Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #233 - A Year's Worth of Inspiration

EDGE 2013 has come to an end, but what an amazing event it was this year! With that in mind Dean shares what gives him the inspiration to continue striving to make our education even better, despite already being leaps and bounds beyond on any other so called "guru" or training company out there. Dean also shares why it is so important that he inspires you - so you don't miss the amazing opportunities in real estate available right now that can change your future. Please leave us a comment, especially those that were at or watched the EDGE event to share some of the amazing things you learned.

The EDGE event was great!!

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ALL of the speakers were just phenomenal. They gave us some really good tools to take back home and it was obvious they all wanted everyone attending the event to be successful. Matt Larson, as usual, presented cutting edge information and made it very easy to understand. Jen Gray gave us tools to encourage ourselves and get past the fear. We really have all we need to make a huge impact on our towns and the United States and see the economy recover while we become wealthy.


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Thanks Dean for the opportunity to share with us, that were unable to attend, I stayed up all night to watch the replays again Thank you for posting the replays All the speakers are wonderful My aha moment was from Ali.... proof of fund from the cash buyers, offers on line in the text box , also having the cash buyer fill out the contract first.

The EDGE WAS great!

The EDGE provided so many little course corrections,shifts in consciousness. I'm just beginning to absorb them. The speakers were all amazing! But I'm beginning to realize that perhaps the most valuable learning of the weekend was the power of this site. These amazing people are HERE, to help us all be amazing too. I was reminded that my WHY is the same as my "never give up part." It was like lightning striking to feel those two come together.
Go next year if you can, make it a goal, or listen in, but don't wait til next year. Use this site & take advantage of all it offers.
Love ya all!

The EDGE 2013

Hi Dean!

I attended The EDGE 2013 LiveCast on-line and enjoyed it to the MAX!!! The DG Team and Family are just an AWESOME group of inspirational and good people. My partner and I joined your advanced education a year ago and the only thing we did was educate ourselves. Two weeks ago you responded to a posting I placed on the web-site and not only you responded but you helped me get back on track!!! Thank you for your kindness and generosity. There were so many great experiences this weekend for me while watching the EDGE but there is one thing i did that I want to share and it might redirect others to get them back on track.

While watching I thought to go back to the "The 60-Day Action Plan" and I wanted to see how far away I was from completing this plan, I thought maybe 6 weeks versus the 8 required. To my SURPRISE I had done enough and learned enough to do our business. So with that said I know I have what it takes to SUCCEED! Almost everyone's final advice was... Just Do It!

Thanks for all of the support and encouragement Dean and Team! What a GREAT event! God Bless all...

The Edge

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The first day of the Edge event was great, I'm a IE member and had commitments for Sunday and have to watch the replay for that. Saturday was awesome and you'll get information from everyone of the presenters and some will have a profound effect on you. They keep the information simple, and I can't wait to see all of the second day and step up my productivity.
Thanks for the format in which we can see all this even if were not there.

EDGE was great as always!

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Thanks so much for putting up the edge on IE. Basically watched from beginning to end as I couldn't keep my eyes of it. Amazing and moving speakers. I don't know how you could pack anymore real estate/life advice into a weekend. I'm sure you will next year tho:) Maybe a little more about sandwich lease options;) My market seems prime for it right now.

Thanks a million,


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What a great Edge event, I got too watch it live from home. I will be there next year in person.
Such regrets watching some of it , especially when I seen the one's come up that were picked by your staff that is real engaged on DG.COM.
I know them all and probably at one point could have been one, because of the time I spent on your site and trying to help people.
But after seeing Michael L Mike M and everyone else there it has fueled me, I can't hold on to that past, but have to move forward .
So again Thanks for all you do, I learned so, so much this weekend.

Take care and have a great week Dean.

Curtis Fillers

No More 10 %'ers

Hi Dean,

Thanks for a great even - I watched online.
Toward the end of it, you mentioned how every year 10 % of the students come up to you to apologize for not doing a deal. When you asked all of us for no more apologies - for all us for to do deals - was fantastic !

Thank you for all you do Dean !


A Year's Worth of Inspiration

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Hi Dean,

I'm sure the Edge was great.....Thank You for sharing......and Thank You for all you do....

I am looking forward to reading some of the feedback....Smiling

Have a Great Week.....


I hate I missed the Edge. Im

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I hate I missed the Edge. Im reading through the comments and it sounds like it was a great event. I hope to make it to the next one. Thanks again Dean for these weekly words of wisdom!

Thanks for sharing the inspiration Dean

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I'm sure this year's Edge event was fantastic. I have got to make it to the next Buying Summit and I need to attend the next Edge event. I'll make it happen.


Thanks Dean

Hope to be there in person next year I am going to plan it. This site has always helped me and listening to your weekly post has motivated me to dream forward.

We went to an EDGE event and

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We went to an EDGE event and it was amazing! There were so much information that was shared and everyone was so helpful. It was great to network with people who were like-minded in Real Estate investing. Thank you for having these great events!

THE EDGE 2013!!!!!!

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Hey Dean! Absolutely amazing LIFE CHANGING EVENT! How can i start on all the ah ha moments and golden nuggets Lisa and I received. Joe: Pizza pie of deal flow, cash cow house mooing when you open the door! Andrea: GREAT organization and prioritizing techniques. A,B,C,D priorities assign a day. Carol: Do it afraid and get that pot of gold. falling can be a graceful as you make it! Matt: Amazing cutting EDGE material on builders and where the market is going...? Can't wait to use it! Ali: 5 steps to close a deal. Text box offers. Where to find buyers. Jen: Inspiring, emotional and passionate talk for mindset! The daily Hour of Power! Gena: 2 documents needed for private money and how to market for it with opportunity. Chad: WOW! never let go...but make sure family around you understands the basics of you properties in case your gone. Get ahead and GIVE BACK!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Dean, Matt, and all the new friends we met.
We will be wearing a red stick next year! See you soon!

Thom and Lisa

First time EDGE attendee and already signed up for next year!!

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Dean - What an AMAZING event!!! I am so thrilled for the opportunities that lie ahead. There were SO MANY GREAT nuggets it's hard to share just one. But, something that really struck a chord was when you told us to stop wasting time on trying to improve our weaknesses. My weakness is accounting. In fact, I had enrolled in a Finance class that begins this summer so that I could become better at keeping my own books. NOW I REALIZE THAT"S RIDICULOUS! I'm going to find someone to manage that part of my business for me so I can focus on property acquisition and becoming a FULL SERVICE WHOLESALER! 1st deal done December 2012, 5 deals done since December, 3 more under contract. And this is only the beginning!!

Hope to see you soon!! *hint* *hint*

The Edge 2013

Hi Dean this is Amanda . I have never been to the Edge as of yet. I did purchase your book " 30 Days to Realestate Cash "I really embarrassed myself trying to follow Matt's Script. Realestate agent new that I didn't have a clue of what I was doing. I really needed some training , but I didn't have the money to do so. I. Am not giving up. The bible says study to show thyself approved . I. Realized that I need the personal training.


Hi Dean, I am so disappointed in myself for for not being at the Edge this year. Too many excuses and not much further ahead than I was last year. Thanks for the reminder that there is an opportunity out there to make a change in one's life. Maybe I will pluck up the courage to make those changes this year. It's funny how you can run a business for someone else, manage employess and make them money but when it comes to yourself you don't have to confidence to make a phone call. Funny how we are built. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope your weekend was amazing and I know you will change many lives this year again. Hopefully mine will be one but it is up to me. Thanks for all you do.

The Edge

Wow, sounds like it was amazing. Sure hope to make it out next year after I get a few deals done. I just keep keeping on. Dean is awesome!

#233 - Edge




An awesome 3 days!!! Thanks

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An awesome 3 days!!! Thanks so much to Dean and all the guest speakers. We got so much great information it will take a couple days just to digest it all. One thing everyone can understand is this, none of us are perfect, yet! Lol, and we all make mistakes. Don't let fear get in your way and prevent you from starting. Start scared and grow with it. Make those calls, put out those signs. If you mess up on the phone so what! You did't fail, You Learned! Keep learning!!! In no time you will be doing great! The only difference between you and successful is your comfort zone. Get comfortable working outside your comfort zone, get comfortable working scared and watch how Amazing this year will become for you!! Have a great 2013 DG family.

eDGe 2013 was Phenomenal!!!!

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Thank you Dean for putting together this event (again) for us! I cannot start to describe the energy and the wisdom that we take away from the Edge Event!!

Shaking hands with Dean, listening to his successful students' presentations, hanging out with like-minded people for 3 days, is beyond words!!!

The Edge event is like the Mecca of Networking with other investors!!!

Just this weekend, at the event, I worked out the details of a deal with another DG'er that we're putting together this month; I purchased a property from another DG'er (yes, at the Edge!), I scheduled a meeting with another DG'er (who I found out lives close to me) so that we can put out Bandit signs together; I met another DG'er who is looking to purchase a property in my area!

It was also such a pleasure to meet (and see again) so many investors from the DG site and IE in person; what a great experience! It is truly like a family reunion.

Thank you Matt, Ali, Carol, Jen, Gena, Chad, Andrea, Joe, for sharing your wisdom nuggets, you are all such an inspiration!

Already looking forward to next year's Event!!!


The EDGE 2013 - What can we say... WOW!!!

This event was amazing. The speakers, the content, the knowledge gained, the IE VIP Training and Party. It was well worth every thing we had to do to be there.

Thank you Dean for all that you provided in this event. We look forward to being there next year and shooting for a spot on stage with the alumni. This was by far the most engergizing event we have attened in a long time.

Edge 2013 - amazing

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This was my first EDGe event I was able to attend in person. I watched online last year, and have reviewed previous edge events on the Insider Elite. However, this experience was by far more amazing than I could understand just watching online.

Online you get the speakers and the wisdom, in person you get to meet hundreds of like minded people and learn about the deals they are doing, you get to take advantage of their expertise. Everyone is excited for your success, but they also expect you to succeed, which means they expect you to do the work.

This morning I realized that's what does for us all year round, so my commitment is to not only continue to take action but be more involved here. If you couldn't come to the EDGE don't worry about it, do what you need to do to be here next year, just don't sit on the sidelines. Come join us the game is really fun to play, even when it feels like you're not making much forward progress.

Our 1st EDGE...WOW!

What a great weekend! Packing up to go home and we're a bit sad. My wife Toni and I came here knowing no one in DG and we're leaving with a host of new friends and possible partners for deals. Prior to this weekend, we had done 6 deals by following Dean's recipes and the great lessons from the successful students on this site and Insider Elite. But I know for a fact, the energy of the EDGE and being with like minded people doing great things will be the difference between doing 6 deals and 60! One of the coolest things about this weekend (there were many) was comming in a day early and hanging out by the pool. We met some other early arrivers and we hung out, went to dinner and they are alumni! We learned some new techniques from them even before the EDGE officially started! Thanks Jay & Karen, Yves and Chantal, Louie and Scarlet! You made us feel at home as did Dean and all the coaches and speakers and attendees! We are already signed up for the EDGE 2014 and I encourage everyone to do what it takes to attend. The EDGE has changed our life and real estate future. Thank you Dean and all the DG family.

Ed Kolb

the edge

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The edge event was more then I bargained for. It truly was amazing. The opportunities you have through networking is amazing. Thanks for putting an event like this together.

Your book - 30 Days to RE Cash....DOABLE.....OMG

Thank you so much for offering that to so many of us for free. I've started reading it. You (and Matt) really do break it down for us so we (I) don't feel so overwhelmed. I find myself actually getting excited feeling like, gee, maybe I can actually do this! I'm still in the 'fear' stage but your encouragment is sinking in. Thanks again for everything ~

Another spectacular uplifting event!

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Dean, once again your team put on an amazing event! I absolutely love the speakers, the messages, and most of all the excitement and being in a room filled with like minded individuals that don't think I'm crazy! Eye-wink

This event rocks every year, and puts a fire under my butt to go out and do more. It really should be a quarterly morale booster! There aren't words that describe the energy and mind altering high this event creates. I love the people at this event! I have never had so much fun networking with people!

You have class, compassion, passion, and vavoom and are the only 'guru' that gives and puts himself into an event and genuinely cares about his students and the molding of people into SUCCESS!

You're the best Dean!


PS. Thanks for the pic. Don't worry, I didn't give it to Rina. Sticking out tongue

In total synch with EDGE

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The background is too personal to go into, but this weekend was a serious course correction for me after 18 months of transformation. Dean talking about something breaking (the me in my old career) in order for something to get created (the me as a RE investor) hit bone deep. Jen Grey tweaked my memory of the Hour of Power and I scheduled one in first thing. She also reminded me not to beat myself up for not getting to the fifth thing on a day's list ... four is good enough. Gena reflected back to me how I am already measuring my actual life from EDGE to EDGE and I consider this to be New Year's Day for me. Andrea reminded me I am a superb organizer, and though my 30 year career burned me out on extreme time management and hyper-organization, today is the day I am putting those skills to work in a healthy way. Dean's talk of going to the gym every day to be his best made me get up, drive down the road, sign up at the local gym, and do my first workout in over a year. And most important, Chad's passion and energy resonated with my own big, deep, and wide why and made me feel not so crazy to be so ambitious. Hearing his burnout story and time out, I felt okay that I will first focus on getting my own oxygen mask on because I have been out of air for too long. I will fake it till I make it with the rest of the RE stuff, but today I begin to become my best me. Thanks to DG and DGTeam and DG students, old and new. It's an honour.

Thanks Everyone!

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Thanks so much to all the speakers at the Live Edge event. I watched online and everyone was phenomenal! I just can't say enough! The Women RULED! Great knowledge and great advise! I want to be there next year! I got choked up with Carol and Jen. Listen to their stories. They are so inspiring!
Dean you are a class act.There should be more giving people out there like you. Thank you so much.

Jo Ann

Dean, Thank you for sharing


Thank you for sharing the event online, I was able to get to the web based and caught a lot. I will watch and rewatch the replays this week as there were so many nuggets that resonated and many, I don't even know why.

I'm brand new to this and desperately want to make this work, I'm willing to put in the time and effort yet find the fear of that box and the world paralyze into no action. TODAY, I am going to take one step, and start the 30 days.

I would really love a call to help me get started and stay focused.

Or possibly to get into some training maybe a geared down mentor type program for us brand new? Someone we could call and talk live to point us in the right direction. Ideally something those focus on wholesaling (out of necessity) could afford to get started.

Let us make you proud as we build our own pride!

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