Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #226 - Chasing the Horizon and Free iPhone 5

Ever feel like you just aren’t doing enough? Do you have a vision of yourself (or your life) that just doesn’t match with reality? If you have a habit of comparing your live, your success or your path with anyone else you are playing a losing game.

In this video, Dean discusses how to overcome this “self-defeating habit” so you can really feel the joy of your successes. Then he tops it all off with a piece of homework that will not only help you as an investor, but will give you a chance to win a new iPhone 5 that Dean is giving away.

Postlets - Looks Great, It's Free...and IT WORKS!!

Have loved using for awhile. Lets me syndicate (blast) ads to several top RE sites and Craig's List in just one click. Even has customizable templates if I want to change the color scheme, fonts, etc. Can also add up to 25 photos per ad. Can insert ad links into buyer emails, too.

Does it work? Posted an ad last Fri for a handyman special rancher, got a buyer less than 48 hrs later. Easy, very professional tool. Love it!


Hi Dean. Went to web site and created an account. Very simple to use. I thank you for that information. Great advice on not comparing yourself with others, and look where you are today. Thanks again!


postlet signup

Hi Dean,

Registered with postlet. Great site, will difinitely use. Thanks for the info. Working on a deal now. Will post when completed.

Postlet Site

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Hi Dean,

Thank you so much for the homework task of making me sign up and use postlets. Your blogs and wisdom are truly inspiring. Having us take action, even if it is a small step to do the postlets website, it will trigger some of us to keep moving forward to start making deals and making a better life for us.

Thank You,

Paul Wilson

Signed up

I'm all signed up

Postlets listing

I just posted a rental. Lets see how it goes. Might as well receive the calls on a new Iphone 5!!

thanks for info on postlets.

thanks for info on postlets. i set up an account just for demo. looks great. can always use anothr tool. have not done a deal, yet. we just keep knocking and that door will opn. thanks for you "words of wisdom", daily. my husband and i listen to you, all the time. thank you once again.

Hey Dean

Thanks for the information on postlets.
I am new to re investing and i am in the learn all you can mode. A freind of mine refered me to your site for some teachings, So here i am.

thanks Dean for the info on the postlets. another great tool. signed up and used for demo. my husband and i have not done a deal as of yet, but we keep on knocking and that door will open. we listen to your "words of wisdom", weekly. thank you for your insights and for the heads up on, postlets. thank you once again, Dean.

Postlets Site

Greetings from Denton, Texas!
I'm very impressed with this new tool. I created my new account and I thank you for yet another invaluable resource. I'm on my way out to get a phone number off a bandit sign I saw this morning but didn't have time to get so haven't been able to play around on the site yet... plan on doing so and looking forward to it. I've always like Zillow and this just adds another tool to my box!
Thanks again!

Chasing the Horizon

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Great information today. I've opened an account on and have a draft waiting on pictures I will be taking tomorrow. We've got a great deal in Scottsdale and we are looking forward to making someone's to fund more deals.


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Hi Dean,
As always your words go right to the heart. I'm proud to be one of your newest students but have already gained more from you and your teachings than I have through years of studying real estate investing. I too have created a postlets account and appreciate you providing us with such a valuable tidbit.

First time hearing about I setup an account/profile so when I get a house I can post it on this site. Sounds like this is a cook website based upon other posts. Looking forward to trying. Thanks for sharing this site with us.



Very impressive site, should make getting deals faster! Once again, thank you Dean for the headsup.

Thanks I needed that!!!

Thanks for the encouragement in your weekly wisdom, it is exactly what I needed today!!!

Created an account on, great tool thank you for motivating me to take that step.


I tried Postlets!

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Hi Dean Graziosi,
I went and practiced posting an ad through Postlets and wow this is a really helpful tool to make setting up an advertisement easy! This is only the third Weekly Wisdom I've seen but I can already tell that these videos are filled with the best insight! Your videos are not only for helping people out in business strategies but in life and that is truly priceless! I can't wait to use Postlets in my strategies once I get rolling since I've been an advanced student starting since last week!
Thanks for everything Dean!

Chasing the Horizon! Postlets, Tried it out! Awesome Tool

Hello Dean,

Chasing the Horizon, you could have not chosen a better example for this scenario. You make your lessons tangible. I love it, and Thank you! Sometimes I throw out the window that I have to set Ideal goals and the horizon no matter how beautiful it is, in front of our faces it just cannot be reached. "Be Ideal" My partner and I registered with Postlets, what happened in a matter of minutes was amazing. We were able to market a property on various sites, and were given the links/HTML to further advertise on other sites as well. Thank you a bunch! My partner and I are just getting started, and we are amazed to see how you have paved the way, provided the tools, and what's left for us, is to be like NIKE, and just DO IT!


matt had talked about poslets before and I thought it was great but we can't use it in canada. I tried registering again today and no go. I wish there was something like it in canada.


Weekly Wisdom #226

Hello Mr Graziosi,
I'm an up beat and positive newbie... I 'm just finishing up with one of your books and have enthusiastically prepared myself to go to the bank this week. Yes, I know this is just a small step. But it is a Huge step for me. I haven't had same "mind like" supporters in my life (regarding real-estate anyhow) other wise very supportive. Despite this, I still remain positive and move forward with my learnings. However, I do on occasion do ( like most humans) question myself... And to be completely honest, get a bit down and not so optimistic...Today was one of those days... However, whether it was luck or fate... I was meant to listen to weekly wisdom #226 TODAY... What you talked about totally shifted and refocused my mind. (Instantly) I was Back, enthusiastically of course towards my goals once again.... So,.,
Thank You Mr Graziosi

Looking at the horizion

enjoyed you weekly wisdiom. It really hit home and I'm going to have to turn around several times but I will get back on track and concentrate more on self and where I have been Vs where I am going.
Thanks for all you do


My husband and I just completed our boots on the ground and have been doing the homework and we are getting the calls, we are tring to put it all together. The next step is to find a realtor. We just signed up for this site and it looks like it will work great. Thank you for the lead on this site.

Postlet Account

Opened an account today. Thanks for the great information Dean! Always a huge help!


Postlets is an awesome service that I've been using for awhile. It's user friendly and very cool to post your flip deals and rentals.

Thanks Dean


Went online did it although I have used it before didnt know i could txt it tho until you guys said that a few weeks ago. Thx.


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Tried postlets...looks good! Thanks for all you continue to do. New plateaus for the new year!



Dean, Great Weekly Wisdom

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Great Weekly Wisdom blog. I set up my account and created a "draft" (which can be edited later), completing all the steps except phone varification which would have made it "live". It's a great resource and would come in handy to create ghost ads and attract buyers. IMHO of course.

One other thing. You can give my new Iphone to the second place winner. Please keep up the great work.

Rick Cooper Investments

Thanks Dean!

Thanks for the beautiful example of the stairsteps climbing toward our goals and dreams. I guess the mindset determines your outlook...your outlook can make the work easier to do. Anyhow I am climbing at a staedy pace these days plowing through 30 days to real estate cash. This is the year I come out of the "chute"!

I went to, set up my account and posted an imaginary building for sale. (I saved it to drafts though). This is such a user friendly site. I know I will put it to good use.
Dean thanks so much for the encouragement and for not giving up on some of us that may be a slower about this than others. Appreciate you. God Bless Smiling

Another good one Dean

Thanks for the Postlets site. I never heard of it before. Signed up and getting familiar, I was able to browse some listings in my area which will help me when I'm able to do my own.


Hey Dean! I Just Signed up With

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Hey Dean, I love the Wisdom Videos, I learn so Much from them. I enjoyed the Seminar which came to Chicago, its been a breath of Fresh Air! I signed up with Postlets and I will be using this on a Daily Basis!

Thanks in Advance For the I Phone 5,
Sean Graves

P.S. are names are Very Similar, We already have something in Common! Keep up the Great Work Dean!

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