Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #226 - Chasing the Horizon and Free iPhone 5

Ever feel like you just aren’t doing enough? Do you have a vision of yourself (or your life) that just doesn’t match with reality? If you have a habit of comparing your live, your success or your path with anyone else you are playing a losing game.

In this video, Dean discusses how to overcome this “self-defeating habit” so you can really feel the joy of your successes. Then he tops it all off with a piece of homework that will not only help you as an investor, but will give you a chance to win a new iPhone 5 that Dean is giving away.

Looks an Awesome to Spread the Word, Networking 101

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I set up acct and checking it out. Thank you for helping me remember that success isn't in obtaining the goal, but through the efforts to get there. Obtaining the goal is the result of all my efforts.


I was in Vegas when Matt told us about postlet.Both me and my wife have a postlet account.I am a realtor for Remax Advantage Realtors Inc. in salina,kansas and i am using them with my listings.Great Great Learning more each day

New Account

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New account on Postlets! Alriiight!!! Let's Gooo!!!!!


Great Job Dean!

I created a postlet to advertise my personal home for sale. I sold it to the first person who came through 6 days later (they found it on Zillow).

I recommend it to everyone!




Hello Guys!
I just sign a new account at Postlets. I see a lot of people posting homes for rent, for sale.. for sale by owner, management companies too.. is all free...

Thank you for helping me in keeping my motivation going. The people close to me think that this is not possible. But I have a feeling that realstate will set me free from stress, and finally I will give my familly my time, and the nice things in life.

This website is my "facebook".. for the past week I have visited on the daily basis to keep my motivation going. Im working hard to get a coach from your academy. I know miracles are coming my way...

Thanks to you all! and I hope to see you guys in North Carolina soon!

by the way.. if I win the new phone, I will use it wisely on my realstate business =)


Roman Llanos

Hello dean

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I created an account on, but since I dont have any properties to sell yet.Im srill work on my first one..I love watching your bolgs



Hello Dean

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I created an account on, but since I dont have any properties to sell yet.Im srill work on my first one..I love watching your bolgs



Postlets and Seeking the Horizon

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I am brand new to your program, just having completed the Insider's Edge workshop yesterday. I've already encountered skepticism from friends and colleagues, but am determined to forge ahead and change my life and that of my family. Your Weekly Wisdoms are helpful and inspiring. Change is daunting, so keeping your students on-track and energized is a wise move.

Although I don't have properties to list with Postlets yet, I have gone to the site and enrolled. I hope to have many reasons to use it in short order.

Thank you.

I'll definitely be using postlets in the future

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Going to see a FSBO today. Hoping to lock it up on contract and post on Can't wait! Just want to thank Roy on the hotline for answering my questions constantly, and thanks to coach ERIC.


New account, now its time to get some deals.




Also looking to partner with people in the Atlanta Metro area.

Postlets!! And Moving out of the Gap!!

Thanks, Dean!!
I set up a Postlets account and I'll be using it !! I just did my FIRST deal and made $3,250.00 by assigning the contract to another investor! ON MY WAY!! I was inspired by 'The Gap' message... I will continue to see each accomplisment as a stepping stone to my success!! (NOT just try to measure success by the $$ amounts I earn!!) Keep the Weekly Blogs coming! They are a big part of what sets apart from other groups. Your ability and giftedness in motivating each of us is the 'missing link' others miss if they are not on this site!! Keep it up!! I am persuaded thet it is more important than the education I am getting about Real Estate Investing! AND... that part is AWESOME!!
Onward & Upward... to a GREAT 2013!!
Chip F.

I really need that!!

Thanks Dean
Great Wisdom today. I've created my account at Postlets. I'm sure I will attract more buyers for my wholesale deals.


Thanks for the info on Postlets. I have been writing Craigslist ads, but not using many of the available features. This will help me get up to speed.


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I opened a postlets account and send a email to my sister and she liked it



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I have used Postlets to sell my home . It is great because it is vertile. Not only does it sink to webpages but you can create a hardcopy for flyers which I posted around town, used to give out to buyers at showing, added to craigslist , direct mail and literary wore the flyer. It Works.
Carol introduced Postlets in 2011 at the Edge . Too cool


Postlets in Alaska

It was great being part of the group in Las Vegas and have posted one of my Alaskan properties on postlets.

PLEASE Let Something go Right...

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For the last two weeks, I have been dealing with a serious back injury; I am unable to use my right leg; our car was totaled (our only means of transportation and it is completely paid for) as a result of a suspended licensed driver and not his vehicle smashing into the back of us speeding to try to sneak into the security gate where we live behind us before the gate closed; being on pain medication and a muscle relaxant around the clock; our attorney advising us that the vehicle owner does not have bodily injury coverage; finding out the true meaning of Florida being a “no fault” state; the first week of physical therapy being brutal; etc., etc., etc..

With the pain being unbearable last Friday and their having to cut short my physical therapy, I sat in my office chair feeling upset, frustrated, and depressed, as yet another obstacle has been thrown my way to prevent me from achieving the goals that I set for myself.

With all that said, on Friday, I picked up the phone and started placing calls to realtors and contracted with one of them who agreed to request the requirements stated in “30 DAYS Real Estate CASH”. She also shared with me the cities that investors are investing in heavier.

I am mentioning my ordeal on this blog because the horizon that I seem to be chasing feels like it is out of my reach and that the first quarter of this new year is a total loss. Honestly, I did not realize until I watched Dean’s weekly wisdom video #226 blog that I have actually achieved what was set forth in the first two chapters in “30 DAYS Real Estate CASH”.

I listed my vacant waterfront land with a realtor in January, but I have had no results so far. Thanks to Dean’s recommendation in his weekly wisdom #226 blog, I used to post my land. I am most grateful to Dean for supplying this information.

The seed!

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You plant the seed and gave us water. Something started to form so you give us light. Dean we have no choice but to grow. Thanks for another great tool. Great homework plus a tool we can use. This site is the best.

Thanks Dean!

Postlets Yes Yes !!

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Thanks again Dean, great advice. I will keep walking up the stairs of success using knowledge & skill, because the elevator must be broken. lol
Postlets is great, we're about to post a property today & will keep you guys postlets I mean Going to take pictures now !!
Ira C.

Great weekly wisdom!

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Chasing the horizon is just right. I try to remind myself that I can't get there on a regular basis.

Postlets is amazing and they keep making the site better. I believe once you post it with them they automatically post on numerous websites forsalebuyowner/zillow/ etc. If your buyers list isn't the best they take care of it. Sold my last deal in 36 hours off of them. I tend to... forget Eye-wink to take them down right away after closing and its a great way to get buyers to contact you. My real estate agent even uses them sometimes. Seems like its turning into the second hand mls or the investor mls.

Thanks for the great weekly wisdom and keep those assignments coming!!!


Postlets account?

Hi Dean I just watched your weekly wisdom video and went to to set up an account but unfortunately as I am Canadian the site won't allow me to have an account with them. It sounds like a great tool to have but won't allow Canadians access. Any thoughts?

Ivano Gallo- Hamilton, Ontario

General Comment

I haven't done my first deal yet; however, i am staying positive on everything as i am grateful to God, that he let me live another day of life. Nonetheless, I strongly feel that if Dean lowered the Elite program to a mere $400.00 flat fee, then the 1,997 or 2,000 plus, program, many more like myself could immediately join. This is a two-fold win win situation, where Dean could get more students and a higher return for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, the program will help a person like myself achieve my first deal fast, before the market stabalizes again by 2015, through its guiding coaches. This in turn can create a working relationship with Dean where we can do deals with him and share the profits, enabling Dean to reach and expand with deals all across the country. In fact, despite Matt and Dean already choosing 2 area managers, we can all be area managers, and create a state by state, wired network where the entire D.G. family is working together in a common goal, in minimizing the time spent, on deals, which would ordinarily take much longer if he had to do it himself or hire several expert to accomplish this. As students we would have gain the expertise from the Elite program which was reduced to create this massive explosion of students joining Dean's program, while also working with Dean and Matt to generate and make deals happen; thus, everyone again reaps the benefits. Even if Dean does not lower the price we can all still find the best deals and refer them to Dean and Matt, which i don't think ignoring a profitable deal is in their agenda. Any state is labeled as a potention profit area, and deals are made everywhere. So I hope i didn't say anything that would contradict Dean and Matt or any of the students, if anything i am trying to help myself and others by suggesting an idea that can create a Win Win situation for us all, and ultimately meeting our financial needs to provide not only for ourselves, but our love ones as well. As a father of 3, this is the ultimate goal.
Thank you, for listening and take good care, everyone.


Always enjoy trying something new with Real Estate...Postlets - I Like It... Plan to try it with my next rental and see how it works!

Just listed my first property on Postlets

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Hey Dean,

Thanks I just posted my first property on I hope that what you and your team are working on is as good as postlets, I know it will be you never do anything half baked anyway. I'm sure it will be fantastic.

Looking forward to it.



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Hi Dean,

Great information on this week blog as always. I believe this a great tool for all.
This is an easier way to announce what we have to sell or buy, etc.

Chasing the Horizon is very important topic. I have been doing this and just realize it since you talk about. I have to take note of this blog date to go over it every now an again to keep in line.

Thank you so much,

Alford, Sr

Postlets is really great!

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I take the HTML code that's provided, I can hire a VA to paste it into Komposer to further edit and tweak the listing and make it somewhat unique with my Logo and etc. Blast it out to my email buyers list that I have inside of Aweber. Another feature is Aweber has a way of categorizing email blasts and saving the history as an RSS Feed that I also provide availability to in my postlets listings.


I signed up for postlets. No post yet but will be using. Hope I won, I really need an I-phone.


I just joined postlets. Currently no properties to post. I am excited to have this tool. Looking forward to that 1st deal.

Thanks Dean for your wisdom, support and encouragement...



I set up an account after seeing Dean and Matt's video. I set up my own house and sent it to my girlfriend who said she thought it came from a realtor!

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