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San Diego, CA
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I grew up most of life in Providence, RI. Immediately after high school, I enlisted in the Navy for 4 years and was transfered to San Diego. Due to the great weather here, I've decided to call it my new home. Currently I work and attend school full time, trying to earn a degree in computer networks.
After seeing Dean on TV, I was inclined to do more research online. To my surprise, I received so many positive feedback and decided to buy BARM. I was blown away at all the possibilities it open up to real estate. I am doing what I can to absorb all the info from the DG forum.
With a new outlook, I look forward to retire in 5-7 years through real estate. With Dean's strategies and the awesome support from the DG family, I feel it is surely attainable. There may be alot of bumps along the way but I will do it again and again until I get it right!

Becoming a Successful REI and fishing,traveling

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IT Support
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Some College
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Welcome Vic

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Nice to have you here. My brother in law was border patrol Navy........... El Cajon is a great place, we visited them last May and went to the zoo etc.. we had a great time but the flight was a little scary (LOL) Laughing out loud (my first).

Much success to you!


Thanks Dawn!

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Yea, San Diego is a great place to live. A little expensive but I look forward to making real estate investing work out here. I hate flying long distance, it just drives me crazy. My parents are still in the east coast and I visit from time to time. Nice to meet you and may you have great success investing!