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The last time Dean aired a new show and we didn't post it here right away you let us know we should have! Smiling

It would be much appreciated if you leave your comments about the show. Don't pull any punches, if there is something you don't like or have a hard time relating to, let us know. Likewise, if there is something you really like or hits home with you, let us know about that also!

Update: Due to popular demand Dean will send the report via email as part of the Blitz going on right now. Look for the email to show up over the next couple weeks. If you are not on the list or not sure, sign up here:

Update 2: We no longer offer the Interactive DVD anymore. You can however still purchase the book.

PS: In this show Dean talks about how he does deals on "regular" houses, which he does. Checkout the Deal of the Month series to see some of deals Dean has done if you missed those videos we posted a while back.

Great Show Dean!

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Great show Dean!

One thing I can say about you, no matter how successful you are, YOU ARE RELATE-ABLE! That is why I bought your book, and probably why everyone else on here has bought your book.

One other amazing thing, I have meet a lot of the people in the videos. I know they are real and I know they started out just like I have an everyone else.

I can not say enough good things about you and your programs!

Look forward to the breaking news! Enjoy your vacation with your family!


Deans the REAL DEAL ! So

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Deans the REAL DEAL ! So simple yet so powerful!!


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I was watching one of Dean's videos and I heard Carol say that she was going into forclosure and she read Dean's new book, YOUR TOWN, and decided to take action. She used a very interesting technique that I started using. She went through the real estate home rentals, called the owner and asked them if they were interested in selling. To her surprise she closed a deal for $10,000 for three hours work I think. She locked it in and found a buyer for the property with none of her money. No money down. Amazing and very encouraging which proves to me that it can be done. Everyday I try to find something to keep that fire going, like watching Dean's positive video everyday.
Thank you Carol and thank you Dean.

Awesome Show Dean

Thanks for a eye opening are amazing.. have such a giving heart and committed to your extented DG family.I like Carol's testamony what see shared about almost losing her house and how she rose above her circumstances and got out of following the details in your book.Once again thankyou for great show... Aloha Cecelia

Excellent video

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Great job Dean


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I have a busy life and would love to have the audio book to listen to with my ipod or with my mp3 player on my cell phone......why was this option canceled? Seems this would be a great option to have to those who have a reading disability or are on the run all the time. PLEASE Give Us The DVD AND Audio Book Back!!!!

I have submitted 3 friends e-mail addresses twice for invites to get totalview for a year for free and all 3 of them haven't received even one invite. I am disappointed as they are all eager to use the site and may represent future business for you. I am hesitant to even consider spending the money on SFL when I can't even count on your system to send 3 invites.

Dave Maduri

Great Video Dean!

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I sure liked the way he explained things on his white board, Lol, almost like being ing elementary school again...... With Show and tell Videos. You Dean, Are a Blessed Man! Thanks.

Finders Fees, tax sales and Texas investing

I am new to the website and learning about investing in real estate. What are the best ways to make money on deals in Texas if the finders' fees are illegal here? Also, I read on some of the posts advising not to invest in tax sales -- why not? Seems there are a lot of properties to be had in Texas via tax sales. Open to advise on best avenues to pursue for a Texas newbie. Thanks

two things

1) Where can I get the funding report?
2) I just received the email but the DVD was no longer available. What are the strategies that Carol Stintson used? Be Specific and detailed


AH ! something like supercalifragilisticexpialidotious - I am sure i did not spell that correctly but its a great show Dean. Good work and you have millions of reasons to be excited.

No bad news

This allowed me to focus on my goal of getting hired as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. I have now accomplished that feat and finished getting all of my certifications through NASM. Thanks Dean



new t.v. ad

Well, now that we know the Funding Report is,at most,provided to us in ''the next few weeks'', we can all sleep more easily. I was impressed,Dean, by your straightforwardness and directness. As a newbie, this bodes well for me. I'm glad to be here!


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I bought your book "Your Town, Your Real Estate" at full price plus shipping and handling ($40). I have been so excited I can hardly sleep. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have difficulty finding time to read. I want your CD, I know I can make it work.

Your Town Your Profits Great Video!

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Hello Dean. Your videos are powerful and so full of motivation to your students or others just coming in to your site, etc. and learning all the great stuff you teach us.
I have placed an order for this book and at the time, I was supposed to get the DVD with it so still hope I can, (still waiting for it to arrive) but it's slow because of the Christmas season. I was on a different page when I placed the order so if I do not get the DVD with the book, can I still use the strategy this one disabled woman did all online in the book as well?
Please let me know or a staff member will you?
I am already learning so much and I send you heaps of gratitude Dean, as you are the only one I believe in this business who really jump starts us into action! Not only that, but no one else will offer us so much for FREE like you do on your great website, the DG Family in forums plus so much more. You even let the "guests" see how wonderful it is at their own leasure to see for themselves this is all real.
Thank you!

great video

great video woul like trying technique on on line seller and buyer's can do from home any more info on this particular way that carol discribe.thanks


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New Show

I viewed about half of the video it is great.

Superbly Eloquent and Hard Hitting!!!

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You have GOT to be the most inspirational speaker I have ever heard! I lost my job 2 months ago and haven't a cent to my name, but I'm going to do everything I can to take advantage of the opportunity you've put out there.

You are the man!!!
TJ Weber

lease option

lease option sounds great heard about it with carlton sheets awesome video very excited about it.

Video Above

Thank you, Dean, for sharing. You are very real and refreshing in your approach; and I appreciate your sharing your knowledge. I always look forward to what "Dean will be saying." I thought that I bought the book, but I haven't seen it yet.

FYI, the video above stopped and never returned. Thought you would want to know that.

Thanks Dean

Coming forward sometimes means leaving things behind.
"In order to get something, you have to give up something."
This quote rings in my head when I'm making momentous decisions.
(I'd like to credit the person who originally said it - but I don't know who it came from....)
I am moving forward...leaving my comfort behind.

im new to the real estate

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im 27 and im new to real estate and i do not know wher to stret or how can any one help me

Dean's new show - Please consider us for the show

Thank you for even thinking out helping someone in this way. I hate to go over this but in short here it its. It took us from 1963 to 2003 to buy a home, lose a home, file bankrupccy and now live in a 750 sq ft cabin at $125/mo (where the rental marekt is $1000 for a dump - we are very fortunate in that respect). We have no savigs and no way to put money in savings. We have to leave this cabin before the end of 2011.
We have had very hard times, depressing times and some very nice people to help us also. End result we do not own our own home. How I miss ownership. My wish and goal to is to be able to buy homes and put people in the homes (at some point sell them the home) and then keep doing it.
I have not been about to do this because I have not been able to purchase property and resell it.
WE have been married for 48 working on 49, have two wonderful children and between them we have 4 GREAT grandchildren. Our Family and the Lord is what kept us going. Pleae consider us for your new TV show. I would love to have our own home (be able to put the money together to buy our own home) and help others. Again thank you for doing this Dean. Shirley from Oregon

Fund Finding

I always enjoy watching Dean. He is so inspirational and convincing. I, too would like to get the paperback fund finding. Is it too late?


New Show

Great job again Dean.
I look forward to the book.
Trying to run my old business and start up my Investing business. I am inrolled in success academy and it has been a great help. Not a lot of time for trial and error even though I know there will be a little but trying to lesson that pain. I am currently at the bottom of the food chain on forclosures.
My business cleans them up for the bank. Well enough about that.
What would take my dream one big step to reality is the list of questions that Matt Larsen talked about on the phone conference we had last month. It was a list of questions he used to qualify the banks that would loan the investment part of the property back to the investor to use on the next house.
If anyone could help me with that I would be eternally greatfull.

Glad to be part of the Dean Family

Bring the DVD back!

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Dear Dean,

Please bring the DVD back!



It was very helpful and I'm about to order the DVD for additional help

Bank-Need to submit for nationwide deals

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Dean or Dean's Team:

Please PM me for the bank info you requested to use for all of your students.


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