean is going to deliver a new quick REI training tip here every week. The first one is a smart little trick that can help you find amazing real estate deals fast and easily from Craigslist.

Also, Dean is requesting that if you know of a family or an organization in Oklahoma that needs help due to the tornadoes, please leave a post here (do not post names/personal info, we'll get in touch with you for that - just an overview of the situation is fine).

Check out my fist article in Huffington Post:


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Thanks for doing another weekly wisdom video. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Real Estate Gold From Craigslist

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Hi Dean, & Matt,

Another helpful weekly wisdom......Thank You...for Sharing....Smiling



Great tip for the week!

Thanks for the tip Matt!

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thank you Dean for another great Weekly Wisdom.

I have already bought two properties off Craigslist, but that little 'search' tip! I will certainly use it from now on!

I am still waiting for my book to arrive...

Good stuff

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You don't know what you don't know. I have done all kinds of searches but never thought to do that one. Great job guys and thanks for the help..


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Thank you for another weekly wisdom and thanks for sharing this great tip!


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Thanks for another great weekly wisdom.


Thanks Dean and Matt

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I knew there was a reason why I come here every Sunday Eye-wink What great tips. I've been using some of those search ques but not all of them. NOW I have more Laughing out loud Thank you so much!!!!

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member

Great ideas

These are great ideas, reinforcing and giving some more specifics from the books and other trainings on the weekly wisdom. Thank you Matt and Dean. This DG website is full of useful information.

To borrow from Indiana-Joe,
Believe and achieve


Hey Patrick,

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You hit the nail on the head! Each day do one thing to get you closer to your dreams because if you do today what others are not willing to do, then tomorrow you can do those things that others are only dreaming about doing!

Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks for Reminder

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Thanks Dean and Matt,
I go to craigs list often, but had completely forgotten to use the search. Thanks so much for the reminder. I had a "dah" moment. (several actually, lol)
Thanks, Christine Fontenot

Awesome video

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Thanks Dean for another awesome video that you have shared us students regarding Craigslist I will keep watching everyone weekly videos you post here thanks again and God Bless.

I love that.

Thanks for the great tip and quick training. Good job Matt. The book is great - so glad to be a part of helping.

Thanx fellas

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Thanx for the tip.

Kloppopoly Corp./Checks4Houses

Great tip guys!

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Thanks for the great tip! Love not having to deal with realtors and make offers easily!

Thanks guys

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Thank you for these nuggets of gold. Looking forward to a great July.

Thanks Dean and Matt.

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Thanks once again for taking the time to share with us your wisdom. Thank you Dean for what you are doing for the people in Oklahoma.


Great stuff

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Thanks for the short cut... I will start this type of search today and add it to my 25 to 1 strategy this week!! So far I have four deals in contract since your March 17th event in NY with Matt Davis!!! One nice package deal and others single families. I love this stuff!! Keep em coming guys!!

Liborio Derario - Architect


Thanks for the Craig list tips and the book and
all you are doing in Oklahoma
Have a peaceful day!

Giving Back

You guys are great!!!
You are always thinking of others and what can be done to help. Whether it's Mother Nature or Your Students; You are both always finding ways to give of yourselves and to give back. We ALL Thank You for that. Love these WW and and you tellin us there's GOLD in them thar Craigslist searches!!!! Thanks a bunch .


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just awesome! - Thanks


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Dear Dean, thanks for the great tip. Once again
you deliver.


Thanks for the tips I will try this today. I am going step by step in the book 30 days and this will help. it will only work if I go out there and apply the steps and I am going to do just that by the end of the week I will have a deal under wraps

You guys are awesome,

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Thanks for sharing, and keep coming. ^_^ yay

Awesome Nuggets As Always Guys

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Thanks Again Dean & Matt for The Great Nuggets Smiling
I have been using some of these Techniques for Craigslist but not all of them, will definitely add these to my search Idea list, Awesome Nuggets As Always, Thank You Again So very Much Dean & Matt for all that You do for us Smiling
Smiling Have A Great week Everybody, Smiling
Darren From Calif
Update on my 3 challenges
1. Got a New Realtor on Board
2. getting my schedule in order for Family/ REI time ( Keeping The Balance Smiling )
3. Treadmill Workout, Started This morning

Charity To Consider

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I am sure you have received several requests regarding families of the fire fighters who were killed in Arizona last weekend at the Yarnell Hill fire. Love to see your offerings go to those 19 families who lost their sons, husbands or fathers that day. So tragic.

Eddie Kilthau


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Basics that always work. Great work Matt and Dean!


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Thanks for sharing Dean and Matt.

Good tip.

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Good tip.

Great tip

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Thanks again Dean and Matt. Always the consummate teachers.

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