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I'm an 82 yr old widow of my one and only love, Joe,a Marine Corps. 100% Disabled Vet, a survivor of the infamous battle of Iwo Jima. Joe died in 2004 of lung cancer. 30 yrs ago I got Joe's blessing to become a REI as long as I didn't bother him about it..because he was certain it was just a waste of time and I would just end up in debt. To make a long story short, I bought some farmland, bought a lakefront property with a home on it, granted an easement to the lake to the farmland and made a LOT of money. It was a terrific learning experience from rezoning the farmland platting a small Addition, working with the Deot. of Engrs and the State for the Easement..executing Warranty Deeds, Contracts of Sale and Rental Agreements etc. I had a ball!! Unfortunately, Joe was having problems with wartime disabilities, so retired early and we moved to FL which ended my REI activities, The current economy hit home just as it has for many others so now I find myself with not enough income, a great credit rating down the tubes. credit card debt I can't pay..and not able to get a job. So I'm looking once again at the real estate market as an answer to my money problems. I nust do most of the work from my home because of my health and since I seem to be having a problem with this stupid computer (I suddenly lose things and they go off into space somewhere,,and I haven't a clue as to what I did wrong!,e,g, this is the second time I'm entering this info "About Me") I absolutely have a few additional challenges but look forward to rising to the occassion= or beating this computer to death with a baseball bat!! right now, that sounds like a very satisfying thing to do!

travel, antiques,dancing,theatre, movies, and Making Money!!

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fFormer Life, Acc.&. Health Ins. Agent/Prof Skin Care & Make-Up/Exec. Director of Scholarship Found
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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just stoped by to say welcome to the site and good luck. Don't forget about the success acamandy if you haven't already joined. The coaches and material you receive is awesome.


Thank You!

I'm not sure how to use this site yet. Pleasantly surprised to find your Welcome...tho I have been reading as many of Journals, etc. as can this past week. Your highly regarded reputation has preceded you. I'm impressed and promise to take your words of wisdom to heart I'm an 82 yr. old widow of a WW11 Marine, a veteran of the infamous Iwo Jima battle. Joe was a 100% combat disabled Vet, however, he died of lung cancer in 2004. Joe was my one and only love and we were married 57 yrs the month he died. The downspiraling economy hit home, as it has for many Americans. I took a job as a Telemarketer but both companies I worked for went out of business tho one had been in business for 15 yrs! I got the REI bug 30 yrs ago when I developed a small Addition in IN on land which abutted our Lakefront home.
I did everything from rezoning farmland,granting easements to the lake,working with the Dept, of Engrs,
surveyors selling on Land Contracts etc. I enjoyed every phase of it but especially my husband's pride in my accomplishment when he saw what a great Profit we made. He was my rock..I knew if I failed he'd be there to back me up...so now it's scary to be on my own, broke, damaged credit and just learning how to use a computer, I can' tell you how many times the page I'm working on suddenly goes somewhere off into space and I'm staring at a completely unrelated at all site and I have absolutely NO CLUE as to how it happened!! AND MY GOAL is to work nationally, USING MY COMPUTER from my home office!! I've already got 3 strikes against me, but I believe this is the time to make $$ in Real Estate..even if it is only in Birddogging for a while. I have the time, and if I can find some REI to work with me, I'll work hard for them!
I would like to buy homes for each of my children ( have 3 living..13 grandchildren and 13 Great Grch). My first step was to order Dean's PFRE RIGHT NOW a year ago and chickened out.
I'm ready now..mad and tired of being poor..so ordered YOUR TOWN and finally started reading Dean's Blogs and side bar topics and completed My Account. When I figure out this computer..I'll be making $$. I know your advice to join the Academy is the thing to do...and I will as soon as I earn the $$ for it. I'm forced to be on a Cash Only Basis for now,,and hope to be able to do so Voluntarily in the not too distant future! In the meantime I do appreaciate all of you in DGFamly sharing "How I Did It"!
Continued Success!! D-L0


Sorry, guess I just repeated a lot of the info you already read!..I am sooo excited about getting started with Deans New Set For Life Program. I signed up for the Total Viewbut had only one person for a referral. I have 2 more now, hope it's not too late to add them to reieve Total View for life. I'm going to check if I can find a grant for the $$ for the Academy. I really want to do it and I may not have all he time in the world to get going...I plan to live to over 100 and be able to still be an REI because of all the robotics being made available..but who knows. I just need to take action NOW. Your story and posts just make me so anxious to get started.Thanks again for your welcome.
You'll never know how much it meant to me. Semper Fi D-LO


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Welcome to this site and Semper FI. I served in the Marines also like Joe only at a different time. I hope you have a lot of success with real estate.


Check Your PM's ... I Taught You How To Cut & Paste

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Hi D-Lo,

I wrote a step-by-step explanation for you.

It takes a little practice to get the hang of it ... but it's really easy!

So, no more need to hand-write everything you want to save! Smiling

Save that manual dexterity for counting money !!!

Do we have a deal ???


So Sorry!! and Thanks a Bunch!!

Just forgot to check out this site again for any messages. Have been on dgfamily posts daily, reading dean's books, driving for dollars, trying to hook up with a rock star real estate agent..took a break to visit my children and grand children up north..and at the same time checked out some areas to invest in. I'm back hme and excited about a Pre-auction event dean has organized here in south FL (just that Miami FL has an 18 year supply of condo's available at this time.) All the for sale signs have disappeared while I was gone and the for rent signs, too. Hmmm! Thanks for taking the time to welcome me and wish me success. My goal is to help Vets and their families get a home at a huge discount and introduce them to dean's program. Vets are very dear to my heart. Please PM me and keep in touch. Share your REI experience.)I'll check to see if I can find your journal. Semper Fi D-LO

Put my comment at the end of

Put my comment at the end of the posts instead of clicking on reply as I probably should have done. Let me know if you find it. It's headed "Sorry and Thanks" I was so delighted to hear from a Marine!and I presume Veronica is your wife. Is that a cake you two are standing behind? My vision will impove after my cataract removal and cornea transplants one of these day. Hope we can keep in touch. I;m in West Palm Beach, FL. if I can be of any help to you in this area with your REI business, let me know. Semper Fi D-LO

hope you found my replies Steve and Veronica

I see that they don't seem to be directed to you! Guess I'm still not using this corectly. But I'll keep trying! Semper Fi D-LO

JJD/Welcome Gifts

Your gifts are priceless and very much appreciated! I Iook forward to implementing those that fit the particular situation and deals I will be working on in 2011. In the meantime, I am, once again, looking for an Investor friendly Realtor who is willing to partner with a Wholesaler/Assignment specialist My preferance at this time. Tho I will pass on any amazing deals I come accross that don't fit my criteria. Can I be of any help to you relative to Palm Beach County FL properties? I plan on looking at lots of properties and using Matt larson's 25-1 system at present. I plan to work full-time as a REI and have set lofty goals of 100 closed deals inthe next 18 months! Time is of the essence at my age and this may be a totally impossible goal for someone new in this field, but if I don't reach the moon. I hope to be among the stars. Time will tell. Semper Fi D-LO

JJD Welcome

I'm confused ..I replied to all your gifts on another site and hope you got my messages. Please check out my original post ( on my "Home" page??)where you sent me your welcome letter for my response. In the meantime...you ARE appreciated by me and all oher DGers. Srmper Fi D-LO


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Thank you for stopping by my daily adventure journal. You had asked me to forward you a link to my journal.

Here it is:

Good luck with real estate investing. I look forward to reading about your progress. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Someday in Florida

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Dear D-Lo
I just read your profile, messages today, November 11, 2011, and I am very inspired! My husband's parents live in southwest Florida and we would love to live there at least a good portion of the year. We were both born and raised in upstate New York and have lived here our entire lives. I am 55 and my husband is 56. Like you I began "dabbling" in REI and like your late husband...mine doesn't want to know too much about what I'm doing. He supports me 100% but he has no interest in any of it really. We just put an offer on a small condo very near his family and refinanced our home to do it. He is excited about this purchase because our monthly expenses do not change dramatically and I can VERY easily find vacation renters when we are not using it. I am setting a goal to get more seriously committed to REI and make some real $ in order to be in Florida more fulltime...Thanks for your inspiration. Now I have to giddy-up!

Someday in Florida

Well, best laid plans of mice and men.....have been hospitalized 3 x in the last 5 months. Plan to keep my goals for 2012, just need to increase # of AV closed deals per month. Should be a new woman with more energy than ever before..have 5 stents opening 98%+ blocked valves..don't know how I did what I did before. Found 2 great REI Groups and have them plugged into my day planner for the year. Still looking for that Rock Star REA, think I do have one that will be helpful. Crossed 3 off my list the past 6 months. Doing my own research in the meantime. What have you been up to? My daughter lives in Lakewood Ranch near Bradenton and has been bugging me to move to the west coast..I have such a great Dr. and would have a problem signing up with a new health plan I'm putting the move on hold as long as I can. Thanks for your email...sorry it took so long to reply. I havMFJBen't been checking this site. long


I just read your profile and loved it. Especially the part about beating the computer to death with a baseball bat. I'd like to wish you good luck and success.