Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #68 - Registration For The E.D.G.E. Conference Open Now

Last Thursday Dean opened up the registration for his 2nd (likely to become his annual) live training event. There have been a variety of responses.

Now, I'm no Shakespeare, but I've taken some inspiration from one soliloquy of his to offer some perspective on Dean's blog this week. Post your thoughts after you read and watch.

"For Free or Not for Free" - - that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in your life to offer the slings and arrows of outrageous judgments or to take action against your sea of troubles and by opposing, end them.

To sow, and by investing in yourself, to reap rewards and end the heartache, and the calamity of potential unrealized."

Yes, dear friends, some things have a cost.

Consider this, free advice is rarely a bargain for the recipient, nor a fair return on investment and experience for the giver.

Enjoy this weeks blog and have a tremendous week!


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Thanks for doing another weekly video blog. We appreciate all the information you make available to us. I often think back to your "Blitzkrieg" and the "Successfest" all the valuable information that was given away just for the asking. You provide so much great information, tips, strategies and techniques that most people can make money with anyone of them. I believe it comes down to a person's determination and commitment. Thank you for all you do. Last year, before we found your books and program, we wanted something better in life, wanted to find the answer and wanted to have hope and feel that burning desire to pursue and succeed at something. Your books and programs have exceeded our expectations!

I never really discuss my college years and graduate years of school on the DG website. However, if people ever believe your programs or information is expensive they should look into what a Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree will cost in both "time and money" whether it is at a state school or private University. A college education today costs far more than most homes! However, your books and programs can produce immediate results and profits! The return on that investment can't even be measured because it is so high (great)! I often say the value of your books and programs are priceless! Thank you and continued success in all you do! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hello Dean,

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I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference in our lives that your books and programs have meant to us and our entire family! Because of your generosity in sharing your information you have given us hope, direction and options we never thought possible.

One of the biggest things that Joe and I always talk about is how you provide totally free the website. It is absolutely unbelieveable! The website is more than a place to learn and share, it is a community of like minded people that can help others in every step of the way. I remember talking to naysayers (friends, family, co-workers) when we first started on this adventure and at times they wanted to steal our dreams and make us cry, but the members on the DG website were always so encouraging we wanted to continue and try!

As a business owner, I still can't believe the website is free for all of us. Employees and general overhead are always 2 large (even huge) costs in any business. I think some people do not stop to realize or comprehend the cost to start the DG Website, continue to operate this website and maintain this website. Including all the hard working DG staff "behind the scenes". I think of a great theater or broadway show. The show is not only great for what you see, but everything you did not see that took place behind the scenes to make the show happen! I believe the DG Website has to be expensive to maintain and often wonder how you do it all for FREE!

Thank you for making a difference in people's lives. I want people to know that because of you, the DG website, your weekly video blogs, your books, your programs and the live Gain the EDGE event that we are where we are today because of YOU! Thank you for everything, as we continue in "Chasing the Dream"! Carpe Diem! :0) - Stacey

So true

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There always will be that small group of people who blame others for their lack of success. Every part of this business cost some money at one point or another. It is the price we pay to be successful and a better life.
Even though Jeremy and I cannot attend this years Edge Event we are still out there everyday trying to put deals together. The truth is, had it not been for Dean, his books, his training, and this site,we would still be nowhere.


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a BIG thank you from me for providing the service and never ending knowledge day after day after day!!i cant wait to meet you at the edge and shake the hand that cares enough about people to give like you give.i know i am just starting out small with your books and tools but know the feeling of trying to tell people about your strategies.some do take action but the ones that think u r just SELLING something I JUST WANT TO SHAKE!!! i want for them to realize you r TRYING to GIVE them the OPPORTUNITY to make a difference in there lives!! they do not know how many ways you bring knowledge through your experience and the experience of your students.i have not even met you yet but can feel the GIVING spirit in your heart. thank you again for the opportunity to learn from you and your students!!

There's always something to learn in every call, every post...

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How I wish I could attend this year's Edge event. I had joined the site last year around the time the first event was taking place and everything I heard and read made me want to be at this year's event. Unforunately, unforseen circumstances have prevented me from attending; however, I will be doing everything I can be one of those in attendance next year. It sounds like the best real estate event ever with great people!

To those who feel they are being "sold" something, you are. You are being sold on Dean Graziosi's believe in you and your success. But only you can "buy into" his belief in you if you so choose, and buying into that type of support & motivation is free. If you wish to make the financial committment to buy a book, attend a seminar, join the academy, then that's your choice; you don't have to do it. You have everything you need to succeed in both Dean's books and this website; however, everything else will help you springboard to quicker success if you have the motivation to take everything you would learn and apply it. That too only you can decide to do because again, no one can make you do something if you choose not to. But if there are those who feel they may have been "lured" onto some type of "sales" call, if you really listen, there are nuggets of information to always be learned from any call from any Real Estate group/organzation. From personal experience, I have listened to many tele-conference calls from other real estate groups (I like to learn as much as I can from all sources) and the guest speaker does always offer to sell their program/products. I've chosen to not purchase any of those - I'm a DGer through and through and feel I'm well off with Dean's books and this site (Disclosure: I did choose to make the committment to buying the Edge Kit and I'm glad I did); however, I have always picked up interesting & useful bits of information on every call I've listen in on.

So I hope people can stop fighting against their own future success and listen to anything everything they can & shrug off the feeling they are "being sold." If or when the time comes you may want to invest further in your real estate education, then isn't it nice to know you already know of great ways to do so? As others have pointed out, it costs a lot of money to get a college degree, and educating yourself in the career of real estate -- a career you've decided is for you -- has both options: free information & hands-on experience, and also the option of investing in books, seminars, etc. A combination of the two is best, but everyone can take it in steps and as they achieve success take some of their profits and invest it back in themselves - every great company invests back into itself and as a Real Estate investor you are that great company!

Lead the life you've always dreamed! KNOW you can do it and act accordingly.

I wish everyone great success both personally and professonally.


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I’m investing in my future here with you. I consider that a small price for the rewards that lie ahead of me. I thank you for all you do for us and giving us that hope that we can change our lives.

I joined about 8 months ago. Your books, DVD’s, Success academy and this site. The amount of information you provide us with even for free is untouchable anywhere else. I KNOW I will be at Live Edge event next year. I can’t wait to shake your hand.

You’ve changed my life immensely even though I haven’t bought my first deal yet. From the actions I’m doing today I know without a doubt that my financial freedom is closer than ever. I believe in you and more importantly you’ve helped me believe in myself again and that is priceless. Thanks Dean. See ya next year…..


The Edge Event

Dean,I always enjoy your weekly blogs & conference calls,thanks. Iwish I could attend this years edge event,but I have to work. I work in the offshore oil industry and unfortunatly that is my time to work. Maybe next year the timing is different. Once again thanks for the inspiration.


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Thanks for all you do Dean! See you at the EDGE!

Flies and Ants Dean!

Whenever anyone becomes successful at anything, such as the positive nature of this site, there is always going to be someone of negative nature that will do what they must to try to destroy or at best tarnish the others successes. I've stopped asking why. My Dad used to say "Flies and Ants at a picnic!" God put 'em there for a reason so why fight it? They can't ruin the picnic unless you allow them too, and that IS under our controll. To allow the nay sayers and others alike to run wild through our site, (i read a advertisement for a pharmesuitical drug in the comment section while trying to help Kendale last week) I believe, is a small price to pay for keeping this site FREE! Sure we can pull out a big can of bug-spray and begin to charge for the site but that would only mean victory for the negative and possibly other jealous gurus who would kill to put a fly in our ointment. The DG Family and site are successful because of it's generosity and wisdom to simply skip over the flies and ants at the picnic. Dean thanks again for the weekly blog, it has truly become something of a beugler's horn to begin the week.
Thanks Again Dean,

You are so right again

Dean, to me you are selling something and that something is financial freedom and I am buying. I will not be at the edge event this year but I will move heaven and Earth to be there next year. I think a lot of the people who are thinking negative don't bother to do the research and are simply happy to be unhappy. See, it is always cool to complain but it takes effort to make change a reality. I have a couple of buddies of mine that I have been trying to do this with me and I have waited long enough. I can't even get them to order the books. They seem interested but there comes a time when you have to make a move because it is right for you. I am so excited about this program. My goal is to get enough deals so I will have the cash to join the success academy and then have enough money to come to the edge event next year.I will be driving the south side of Chicago this weekend looking for deals. Dean, I think this program is awesome but human nature is very strange at times. A building burning will have someone stay in that building instead of run outside, a huge flood is on the way and yet someone will say " I am not leaving my home" even tho the home may not be there after the flood. Well, if my building is burning, I am running out like a sprinter and if that flood is really coming, I can get another place and make it a home so I can change my unsuccessful ways and have a " Can Do Attitude" about this real estate. Thanks Dean.

Weekly Video Blog #68

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Weekly Video Blog #68

Hi Dean. Thanks for another video blog with a message. They always have a message that inspires, motivates, educates, encourages and more. As many have said over time the things you give us as a matter of routine are absolutely priceless. This is no different, people appreciate things more if they have to pay for them. If I was a young man, I might be inclined to question the validity of the statement but, if you’ll pardon my digression, I know of which I speak, or should I say I know of which you speak. I learned how to manage money when I was forced to by my parents' divorce when I was 12 years old. I went and got a Social Security card at 12 and proceeded to get a paper route. This is probably boring to many of you, I hope not too many. I bought my first car, a 1951 Plymouth, the ultimate babe-mobile when I was 14. During the summer months I worked at a gas station 77 hours a week for $45 minus my withholding. I paid my bills out of my own money. My gasoline, car insurance, clothes, etc. were paid for by me out of my own money which really made me appreciate them. Your point has held up all these years and remains true still.

As far as this real estate investing business is concerned, it is no different. I watched the infomercial one night and had seen it many, many times before so I had formed an opinion of Dean that he spoke only the truth. I felt a level of trust that I had never felt about an author or an offer on TV. My only income was Social Security, which is woefully inadequate, but I felt an urgency that if we were going to survive retirement it was going to be through real estate investing and it was going to be by the teachings and leadership of Dean Graziosi. I looked in the checkbook and wasn’t surprised to find that there was not enough money to buy the books. However, it was a few days before my monthly Social Security check was due. I went into an empty room, closed the door and prayed for guidance and wisdom to make the right decision. I emerged and approached my wife of 25 years and said I was going to buy these books and I felt comfortable doing it and confident that I could make it work. Since it was so close to the SS check arriving, we weren’t just out of money, we were OUT of money. She asked me if I realized that there wasn’t enough money in the checking account to cover the cost. I said yes but I must do it - (It’s like Dean says, “If not this now, what when?”) The fact that I had to work some magic with our finances in order to get the books, it only made them more valuable since I would always remember that truth. It just wouldn’t have had the same, deep impact if you had just given them away. I received my books in mid-July of last year and immediately joined this site. I was so excited by the whole new world that was opening up all around me. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend the E.D.G.E. Live Event because it had already happened. Attendees were telling their exciting stories and expressing their opinions of the event which made me tell myself that I must make it happen for me to go next year. When you announced that you were going to make it available in the form of the E.D.G.E. Home Study Course, I was grateful that you were going to make it possible for people like me to hear the stories of successful people and learn the strategies they used to get there. I knew that, if I wanted to increase my chances of success, I must have that program. It was great news and I watched my e-mails for information on the availability of it. Meanwhile, I was reading the books and preparing to start this new venture, registering the trade name, designing and ordering business cards, getting organized to conduct a business that I knew nothing about yet and all the things that needed to be done. When the Home Study Course became available, I was ready because I had already told myself that I must have that program and always remember that Dean made it possible for me to have that information in my home, in my office, available at any time to review and enhance what I had learned when I watched it the first time. All of a sudden I found myself immersed in education, information that was going to change our lives, and it was because Dean is so committed to our success and we’re reminded of it every week when we get the e-mail telling us that the weekly video blog is available or that something else is happening that will help us. It cannot be said that Dean doesn’t go out of his way to make things available that will help us achieve our goals. The SuccessFest, the free 3-part book that was released one part each week for 3 weeks, the free monthly teleconference, the free videos of successful people that were made available to us, and the many other things that are too numerous for me to remember but are all evidence that Dean cares, Dean wants each and every one of us to succeed. It is absolutely true that people place more value on things they pay for than on things they receive free. I was setting up the 800 number and the website when I was given the opportunity to enroll in Dean’s Success Academy. Thanks to Dean and all the tools we have to work with, some of which were given to us, some of them we paid for, but in either case, we have so much information to work with that I can’t help but feel deep gratitude to him for all he does and has done for us. Although he doesn’t know it, I give thanks for Dean every day and pray that all his dreams come true and all his goals are reached. I don’t know of anyone else that deserves it more. I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Dean to change my life and the lives of those I care about, thanks to his generosity. Thanks, Dean and...
G o d B l e s s Y o u.


Weekly Blog

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Dean I am one of those that can not make it this year but will next year. I thank you for the inspiration to try harder. I will make it to the next event and I will make it to the success academy. Thanks again for the pep talk and keep on trying. I know there are many on the edge and I know no matter where you live this can work.

J Doss
Flagstaff, AZ


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I so dislike having to share that I have had some very unpleasant and downright horrid medical diagnosis recently and if it was not for the positive and totally inspirational attitude and communication on this site, am sure that I would have curled up in a corner and cried and wimpered for the reality that I will have to live through the next few months to gain back my health.

I would like each of you to be sure to be grateful for the things that are 'taken-for-granted' and enjoy every minute you can with those you live and love with.

When I log on here, I can forget about the ordeals that lay before me and can actually SMILE and be inspired by the comments and achievements that are so freely shared amongst us.

I only hope that each of you realizes how much it means to be able to have that "feel good" that this site radiates. Each and every one of you are in my prayers and I only hope to have the strength and also the courage to keep coming here.

No 'woe-is-me' nor 'ring-around-my-butt' from sitting on my 'pity-pot'. Instead I come to this site to "feel good" and be inspired, instead.

I thank each and every one in the DG family for the opportunity to share with each and every one of you.

I am 'getting-my-ducks-in-order' for my therapy as well as preparing many of the indicated gatherings for a successful REI career. I know you do not have any idea how much each of you has helped me to be able to 'keep-it-together'.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for

letting me share..... and for.....


Free smiles to all

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And they are totally free.

EDGE Event

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Unfortunately I can't make it to this year's event - as much as I would love to! I am determined to be there next year - I feel like it would be invaluable to me in the knowledge that I could gain and the inspiration it would provide. In the meantime, I am going to get busy making things happen and cast my fears and my insecurities aside and GO FOR IT! Thank you for being so inspiring!

I'm so excited!!

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I'm going! I'm confident I'll make the deal that will pay my way. All of you and Dean have given me information, now it's time for me to act. I gave my business card to a store cashier yesterday, a total stranger, a first for me. So, it's Spring ... time to sow the seeds of confidence and reap the harvest of success. Here I go!

Just a thought to consider..........

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

Thanks Dean

Hey Dean,

I just got started with your Success Academy. Everything is starting to take form. I'm very excited about the future. I'm fighting with everything I got to make it to your EDGE event THIS YEAR. Working on getting my first deal.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

As always Dean you never fail to produce a blog that triggers in us the desire to take action. We need to understand that we cannot just sit around and do nothing and expect things to happen, not going too happen. It is good to be uncomfortable to be comfortable. Action is practical, while stagnation is theory. You cannot get it until you do it. Thanks Dean for continually motivating us to go out and make it happen. God Bless.


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