Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #226 - Chasing the Horizon and Free iPhone 5

Ever feel like you just aren’t doing enough? Do you have a vision of yourself (or your life) that just doesn’t match with reality? If you have a habit of comparing your live, your success or your path with anyone else you are playing a losing game.

In this video, Dean discusses how to overcome this “self-defeating habit” so you can really feel the joy of your successes. Then he tops it all off with a piece of homework that will not only help you as an investor, but will give you a chance to win a new iPhone 5 that Dean is giving away.

Love Postlets - Thanks Dean

I love the ease of Postlets. I walked through a posting and saved it to go back and get more info. It is pretty awesome how detailed it is and simple to use. This is a great feature and a perfect way to ensure you are posting everything that is pertinent to get those buyers active.

Thanks for the headsup and great information.

Postlets are freaking awesome!

1. Listened to Dean's Weekly Wisdom

2. Opened a Postlets account

3. Made up a FEARSOME Postlet even though I don't have a property yet.

4. Enjoyed the feeling of having a house for sale even if it was made up.

5. Started to feel "The Gap" and felt a bit bad Sad then thought about how much I have learned and how many great contacts I have made Smiling

6. Imagined Dean sitting at my kitchen island having a cup of tea with me while I fatten him up with cookies as a way of saying thank you.




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i've been on postlets for years and have recommended it several times. thanks for the blog, Dean.

Thank you! This site has

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Thank you! This site has been amazing and is what you intended it to be. There is so much support. There are so many caring people here. Thanks again for your encouragement to be happy where we are right now and keep moving forward. We can feel accepted here wherever you are in real estate! Just opened an account with postlets. Thanks for the info!

Yay for Postlets!

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I made my first Postlets ad last week. I'm not very fast at figuring out certain things with a computer, but this was very easy. I'm going to go make another ad for a rehab I finished, right now. Thanks!


My Guilt

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Hi Dean,

I do appreciate exactly what you mean. I grew up in a home with domestic violence. My mother was able to get away finally but by that time the damage was done. When I was married I fell into the same situation but was able to get away but the damage was done. I raised my daughters with many struggles and live my life until this day trying to make be a perfect mom. See as a single parent I had not choice but to work almost 7 days a week with no time to really give my daughters a life that they should have had. I would have loved to stay at home with them and volunteer at school give them the joys of growing up with the joys of participating in all of their activities. Today at 53 yrs of age and 2 granddaughter's I am still trying to be all I can be with success to make up for that time. I have accomplished so many things since then and I am proud of that however I still have a dream for my daughter's and granddaughter's that I must achieve. I believe in myself more than I use to and fight the EVIL everyday! Moving forward I speak only of things to come and my vision of success along my side my family!! The blessings to come and how great my families future will be! I did create a postlet account it took me 10 minutes it was so easy I could not believe it. I did use a condo listing I have. I am still learning how to use all of the features but I have faith in myself. Faith is the belief of things unseen. I have faith of the future success and believe it will happen my vision is so clear I can feel it. I want to thank you Dean for haring this video with us as we all even though might not admit it always look up to being something greater. Here is the link to my postlet.

Thank you

I love it when I hear things I already know

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Well not always, new info is great too. Been using it, its awesome. Thanx for another great tool!

Went there and did that

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Okay, I heard about postlets on a previous video through IE. It sounded like the best way to post a deal. I went there after seeing your video and signed up for my free account. I have tested it out with the house I am living in and it was very easy. I liked the information / definitions given next to the boxes that you fill out. I am working on my offers now. When I get that deal, I will post that postlet.

I have also been in the gap and I decided a while ago that there is no ideal me. I am who I am and I couldn't be any better than that. With the help of my life coach, I know how far I have come and I know how far I want to go.

Thanks for all you, Matt and the rest of the team does for us here on this site and on the IE site.


Postlets is Great!

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I created an account with Postlets, just as you suggested. I love to make my presentations look professional, yet, at the same time, doing it in a simple, streamlined way that makes it easy for the prospective buyer to see all the information on my properties.

Thanks Dean, for all you do!!!!

P.S...I really need the IPhone to be more organized in my business...thank you!

Good morning Dean

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This is a deal we are working on right now..
We are hoping everything goes through...

It's uncanny!

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Time after time, I watch one of these blogs and BAM you are talking straight to me. This morning I woke up "horizon oriented" and got pulled out of that funk by your words. Months ago I was working to put together a talisman of ancestor wedding rings to wear around my neck and BAM there you were with yours encouraging us to do the same. I feel tuned in. And I will spend more time in the present moment, using my past steps and wisdom and my future goals to keep me anchored right here and now. Thank you Dean for sharing such wonderfully authentic parts of yourself. Big electronic hug! I will practise the postlets thing tomorrow once I get home.


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Great site Dean! Can't wait to post my property once it's ready to be put on the market. Love your Weekly Wisdom! Take Care!

Lucy Smiling

Postlets new sign up

Hi Dean..

As I am going through Postlets.. love it... thanks for the creative ideas.
Although I don't have any properties to post... I see how everyone can benefit by using Postlets

Thanks again..
Hope to hear from you some day!!!


Postlets account

Well, Dean, if nothing else, I'm willing to take action on that which is in front of me to do. It may seem "a small step" but for guys like me this could be huge, at least in the area of getting things done. I've created my Postlets account, and now I need to acquire something to post! Hang in there everyone, things are just starting to get interesting!

cool tool

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Well not always, new info is great too. Been using it, its awesome. Thanx for another great tool!

Only in the USA

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Unfortunately, at this time Postlets can only support property listings and users within the United States.
Left out again :-S


Hi Dean.
This is my first post. I went to Thanks for the resource.

Its a Beautiful Day !!!

Thank You Dean !!!

I appreciate everything you do for all of us, I am working on myself, I am improving, I am part of this group of wonderful people improving ourselfs. I am making progress, I know now what I didnt know last year!! Woo hoo !!

Thank You !!

Make it a great day !!!!

weekly wisdom; homework-postlets

Hi Dean. I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing site and all the help that you give us.
I am just starting, reading your books, studying the materials and I am really excited. I went to postlets and signed up. What an awesome tool! Cant wait to use it. I feel verrry blessed to be here! Again, thank you Dean for all that you do to help us.
God Bless!
Sandra Kuehl

Chasing the Horizon

Dean, I have created the Postlets account, and like others, nothing yet to post...with that changing soon. Appreciate all of the continued support and information. Yes, another great tool you have given us, and thanks!!

I registered on postlets,

I registered on postlets, Thanks for your encouragements. I have started to take action after years of wishing. I am looking for my first property. I'll post when I acquire it.

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I checked the postlets webside it is nice lot of info. I don't have a property yet to sale at this time but I am working on it,I also registered to the side and they already send me my first e-mail.thank you Dean.

I created an account on

I created an account on, but since I don't have any properties yet I couldn't do much else. I feel like I'm getting closer to closing on a few deals today though so I'll definitely take advantage of Postlets.

I really liked your weekly wisdom today, it really helped!! I feel so frustrated most days as I feel that I'm not accomplishing anything. But when I look back, I can see that I have learned a lot and I have found a few buyers. I met Indiana Joe at my Boots on the Ground training and I followed his advice with the ghost ads on CL to get these. I snail mailed a lot of cash buyers and found a few more there. I am trying the advice you gave us at the Buying Summit in Feb so now I'm sinnaly getting realtors to submit offers (although I had to use Indiana Joe's advice with a few and just say "next" to get the 2 great people I have now).

Debbi Gleason

Thanks Dean

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Another great post that strikes home for me. It appears that I am frequently chasing the horizon. Just going to step back, take a breath and look at how far I have come then move forward.

I saw that many use Postlets but I never thought of using it myself. I didn't know that I can integrate posts that I add to appear on my own website too. I'll start testing it out.


great advice

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I knew about it, but never used it. I created an account, and created few brochures. Looks great. Thanks Dean again.



Nice site. Been registered for a while. Am I still in the drawing?


Dean great weekly wisdom. I had never heard of Postlets before. I just now posted a property I have under contract that I am looking to wholesale. Thanks for the info.

Gary R


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I use this site already. Like you said, it is the best none-MLS listing service out there. I like posting my Postlets on Craigs List. Look very professional.
Thanks again for all you do!

Michael Mangham


Good weekly wisdom Dean, and a great tip with Postlets.
I went to the site and opened an account. Have no properties at the moment, I used my home address to walk through setting up a listing. Obviously, I did not post/publish the add... Thanks Dean.


Great site! THANKS!


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