Other Real Estate Experts Products

As you guys can imagine our office is flooded weekly with other Real Estate Experts emails and/or products that show up that they want us to offer to you. The truth is we decided years ago that we simply would not do it.. But recently some of the products coming through are really, really good and do different parts of real estate, or offer programs that we do not. So as a team we are thinking that if we screen the real estate expert and the product thoroughly and it passes our strict guidelines we would make it available to you... Love to have your thoughts on this...

Offering other R.E. Experts Advice

I would trust the DG's team opinion of what is sound advice and what isn't. I am constantly getting offers and comparing others teachings to what you teach. I would appreciate your expert opinion to help me decide what is sound advice.

Other Product Offerings

Yes, This site should offer other products if and only if they work for the customer and can prove results.Furthermore,the products of others should be thoroughly vetted.

Other Real Estates Material

Although I agree that sometimes someone might have a great idea, that opens doors of responsibility for you. What if a student tries the product and has a bad experience? Then you will be the scape goat. They will say if Dean had not told me or offered it to me I would not be in this trouble. You know how negitive infuences travel very quickly. Please just be careful.

Offering Products of Other Real Estate Experts

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Hi DG team, I've try some of the other experts and although some of the information was good, and may be useful to some, I wouldn't wast my time. None are as complete as Dean's. The marketing, finding sellers and buyers, how to find your team (Realtor, broker, lawyer, ect.)and how to do the deals. It's all here, Choose your path and just follow the steps in Dean's book. I'm a disabled veteran (no money or credit)and if I can do this anyone can...


The use of Other R/E Experts Products

This is ur Company that u built from the grnd up. If u want 2 take n other so called EXPERTS info, then how the heck did u get 2 b where u r now & we r following u based on ur Expertise not someone elses.my grandmother god rest her soul, use 2 tell me all the time, "If it's not BROKE!! Why? On Gods green Earth would you want to FIX IT !!!!".And I agree w/her.people r making money by using ur system, So why do u want 2 add junk 2 Perfection!! But that's just my opinion don't doubt urs now after all these years!!Stay with what got all of us here! Have a Great Day but at the end of all these messages, You still have to close that FINAL CONTACT! GOOD LUCK DEAN!!!!

other real estate experts

In my opinion, you offer a more personal interest in helping others make their dreams come true. When I listen to you,you explain your motivation and your life how it was growing up and many of us like myself can identify with you. You talk sincerelt and honestly about changing lives, my life. You get personal with your clients and that is a good thing. Everyone does not have that talent or gift. No I like learning from you and your people who you taught. I am a new client and have not sold anything but am anxious about learning how to buy, sell, etc, and create a wealth for me and my family.

Other Real Estate Products

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I feel that if the DG team has overlooked the product and it meets or exceeds their expectations and its a tool that DG is not currently offering... then it would be okay.

I would, however, offer a word of caution to the DG team, please don't let the profit potential of any product be a determining factor at all when choosing a product, because at some point you run the risk of losing your focus of bringing your students the cutting edge in REI tools all in the name of just making an extra buck on a product you don't already offer.

With that in mind, I'm all for and open to new ideas and products from other RE Professionals.

Brian Carter

other experts

I contacted an outfit called Ameraco they say that they have a network of investors who will buy my deals. I called the success academy and was told that they had not heard of them. I checked them out on the better business bureau for central florida. They have been in business for 20 years and are rated B+ thats rated not endorsed. It sounds like a good deal it cost $450 to join. I hate to do something that the DG family doesn't reccommend. Has anyone dealt with these guys. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Other Guru's

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If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it. That is how I feel about our site. To keep looking for other avenues for the students to learn is a good thing. But I believe the success of this site comes from Dean and the people who are on this site. If we were to look at new information, Funding Sources for investors would probably be at the top of the list....Jan

If it is a Show Stopper

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Dean and Gang... Been doing this for only one year and currently on my second flip... I have so, so much to learn and it gets a little overwhelming at times just keeping up with the Jones' and the Indiana Joe's... With that said, we have some much resources and motivation with the DG team and members that when I get stuck or have a thought to bounce around, I get what I need right here... Unless you come across something that is totally mind blowing, my opinion would be to pass on them as you have for years now...

God bless you and yours,
Dan L

Advice from others

I believe that anyone that thinks they know everything, knows nothing at all, There are no stupid questions if you don't know the answer. So, sure, if you truly believe that the people who believe in you might very well glean some good information from others, I say bring it on! Isn't that what happens everyday in these forums?
Just my opinion

Other Real Estate Products

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As you said, many products come to you weekly hoping you will endorse them by passing them on to your private database of loyal followers of your teaching. If they are that numerous and that frequent, it seems that by now you would have developed a similar process or product and introduced it to us through your normal channels. I, personally, don’t feel that it would be a wise redirection of your resources. It seems that it would be difficult to maintain the level of service and support that you have come to be known for. There’s also no way of anticipating the potential change of focus that may occur in these outside companies.
Terry Smith

Ameraco Hmm

I did as DG suggested to do by searching the internet and I to my surprise I called Ameraco and they told me about their program
They imformed me they had a three tier program they have a network of investor's all over the country!
1. Was Called Find it all you do is find discount property and if it meets the investor's
condition's you get 8-10% cut of the selling price if they approve it they overnite your check
2.is called jointvent for which they parner you up with a investor only when the home sale you
get 30-50% commission of the profit's.
3. is called cash out for which they send you a check.
To join it costs you $495.00

I'm Loyal to the DG Program and would never stray
away unless Dean's Research Team approved it on the website.

WE will never know if unless if you order their $485.00 packet.

other real estate products

i would like to see this happen,it may open your mind to see/try something extra,keep a open mind! Bernie.

Products From ALL Gurus

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It is difficult to answer this question. I have so many emails about- seminars, books, programs, courses, free stuff (some worth while; some not), coaching, untold riches for this and that. It has been a nightmare for me. There sre times when I don't know what Guru goes with what program or seminar. I register for all of them. I attend most of them. I stay on until I get bored with what is being said or have no interest in and close down the meeting.

Iknow you will say this is an excuse, they all do; and that is fine with me. You don't know me so I don't get hot and bothered by anything you says to me.

Other Gurus

Dear Dean,

Absolutely love the idea of you pros vetting these other companies that offer what you don't, like funders. I also came across Americo by following DG advice to call buyers and was considering trying them for funding as well as some other companies. Like many others I have no money or time to waste. Love and Light Dragonmama

another suggestion

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Maybe it would be interesting to start a new discussion section that allows users to discuss other products. I know many people here have used offerings from other companies. If we could openly discuss our likes and dislikes, the information would be helpfull to all. This would allow us to discuss products, get information from users who have tried them, and make our own decisions.


Others products and teachings

That old saying the grass is always greener or easier. I am guilty of looking at others out there that are claiming that they have all the answers to making it big in realestate, and i would say that many of there ideas are very good, it still takes what you always say "Action" to make it work, which i have not done for no good reason...., but i found it intresting that one of the people working for Carlton sheets told me that your teachings were as good as any and i should follow thru with you, because in his opinion i could't do any better with his course. So today i guess it is time to get off my rearend and as you say action is the key right or wrong. just do something!!!

i trust your judgment

i trust your judgment,so if you introduce us to a product...i dont think you will stear us wrong.

Other Products

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I trust Dean....and the DG Team!!
If they say "use this other method from this other RE Expert" I would, but if they opt for sticking to just this site and Dean's products I am super ok with it!!!
Just think about one thing people, and Dean can prove me wrong if I am, we will always learn something new even when we become experts!!
The day we thing we know it all is the day of our downfall....

Other Product

Yes, i agree that you should offer other product that has been tested or used by one or more of your students and team. I trust Dean's opinion and him team to select a product that would help any investor grow their business.

Questionable Decision

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The problem most people have with many offerings has to do with FOCUS and chasing what others consider being the best thing since sliced bread.

I am bombarded by internet marketeers always trying to sell their next product or one of their affiliate's "best product." even though they mentioned they had the best thing going. They also share their lists with their affiliates.

I don't want to see that happen here.

I agree with another viewers opinion. Start a forum to discuss how people have used other offerings and what service they provided that otherwise may be missing from the equation. Then, let's make an educated decision.

But, this is only my thoughts. I've been screwed once and didn't enjoy the feeling.

DEAN I dont think you should offer other peoples products.

I think you are opening up a can of problems, you dont want unleashed. we trust you, we love ya, keep the main thing, the main thing.

please DEAN


other products

Dean your products are by far the BEST HANDS DOWN I have been suckered into buying one other real estate guru's course and spent alot of money years ago. It was very hard to try to follow let alone understand. And there was no support like the DG.com place to learn from others or get guidence from coaches. So I agree with the others if you think it is good and you, yourself would use it and if we would further benefit then fine. But no one teaches like you or cares like you do about your family. SO BE VERY CAREFUL, AND NO ONE IS AS GOOD AS YOU.


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First - I only had one question in the survey...is something wrong there? But after reading all these comments, I must say my answer would be no to incorporating them within this site. You have provided everything we need to be successful...so branching out to other "how to" teachings I think would definitely cause confusion and conflict for most people. My suggestion is that perhaps you could start your own 'rating system' of the offers you get, and have a special section for 'other products'where your experts give reviews, but not endorsements. So if people choose to use them, it should be completely seperate from this site. I would not like to see this site become chaotic with discussions about products only some people use. It is the 'family' community we have here that makes it rise above all else. Everyone on the same path, discussing your teachings and supporting each other toward success.
Of course a decision might be different depending on exactly what the product is. If its say an awesome bookkeeping program...thats a totally different issue than another "how to" guru. Ok, thats my two cents on the topic Smiling

Products From Others

My first response would be to say no to this question. however, I'm so new at this I don't think I'm qualified to to say, you Dean and the DG team on the other hand are. So, I would have to say that I trust you and believe that you would only recommend only the very best of products that would increase our success by leaps and bounds,that being said I would bet that you and your team would have created that product for us or be hard at work developing it for us now. So, I end right were I started, by saying No. But, Dean, you and the DG team do whats right for me because, I just don't know.

Offering Products of Other Real Estate Experts

I am new, and have such a great feeling about everything I am learning. I trust you, and know you wouldn't even consider telling us about this if you didn't think it would be useful. Maybe have a panel test it out, then present it to everyone else. thanks Dean for everything

If you find a good tool, use it!

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I believe in the DG system.
I have built things all my life. No matter if you are building a house or a car or a real estate empire, if a good tool comes along that will save time or money or frustration, it would be foolish not to use it. With that said, many of us, myself included,do not have the funds to try out each new widget that comes along. If the DG staff can test and approve something that would benefit us all then YES, you have my vote.

David England

other real estate product

dear dean please do not offer other real estate product your product are fast superior then other so call gurus. i have try other gurus books and courses and i have not learn nothing. i have learn more with your books then any others please keep your own product they are better to understand i hope to meet you on person in a near future

Other "tools"

I guess I'm a little bit curious about what is meant by "Tools that help support on a deeper level what we
teach.".... as you said in your e-mail.

Are these "tools" such as investing techniques or are they "tools" such as "self-help-type-tools".... to help you overcome your fears, set goals, etc.??

Is it from a "real-estate guru" or a "self-help guru"?

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