Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #226 - Chasing the Horizon and Free iPhone 5

Ever feel like you just aren’t doing enough? Do you have a vision of yourself (or your life) that just doesn’t match with reality? If you have a habit of comparing your live, your success or your path with anyone else you are playing a losing game.

In this video, Dean discusses how to overcome this “self-defeating habit” so you can really feel the joy of your successes. Then he tops it all off with a piece of homework that will not only help you as an investor, but will give you a chance to win a new iPhone 5 that Dean is giving away.

hey Dean

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I do sometimes feel like I'm not going anywhere, but , like you said in this weeks WW every step forward does make a difference. A couple of years ago I did nothing and now I am making offers I am also a part of the IE and I can see progress, granted I haven't made my first deal but, I can see it in the near future and I am a lot more confident than I was two years ago. I also visited the, created an account and I will post one of my homes that I founds on there tomorrow cause I have to pick up the kids now and start cooking and then go to work at night.
thanks for being true blue.


Hello! Well I tried the postlets site and I have to say this tool is amazing. It literally does all the work for you.

Postlets Rock!

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I am so excited about using Postlets for when I have my first house under contract. Thanks so much for the tip/tool. It is going to make it so much easier! It actually helps me get past one of my fears.

Awesome Dean!

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Hey, Thanks Dean for sharing the sites' use to us. Sometimes the best services are those that you learn about from our friends. I will definitely be using it just as soon as I can identify a profitable deal to work with and get control!



Hi Dean! What a great weekly wisdom. I really needed to hear what you had to say. Barry and I are headed to the buyers summit this week. We are very excited. We have registered with Postlets. Can't wait to have a property to advertise. See you on Wednesday.

Lisa and Barry

Thanks Dean Great Video

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Well I had already had a Postlets account which was set up back in 2011,I was blessed that I even remembered the password, thanks Dean you are a great guy, there is so much information that you share on this site and in you books, God bless you and your family with long life and continued prosperity. Thank you, I sure would love to win that I-phone 5. Smiling Smiling

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life."
St. John 3:16

I like Postlets

I entered some information and went through the pages. I found it straight forward.


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Just started but did just sign up for postlets looks really neat and excited about this from reading all the great comments on it. Just want to say Thank you, Dean! Every word from your mouth is very inspiring and informative, I feel your heart through all your words and am so ready to succeed to the point of being "Totally Fulfilled" and would love to be able to meet you and your family and hope one day all our families will be able to enjoy that life together! Steadily will be reaching to wear you are, Dean! Thank you so very much! Lisa Franco

I did it!

I finally got it going. Had to enlist the help of my kids to help me with pics, but it's good. Gotta wait for Postlets to verify my phone number, and then it's up and running.

So cool that I can put that on a blog or website and direct someone to look at it by copying and pasting. Very nice looking, too!

Thank you, Dean! One more tool to help me.

3/19/13 Update! It took Zillow a week, but they finally got my phone verified. My listing is up and running. Here is the address if anyone wants to look at it!!!
Thanks again, Dean!

I desperatly need a new phone send my postlets....

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As usual dean, Great wisdom... I hope the app you're preparing is gonna be even better than postlets...if it's an app you're preparing...if not, would be a path to explore...i hope insiders elite members will have the opportunity to beta test it...
PS: i really need a new phone...

Great tips!

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Thanks for reminding me not to focus on the horizon! It honestly couldn't have come at a better time. As for postlets, I just created an account and a practice ad that I saved to my drafts. It looks pretty time efficient as it simultaneously can post to a lot of websites. Plus it looked really professional. Thanks for turning me on to this, I had no idea it existed!

Postlets - An Iphone would help take pics of my property

Met you in Vegas at Buying Summit a few months ago. That was special.
I love listening to your weekly blog.
Postlets - Wow just what I have been looking for.
I registered on the website, and for practice posted a property -which I hope to sell. Printed the page and really like the layout.
Do not have pictures yet; Will get those soon.

I hear an Iphones take great pictures and it would be very nice to win.(smile)

Thank you for the website and also for explaining how to get through the "Gap" - I turned around and realized that I have come along ways and making progress towards doing my first deal. I'm Fired Up!!!
Cordova, TN


I just watched this week's wisdom video, very insightful, thanks Dean. I also did jump on the Postlets site creating an account as you suggested. I am trying to put few properties under contract in the coming few days, and will use Postlets for wholesaling next. Thank you for this great tool!


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Hey Dean...know postlets well. I put a lease option on postlets just before Christmas and had a buyer 1 week later and made an assignment fee of $5400. This site is very professional and FREE!!!

Really cool site, plus, wouldn't mind winning an I phone 5!

Thanks for the opportunity and education!

Lisa Groves


Hi Dean,
Just signed up for my new account on Postlets. It was sooooo.. EASY!!!


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Thanks Dean for highlighting this great tool. I visited the sight, created my account, and while I do not have any properties to advertise at this time, I intend to use it in the future. A great tool and it is free.

Thanks for the info and WW!

I set up an account and am looking forward to using it for my next deal! Thanks for the information as usual!

My wish to be my best:)

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Wow, from then till now has been awesome! Over the past 4 years I have had to remember not to wish for the situation to be easyer but, to wish that I was better.

Post lets is my missing pice thanks Dean for another awesome tip Smiling

The Horizon, looking back, & postlets

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Thanks Dean. I have been beating myself up a bit about not accomplishing a wholesale deal yet, so this a good reminder for me as i look back at a year ago when i started and realize how far my mindset has come and that i have been able to purchase 1 cash flowing buy/hold and am currently working on another to close the end of the month. I helped my wife roll her old pension into a self directed ira which we will now use for REI. I also bought a tax lien at 18% and we refied our personal house to reduce our payment by $300 month and lock in 3.5% rate for 30 yr! I attended boots on the ground and two vegas events. I have networked with many local people and have joined IE where I have taken advantage of life coaching, daily wisdoms/contributions from amazing past students, and the incredible library of education you provide on IE is so valuable! I can't wait to get to the edge this year and meet everyone!! Oh yeah and Sunday I try and complete my first marathon in LA as a challenged athlete! Life is good and we all need to appreciate ourselves once in a while, since we all can be our own worst critics!

I created a postlets account and am very impressed with how easy and detailed the site is. This is perfect for presenting any deals. I look forward to using it soon for a wholesale deal!
Thanks again for helping us all to continue taking action and supporting one another!

Postlets is an awesome sales tool!!!

I love this new site! Its very easy to use and makes your listings very professional looking. If you haven't tried it yet, do!!! I plan on using it whenever we get new properties. Thanks for the info Dean!!!

Patty & David Frahm

Newbie - Just signed up with Postlets

Dean, thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement. It could not be more timely. I'm certainly guilty of chasing the horizon! ...Always comparing myself to those who seem to be much farther ahead and getting frustrated. But I'm reminded that the journey I'm on is my OWN race to win as long as I DON'T QUIT! My husband and I have joined the Academy and I cannot tell you how excited we are. Listened to Karen Ellsworth earlier. She was phenomenal.

Also, just signed up with Postlets. Looking forward to posting my first Ad.

Thanks again for sharing your heart.
Laurima Stovell

WOW on Postlets !!

I can't wait to use this site. It should sure help make my first deal. Since I'm a new student I'm learning tons and this is just one more thing that will make it happen faster. Thanks so much for passing on this new tool, Dean.


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This is my first post since being on this site. I had used Postlets in the past as a real estate agent. I reactivated my account to check out any new features. I used to use it to post easily to Craigslist.

Regarding horizon blog, it was very nice to hear.

New Jersey

I love postlets!!

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I've been using postlets for about a year. Absolutely love this site. Easy to learn. It took me 2 hours to get first one done, but now only takes a few minutes. Really professional looking. Great suggestion Dean.

Another Great Trick of the Trade!!

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Thanks for the little nuggets of information that really help and save time. I really didn't know how to get the info across to help fund deals. After I saw postlets I was really amazed! This will help out tremendously. Anything to keep me motivated and to help keep me going in the right direction is great. Thanks a million.

New Postlets Subscriber!

Hi Dean.

Thank you for recommending Postlets. I created an account and browsed around. It seems like a perfect way to send deals to prospective buyers. Can't wait until I get my next property to pass on!


Steve Saca

Chasing the Horizon

Chasing The Horizons. Isn't it a great start to go into the DG site and start your week with such positive inspiration? I call it the "Realm of Dean's Positive Thinking." Yes, I am very hard on myself and rarely stop and look back at my accomplishments. I work 40 hours plus over time each week and I still manage to go into the DG site from 6 to 12 hours per week and I go look at houses every single week. I am helping two young boys with a place to stay so that they can graduate. I make time for my granddaughter every single weekend. I pick her up on Saturday and return her late Sunday night. Why? To give her a sense of security and I truly enjoy the person she is becoming.

The DG site has brought together a large group of selfless people with so much integrity. I have been so blessed to meet the nices group of people. How did you build this empire of amazing people?

Dean, you introduced us to postlets in a training you and Matt Larson conducted, maybe a month ago. I tried going into the site and it was a little bit hard. Come to find out with my second try and more confidence I already have an account. I tried it again and saved my information in a draft. I thank you and Matt for your persistence in helping us simplify and make us succeed in our business pursuit.

Wow! About the iPhone 5. I bought an iPhone 4S in12/2012 for my REI business and lost it on 02/04/2013. Was I disappointed? I was devastated. What to do? Can't afford one as I did not buy insurance for it and the price is outrageous. Can't cancel the contract due to the high penalty and I do not want to kill my dream. So I am having to suspend the service every 3 months. Maybe I am destined to have this iPhone 5. Every single time you are giving an iProduct away I get so excited. My two true role models are Dean Graziosi for the wonderful empire you have built for all of us and Steve Jobs for the wonderful products he has given to the world.

As long as I have strength and am of sound mind I will continue Chasing the Horizon."


Postlets .. check

So very easy to set up postlets. Hope to be using it on a regular basis.

Chasing the horizon & Postlets

Thanks Dean for the message about chasing the horizon. I do at times forget the early beginnings to a journey, and the message about chasing the horizon helped me remember to appreciate the milestones accomplished. I also signed up for Postlets.
Thanks again !

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