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Cincinnati, Ohio
About Me: 

I have over 25 years of sales experience. My experience has been in the Airline, Hospitality and Medical industries.

I have over 8 years experience as a Real Estate Investor specializing in owner financed (seller carryback) mortgage notes. Main product is performing, (and select non-performing) single family, multi-family, and commercial paper. I have been able to assist noteholders in the sale of their mortgage notes. In addition to note buying, I am now broadening my investment strategies in real estate through wholesaling, buying & holding properties. I look forward to meeting and networking with others who share the same goal of success!

I have heard other Investors share their strategies/programs for real estate success, but it is Dean's gift of inspiration and motivation that has helped me take that first step toward my real estate success. Thank you Dean!!

One of my favorite quotes: "If we didn't have the darkness of the night, we wouldn't be able to see the stars"

Traveling, Reading, Tennis

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Account Executive - Medical Industry
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One



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Hi how is anyone going to find you in the corner with no information about who or what you do.

I just thought I would say hello. Jim

Hi Jim, Hope all is well.

Hi Jim,

Hope all is well. I've been meaning to update my profile on this site. I'm glad you said that! Smiling

Take Care,


Hi Holly

Very interesting about helping folks sell notes. Do you purchase non performing notes as well directly from banks. This is something very interesting but also different than what i have been doing.

Welcome to DG site



Hi Judi,

Thank you! I'm branching out a little and finally getting my feet wet with wholesaling. I appreciate the amount of support Deans site offers.

Regarding the non-performing noes, It depends on lcation and equity position. Non-performing is not my specialty but I work with other principle buyers who could help out.
My specialty is performing papper. SFR, Multi-family, mobile home- (homes must be taxed as real estate), Land.

If I can help you in any way, just let me know.


Hi Holly

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Just signing in your guest book to wish you great success on your new endeavor of rei wholesaling and buying properties.
I'm sure that you will be able to apply your sales experience to being a successful investor.

It's great to be part of this DG family and have you join us!


oops lol.. I meant

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oops lol.. I meant Holly=)..excuse me for that one

Thank you Judi, Sorry about

Thank you Judi,

Sorry about the delay in answering your question. I purchase privatley held owner financed notes. I have worked with banks on performing paper also. Non performing isnt my specialty but I have some partners of mine that buy those.

Hi Holly

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Dropping in to say hi. I hope ur getting allot of deals in the pipeline & much success to you my friend....



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Hi Holly
I'm out of the aviation community myself. Being in Cinci was yours with GE?

Anyway glad to see you here.

Let me know if you want to team up.


Thank you John..and so sorry for such a delay in response. I have spent a great deal of time this summer working nonperforming asset pools...I am now working with the local real estate market here and am looking for properties to wholesale in cincy.. Best of luck to you and your success!!



I was with American Airlines. I'm out of the industry also. Do miss it some though... What is your real estate strategy? I would be interested in teaming up. Most of the summer I spent my time working with nationwide non-performing asset pools. I am always looking for partners to work with. Do you live in Cincy?

Sharing RE success strategies

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Hi Holly,
Jean and I live over in Lawrenceburg,IN. and have been investing a couple of years now since discovering Dean.
We currently have a rehab of a property we bought from an estate. Of course, we're always in the hunt for more deals.
We discovered another DG'er up on Cincy so maybe we could all get together some time and swap some tips and strategies.
Check us out at
Maybe we could set this up for sometime in September?
We have some cash to put into deals if they are quick turnaround situations-so keep us in mind for that.
Drop us a line when you can!
Best Regards,
Merlyn and Jean