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The last time Dean aired a new show and we didn't post it here right away you let us know we should have! Smiling

It would be much appreciated if you leave your comments about the show. Don't pull any punches, if there is something you don't like or have a hard time relating to, let us know. Likewise, if there is something you really like or hits home with you, let us know about that also!

Update: Due to popular demand Dean will send the report via email as part of the Blitz going on right now. Look for the email to show up over the next couple weeks. If you are not on the list or not sure, sign up here:

Update 2: We no longer offer the Interactive DVD anymore. You can however still purchase the book.

PS: In this show Dean talks about how he does deals on "regular" houses, which he does. Checkout the Deal of the Month series to see some of deals Dean has done if you missed those videos we posted a while back.

Funding Report

Sorry for being so repetive but I also wanted to know where to get the funding report. As far as the new show, dynamic as always. This is just a steady reminder how ordinary people, such as myself
can make it happen.


Dean, this show was great.

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Dean, this show was great. Every time I see you on TV it motivates me to go out and take action. This show almost motivated me to pick up the phone and call!

Thanks for making the report available to all of us well I am looking forward to reading it!




Great show!

I too want to know how we get our hands on "Find Funding Right Now"?

Dean or Admin !

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Great new vidio, But fyi, I dont see the number to call on the screen. It may be my computer but you should check it out.

Also,since we have the books how can we get the financing book without re-buying the books again?


Find Funding!

Yes... I have your book! It is great!!! but I want the Find Funding Book too!! PLEASE!!!

Thanks Again

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What more can I say than everything above?! Dean, you have the ability to come through the screen and touch everyone in a personal and honest manner. I am honored to have been chosen as a small clip in it too Smiling Looking forward to the funding report too! Keep that info and inspiration coming!

Thanks again!

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sorry-double post

I love the show sir.

I love the show sir. whenever I feel down I put in the start up DVD I got from ordering your to get myself back up and it works every time; I did not start yet however a show like this make me anxious to do so. thanks in advance


This is similar to the commercial I saw 2 weeks ago that made me a new comer! Three new points I liked in this video; the personal clip of the lady who felt like somebody again, the Funding Report (I received the Success Stories Report - excellent by the way!), and going on a vacation in the forseeable future!

I'm still reading your book(s), and now all the info on the site - Wow! I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Yet now I'm more confident that when I do jump in, support will be readily available.

Thanks for the chance!

Do You Want The Report?

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If so, read the text below the video or the previous comment I added. The report will be available to everyone who is getting the blitz emails. I don't know exactly when it will be sent, but it will. =)

No need to ask for it, just ensure you are on the list and you will get it when everyone else does.

we are all going to be number one

Hey Dean great shows, I watch them almost everyday till this day keeps me motivated because it is not like other investors that put out a show then they are gone. this is the real deal, not only do you have the show's going your excited about it and give us all great opportunity to be successful. keep it going Dean we are all going to blow the compitition away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find Funding Right Now - special report

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I love your enthusiasm Dean. I spoke to one of the coaches at the Success Academy today and she had the same enthusiasm. Thank you for making the academy so good. After watching the new TV show, I too want to get my hands on the special report - Find Funding Right Now. I've looked all over the website and can't find it anywhere. Please Help.
Katie Taplin/McCormick

New Show on cable!

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I saw the new show on cable the other day and it looked even better on the television. It is very inspiring. I know thousands of new viewers must be ordering ean's book and it made me start to reread it again this week. Thanks for the motivation. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

New Show...

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Dean, your new show is great, I've seen it a few times on late night TV and ask myself why I'm not on one of your shows yet, haha.
Great info and encouraging people to get motivated and into action.
Good work...

Thanks Dean! For

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Thanks Dean!
For yet another great show!Like many on here i hav order the books and the Success Academy and am very eager 4 the blitzkreig!YOU are an angel sent to help us all achieve our Destiny!! Keep up the good work! GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY!

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,but also the parent of all others!"


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Dean just wanted 2 say thank you for being you and thank you for doing what you do!It is your decisions in life that to help others that hav helped everyone on this site achieve there dreams &hence make others lives prosper as well! Keep up the great work you & all your DG family!

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,but the parent of all others!"



I've been just trying to keep up.
I'm into the find funding Report !
My DUNN Number arrived today.
My research Reality site is ready ;
Still as everything there is ; It all takes

Findimg Funding Report.

Hi Dean.

Just watched your video on the "FIND FUNDING REPORT.I just purchased your book a few days ago and wanted to know if I'm eligable to receive the report free!

Please advise and thank you for your time.

Harry Williams

Funding Report!!!!!!!

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Please let me know how to get the Funding REport??? Thank you

Terrific New Show

I love the new show! It builds on the previous one, and offers the same high level of motivation. The idea that that the economy and market are starting to change - and that these changes make this the time to buy - really got me excited.

I would make one suggestion. There is one line in his book "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" that really got to me. Right near the end, Dean wrote something like, "Now that you have finished this book, you have three choices: 1) put the book down and treat it as just another book you have read; 2) be interested in what the book had to say; or 3) implement the ideas and use them to become successful." Wow! I have read dozens of books, and never been so motivated to put into action what I just learned.

How does that apply to the new video? Add another 15 seconds at the end. "What can you folks do now? Well, you can change the channel and watch a movie. You can realize you have learned something new and move on. Or you can get up off the couch, order the book, implement the ideas, and change your life. Have you just wasted 30 minutes watching me, or have you found a new beginning? The choice is up to you."

That would make me walk through walls, because I ABSOLUTELY HATE to waste my time, and I think most people do, too. The idea that I just wasted half an hour, and never got anything out of it, would kill me.

Thanks for the motivation, Dean. Keep up the good work



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Hi Dean,
It's 3 am. I couldn't get to sleep from thinking. So I decided to watch your video to kick all fears away from thought. Yesterday was a big reminder of the life style I refuse to return to. So I just felt the need to get a little reinforcement. Your videos are a great support tool for me to stay focused! Thank you so much for taking the time and placing light for all to see. Continued success...............Lubertha


Great Show, you have exceeded expectations


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Hi Dean and DG Family....Your new show is inspirational and motivating. I use your show and members inputs as a way to fight off the fear and push onwards and observing the videos also provides a no excuse mentality...I cannot wait until the next time I send input in will be letting you all know of the 1st transaction I make....until then GOD Bless all of you...

Funding Book

Can you send me the link to the Funding Book?
Thank you,

Great Job Dean! And...I found where to get the report, but...

Great production Dean!

I have both of your books (from awhile ago), and am close to landing my first deal in fact (thanks to your strategies inside).

I submitted my email today to get the "updates" and hopefully get the report that you speak of (the Find Funding Report).

Since I subscribed today 09/15, will I still get the email with the download link?

Jewels everywhere

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I was just listening to your show (again) and it hit me. I completely forgot about your SPECIAL REPORT. I kept asking myself HOW do I find investers, partners, anyone, to help me, not condem me. And there it was, right there on the 3rd page. Go look it's right there. Step 2. LOL thanks Dean for your help.

man this was so inspirational i want to buy a second copy!!!!

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keep it up dean i am sure that with your SOLO help we will be able to turn this market in no time! well at least 50% of it if not more! i am curently working on a plan i call 40/80 effect i named it myself and i have posted how it works on the rent, cash flow forum, and i am using one of your strategy to make it happen! thank you dean for the support and this great website.
and thank you all for making this the best place to be!!!!!!!

Find Funding Book

Hello Dean, I really enjoyed reading the "Profit from Real Estate" book and now about to start on "Become a Real Estate Millionaire" book asap. My question is how can I get the find funding guide? Even though I already have the both books and the student secrets guide. Please get back to me when you can.

Demetritus N. Prophet

TV Show

Dean I loved you show! You seem so down to earth and really have the heart to help people. The information was much needed as I'm a investor myself but need new advice/information.

Thanks Again

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