Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #36 - Dean See's Into the Future...Well Kinda...

In this weeks video blog, Dean asks you for two things.

1. He asks you to post questions this week and he will answer a few of them in next weeks blog.

2. He give you a sneak peak into one of his new shows and asks you to post your opinion of what you see and hear.

And please, no comments about his not keeping his eyes on the road, he had a film crew in the car in front of him all the way.

Watch now...


first off, the new show looks COOL...but, isn't it illegal to text or talk on the phone? Well you took that to the next level like everything else apparently...

Im terrible with coming up with questions, but I am sure you will have a ton anyways...

actually, what is your personal favorite way to invest?
-buy, and hold
-buy and sell
-tax sales/liens

Thats Awesome!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait to see the finished product that looked great... Its also how I feel. Alot of people around me are saying I cant do this and its a bunch of Garbage(Not Really the exact words used) But they mainly say with your credit you cant do this..

I just wanna know What can I do to get the first deal DONE?????

Hey Dean

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What is the Best Questions to ask Investors before you put them on your buyers list?

New shows

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I like your new show Dean I love learning and I know every one on this site love learn so Keep those great shows coming LOL

God BLess

Gerard Doret

Hi Dean

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Your video is great, I liked the whole driving and video thing. As for me the only thing that is holding me back from doing your course is having no money to buy it from you. I also have everything laid out in my head on how it should work but, getting it out of there is another problem. Please help me out.


Darrin Mason

How can I?

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How am I able to find real estate investors in North Dakota?????

General Link

Is there a general link that collectively list each DG member's classified ad postings?



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Yes there is up on the left hand-side of the page.

From Jan Malek

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I like the new segment in the car. But why are you showing the Benz?? I don't know, call me crazy but some people might look at it and say, yeah another rich guy driving around in his Benz. if that wansn't your car, my apology. Oh yeah, When are you coming back home to upstate NY so we can have a coffee and a Pusti or canoli? My treat....Jan

Hi Dean

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I was Wondering When are you Going to Sell the Edge again?

I would hope to buy it if you do.

Hi dean

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Thanks again for showing us another video dean that is something different filming while driving I like it is not another show now it shows a better look of what you are trying to do. The question is are you going to do more videos of your deals of the month and just one more I always wounder what was your 2nd deal.Thank you very much!!!!!

Like the New Idea

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Dean, I like the new perspective of getting out of the studio setting, and I also like you addressing the issues of naysayers and fear of failure. I know that will resonate with most everyone watching the show who is trying to decide to get started or not. But I do agree with Jan about the highway shot. I didnt really see the point in that. I think that if you have properties you own along your route you could point out some of those.. that would not only give incentive as to the success to be had, but also make it real that you really do invest as well as write books. Good job --thanks for giving us the sneak peak!


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How to get motivated, where to start ?


I've been onboard with your program since you started it and just received my edge kit.

As you said, pick one thing & go with it otherwise you'll feel overwhelmed. Well, I guess in a way, I feel that way right out of the gate mostly because I want to be sure i make the right choice right from the beginning.. What's really embarassing is that I've been a contractor for over 27 years, so the discipline is there. I joined my local reai, as you recommeded.Turned out to be not such a good group, too much contraversy within for me. New owner took over and started to charge for everything that had been included in the membership before they took over, anyway that's another story.

My point is that i've been stuck for over 2 years now and feeling incredibly frustrated. I do not have a 'negitive' influencer in my situation so I can't use that as an excuse - I blame only myself.

I did a rehab job last year for another investor - let's just say it was a learning experience for all, took over a year to sell and he almost broke even. Myself and a few fellow members of my reai group had taken Than Merrills course on flips & rehabing. I have been actively looking at properties and had a few investors with money but they had the same concern about cash flow properties, they didn't want to get stuck with an eviction situation due to the way the economy has been going.And after the last experience with the flip, we're all nervous. Obviously the investor paid too much, as they say, you make your profit when you buy, the market dropped substantially after he made the purchase, who knew that was going to happen?

I live on Long Island and there are a few 'savy' investors here that stay in touch with current strategies, which is why I thought probate might be a better way for me to go since you get the jump over some others....maybe. I tried the probate finder software and ended up with nothing. I know in my county, data is much harder to come by and I've even heard the folks where they keep the records deliberately make it difficult for novices to get info. More info on how to do a physical search would be appreciated, don't know where to begin.

I guess I need to focus on building a bigger buyers list for starters? I've been trying but most of the people I've asked are only looking to be partially involved financially, which means partners, which makes things complicated, I've been told by some experienced investors to avoid those type of conditions.

I've also had a couple of experiences with REO's and the banks are totally clueless to what the distressed property is really worth because their BPO's are done by agents not familar with the area - is there a way to reason with the banks in this type of circumstance?

As for getting motivated - should i put a sticker on my butt that says "kick Me? Seriously, with all of the info, atleast for me, I feel like I have a bunch of doors infront of me and don't know which is the right one to choose and the other haunting thought is not wanting to waste time, but wanting to be as productive and successful as possible from the start.I know there's always a learning curve with anything new, I'm just feeling apprehensive about getting positive results with the choice I make. I'm broke and in pre-foreclosure, I borrowed the money for the Edge course.I've been hoping to maybe do a couple of deals, assignment or bird dog to bail my self out & keep my house but unfortunately I only have several months left and it's not looking very promising at this point.

I enjoy reading your material,


What makes more money ? Flipping or cash flow?

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I know they are 2 different strategies but which would be better for a new investor?

LET'S ROLL THE VIDEO TAPE.............!!!!!!

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Lights, camera, ACTION! I like the video. Especially the scene with the view of the car following slow behind you. That's where your competition will stay!!! You will always have the cutting edge advantage because of your sincerity! Even though we know it's your film crew behind you, I love the look of it! My question is?.... Well it's hard to come up with one because I feel for me at this stage of the game. I don't know what more you can say that you haven't already, or given in a form of tape or video to squash any doubts about stepping out of darkness into a world filled with hope of a brighter future! The only thing I should be asking is what day are we closing this one, Mr.Attorney? Continued success always to you and family........Lubertha

P.S. I would like to see you make a entire video. On what you do in a day of the real estate world investing. Minute by Minute. I want to be the best. And only learn from The Best Of The Best. You heard of be like Mike. Well I want to be like Dean. Real Estate Empowered!!!


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I got the Edge Program and I was very surprised, you did not talk about Probate Sales, or the other did not mention it or expanded on it. Well it won't stop me from going for it but again I was surprised.

Bob Ross

Hey Dean

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Are you bringing back the whole Alligator t-shirts again?

Are you ready Dean?

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Brace yourself, I've got two words for ya........."CHA-CHING"!!!! Haha, just kidding! : ) No but really Dean, that was a really good clip from your show and I really think you're doing a fantastic job! My question for you, and please forgive me if I sound kinda pathetic and lame since I'm even bringing it up is, "Even though the Edge home course has been completely sold out and I was not able to obtain my own copy, do you really think I can still prosper and be just as successful as some of the students who did obtain it?" Hope you don't mind answering that for me and thank you for continually motivating us all. God Bless!

Andre Pauli

A Dam holds water

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Negativity is the dam that holds our fluidity of thinking to such an internalized degree that we never reach the fear of failure. We become intrinsic and internalize our reasoning versus becoming exothermic or externalizing our efforts to fail, learn, and apply ourselves to thinking outside the box. This is mainly for me and maybe some others who may feel the same way. I agree there are those who stop us dead in our wife it seems, stops me from doing the things that i would be happy at such as real estate investing. I need to do things regardless of how she feels and stand up for myself without hurting feelings. Some things in life are worth pursuing and doing so in a diplomatic manner. I'll let everyone know how things progress.

Hey Dean

Great clip from the new show, I can't wait to see the finished product. Shooting from the car makes the video more personable than from a studio setting-- definitely adds a nice touch to your message and products. Here's my question:

What is your opinion on deals that aren't at "deep" discounts in regards to today's market value, but rather are at deep discounts compared to what they are truly worth in a "good" market? For instance, I've purchased deals that have great cash flow, but aren't at 40-50% discounts in terms of today's current market value-- maybe more like 10-15%. I know there isn't an abundance of equity in those properties now, but there will be a nice profit when I sell in 4-5 years. Essentially, what's your take on deals that are great money-making opportunities but not at the perfect "40-50%" discounts. Are they worth passing up to continue looking for the golden eggs?

Thanks so much for your program and website. Cheers,



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Thanks for taking the time to share another weekly blog with us. I have a two part question:

What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome after you first started, within the first 2 years, of your real estate investing career and compare it to what you believe your biggest challenge is that you face today?

Thank you for your time and consideration. We appreciate all you do for us! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

I like it, but...

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it makes me nervous to see someone driving and talking to a cam. How about in front of a house or a deal that you are working on? Love your books and I am going thru the edge info now. My questions are on having lines of credit for the no money down deals. Any web links or recommended lenders to work with for that first deal?

Don't know unless you ask

Dean i'm like you i learn from seeing and doing, so i'v gone through your last 2 books, and got and went through the EDGE program ( great stuff in this program! THANKS) but i need someone to at least talk to, so i guess my question is will you give any live coaching to the EDGE members? and if so would you be my personal coach? lol
It would be great to see you in action through a deal.

Love the new show looks to be great cant wait to see the rest.

p.s. my dream will come true through your teachings

Academy Question

Hi Dean,

I recently bought both of your books from your website.
A few days after they arrived some guy
(Gerald something-or-other) called from PMI Real Estate saying he was from your company & left a very vague message that sounded like he was offering coaching. He gave his phone number & asked me to call him back. I called back when I was able but only ever got an answering machine. I left my number & requested more information but never got a call back.

Since I couldn't ask him I figured I'd ask you directly, is there a cost for joining the success academy?
On the academy web page there is an option for "I don't have any money" which is the case for me. So I was wondering, is there some option where the first deal coaching is free & then you have to pay for further coaching or is there a cost from the start?

I ask mainly because I have interest in getting additional help but I don't really want to spend any more money until I have proved to myself that your system works.
From the reading I've been doing in your books, it looks promising but until I've had a success, there is always some minor doubt, as there is with anything personally untested. I'm sure you can understand.

I'd be more than willing to pay for additional coaching if the first deal's coaching was free & successful but I have to find my proof first.

Also, is PMI actually related to you & if so, what does PMI stand for (just curious)?

Hi Dean!!

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I just want to tell you that I have been reading all your material, working my way through the Success Academy and I just received the EDGE home course.
I'm ready to make my first deal a reality and I know that no matter how nervous I am about making mistakes, it will all work out in the end.
The question I wanted to ask was - Have you ever bought property through a Land Trust and if so, how did it work out?
Also, why were you not wearing your seat belt in the video? (Just kidding - my wife is on me all the time about mine, so I thought I would share some of the nagging with you.) Eye-wink
Keep up the great work and good luck to all the DG members!!

Trident Realty, LLC

Hi Dean

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I have the basic understanding of how to assign a property. I need a solid contract I understand. I am in GA and any help would be greatly appreciated. I want it simple and the state contract real estate agents use here is 9 PAGES LONG. I have a property I can put under contract for 30% of FMV but need help on expenses the seller may incur since he is selling it to me for what he owes. I don't want him to have to come out of pocket for anything, and I don't think he will anyway. I just need the proper documentation and I'm sitting with him getting it signed, HELP! I am enrolled in your Success Academy and have bought the Edge event. I have read your book and am eager to get this first deal done for my family. Your coaches are great but sometimes seem vague (probably my lack of understanding but I thought they would WALK me through my first 5 deals) and none are fron GA so they aren't familiar with state contracts / requirements. Maybe if we had a section on your site to download State specific contracts that people have actually used? Just a thought. If that were available I would already have this property under contract.




New Video

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Hello Dean

I think that the new video was really well made.
Speaking of negative people man ever since I started with this real estate journey I have gotten many lame comments about it .

The thing about all this is I don't care what these people say, because they stay at home watching tv all day waiting for something to happen wishing they were rich and they hate to work.Unfortunately many aquaintances and even certain brother in laws have been cut off frienfship list because of the words that come out of there mouth.

I need to stay on the EDGE!
No time to bleed. Just go For It ya!

God Bless You
Frank HJR.


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Is it possible to ask Bill Clinton to help stop the House Bill - 1728 ?

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