Conference Call REPLAY - Wednesday, June 29th @ 9PM EST

We have another amazing conference call scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th @ 9PM EST. Be sure to register for this call to claim your spot, mark your calendars and get ready for a great call with Dean. Resident REI Super Star, Joe Jurek will be on this call as well. Don't miss it! As always, we will be webcasting the call live on the DG website.

Listen To The Replay:

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thanks joe !!

Jay Sthilaire's picture

an AWESOME call tonight !! i was writing like crazy and will keep all the golden nuggets i learned on the call.esp like the google ESTATES to find probates and asking if they have property for sale besides ITEMS.what a way to find these !! great info and the examples of letters you use and more !!! great info and will def keep this notepad to use what i have learned.
thanks for another knowledged packed conference call !!


bamagirl6730's picture

Amazing.....amazing call! pages of notes! Incredible nuggets shared so freely. THANK YOU DEAN AND JOE! Now getting off of here and on to ACTION items! Holy cow......I'm STOKED!

Definitely going to absorb the replay to make sure I didn't miss anything!

God bless!

Joe and Dean

Valuni's picture

Thank you for a great conference call! People who missed on this call will miss out on a lot of great deals!

Awesome! Looking forward to next month's call!


The recent Conference call with Indiana Joe

RUNLTD3 Fred's picture

That call was great and offered so much for me to act on without putting out any expense (which I am very limited on rite now) The Estate sales idea sounds great and I plan to try it on my weekends (Tues & Wed), I have buyers rite now ; a chinese family that wants to buy a second Family home in the area for cash .. and South american investors that want single family homes for cash. But The south american investors come thru a really good realtor that specializes in Rentals. I wuld like to cut the realtor in for part of the profit as her fee .. but I am not sure how much or how to negotiate it. Please leave a message for me at my Blog here in DG or my intro page also in DG

Thank you Dean and Joe

steve and veronica's picture

Thanks for all of the great information guys.


Thank You So Much.

I just want to say thank you to Dean and Joe Jurek for the great conference call. I am a new student, always studying and I am real anxious in getting my first deal done this year. Funny thing, I was scoping out craigslist the past couple of days to see what I could find. I still have a bit of uneasiness (better word is fear) seeing an opportunity and losing it due to not being able to find the financing and or locking the deal up. I need to make changes as I am growing tired of circling. I am making a conscious effort to getting my first deal done before my birthday (in September) hopefully with some help. I going to need all the help I can get to get my feet wet and hopefully increase my confidence.

Once again, thank you for the great tips. Have a wonderful and happy 4th.Smiling

Long Island, New York
Self Goal: 2 months.


Mark K's picture

Thanks Joe & Dean for the great tips & tricks.
Much appreciated!

Also thanks for making the replay available for reference.

Thanks Dean Thanks Joe!

You guys are the best!
About to go back for a 2nd listening to complete my notes. The "nuggets" as Dean calls them were flying! Thanks not only for sharing, Joe, but for simply remembering all of that....(whew!)The more information we get - the more questions arise..... Ok, got a goo!


Tonight's Call

Thanks Dean and Joe. Dean,it still boggles my mind the time that yo take with dgers. I do not think there another that is in a similar position almost like yo that gives back as m ch as yo do. May God keep blessing yo . Dean I wo ld like to send a pm. How do I do that? Please advise. Thanks again. Wo ld it be possible to get in to ch with Joe while he is here in New York? Another Great Call. Felipe

Dean and Joe

Chasing The Dream's picture

That call was great. So much information and insight. I hope every person doesn't get a hand cramp from all of our great information that you shared. LOL!

As always good luck to all and keep on reaching for those goals.



Indiana-Joe's picture

Thank you for the opportunity to share the latest tips with other DG members on tonight's conference call. I always feel fortuante to be part of the DG family and share whatever we can to help others succeed.

It is great to know you are so committed to helping your students achieve success with real estate investing. I look forward to hearing from DG Members. Feel free to stop by Indiana Joe's Daily Adventure Journal and leave a comment or a question. Good luck to all on their next deal!

Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Joe and Dean

cfish32's picture

Great info you both shared this evening! Thanks!

I really enjoyed tonight

dfaulkner210's picture

I really enjoyed tonight You have been a inspiration to me.I have located 3 houses that are empty and know on two of them their spouses passed away .How would I get the cash to buy them or refer them and get cash for the referring.I have no savings and have little money.

Destiney Faulkner

On IT!

Zion Properties's picture

I knew the garage sale thing because I found a buyer that way before, but I just don't find time to get to them on weekends because they're crazy; BUT, emailing on CL, wonderful thoughts! I'm on CL all the time anyways! Sticking out tongue thanks Jo, GREAT info!

Good solid information,

TrustPoint's picture

people just need to take action.


Regina's picture

That was a great call with some really good information! I got on Craig's list right away and got a response from a woman saying they have a property for sale. She then gave me a contact number for her husband. I will be calling him tomorrow to get more info about the property. Thanks Joe!


cathyb's picture

I wasn't able to listen on the call last night but this morning I was listening (I paused it to write this)and decided to look at CL and see what Joe was talking about. I emailed 12 different estates in a 20 minute span. Like I said I haven't even finished the call yet, and I have gotten one response back saying YES WE ARE INTERESTED IN SELLING THE HOUSE AND PROPERTY, IF YOU GIVE ME YOUR NUMBER I WILL GIVE IT TO THE EXECUTOR! That is incredible! Thank you so much Dean and Joe!


another Good Thing

valuable information. Im EncourageD Thanks Again.

See You From The Top.

Replay of Call

I tried to listen to replay of call but I only get about the first 5 minutes. I'm not sure if this my computer error or if there is a problem with the website. Has anyone else had trouble listening to replay?


Erin's picture

Thanks Dean and Joe, such wonderful and invaluable information. Smiling

Thank You Dean and Joe

I was present last evening for the conference call and accessed it on-line. That is easier than trying to hold on to the phone while taking notes. I will be sure to use as many techniques as possible. Wish me luck. and yes I know we all make our own luck.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July !

Thanks dean and joe

Great info.on last nite call. putting it into play today.


joeyharp_2001's picture

Internet crashed last night at my house about 4pm PST! I was able to start hearing the REPLAY just a bit ago; will come back to it and start over when I'm not rushed as I'm at my local Library. Came today to see if it was posted!
Just hearing the first part on Googling "Estates" got my juices running!

Can't wait to get back and start it over uninterrupted. Thanks Dean and Thanks Joe.

conference call

Dean: that was a great conference call. Lots of good information. Joe was excellent, Thank you so much for shareing the way you handle these deals, Every thing was so interesting. in which you shared.Great tools for all of us to use. Thanks again Carol in Texas.


bigdogs1's picture

That was a fantastic call last night and glad I didn't miss the call


I'm glad you repeated it on the internet. So I know in the future, I can "tune in" later.


Wonderful call

Much thanks to Joe and to Dean for the great

nice BLAST of golden nuggets and now what do I do??

jholden's picture

I love the info on the call from both Dean and Joe and I especially am always motivated by Dean's desire to make the information meaningful for all levels of investors on DG.

I am soo ready, I'm stuck. I've got buyers and deals and do not know how to write up the offer. I have no money, no money, truly. I've got a cash buyer interested in a 4-unit 2/2 development deal and a motivated seller who doesn't want to work with an agent. I've been given the deal and do not know how to put it together.

I really need to get over this hump. I live in San Diego where I'm not sure the forms I've seen on the site, (assignment contract) will work in CA. Nonetheless my fear of doing "it" wrong keeps me from getting to the next step. I dont know how to get around the -no money. I mean NO money. One more month and I can't pay my utilities so I mean - HELP me get this offer on the table. Dean says lets close some deals in 2011. How bout in July 2011. Please help. I'm super motivated!!! Thanks for all you all do!!

( PS I do have a couple SS in the works via referral fees but they are taking for-ever!1) This one is first real deal I hate to see slip away. Anyway, thanks again for such a great call!

Thank You Joe and Dean

Dean I was wondering if you could put a Fast forward and or a rewind button on the play backs? Bye the time I process the info and start gettimg into writing the info you guys are already "7 levels DEEP". Eye-wink Great call guys Thanks Again!!!


I finally got to listen to the call to day. I did not get past 10 minutes. I wrote the script and began e-mailing estate sales. Clist kicked me off my first addy after 20 sends. Changed addys and got 20 more. I finished .5 hours ago. I already got two responses. Wow. Thanks Joe!!!

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