Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #244 - Real Estate Gold From Craigslist

This is going to be the best July ever for you. Why? Because Dean is going to deliver a new quick REI training tip here every week. The first one is a smart little trick that can help you find amazing real estate deals fast and easily from Craigslist.

Also, Dean is requesting that if you know of a family or an organization in Oklahoma that needs help due to the tornadoes, please leave a post here (do not post names/personal info, we'll get in touch with you for that - just an overview of the situation is fine).

Check out my fist article in Huffington Post:


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Thanks Dean and Matt. I'm going to try that tomorrow.

You are a living legend Matt. Thank you for all you do.

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Support, it the key factor to any ones success. I am in gratitude of all the great wisdom and experience Deans teachers share with all. And the Hotline is always so amazing. Thank you. Having a great time in California.

Craigslist Tips

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Thanks for the tips for looking on Craigslist. I've used it but don't always remember the just owner part. Keep up with the great information.

Craigslist Tips

I just want to say that the tips for searching on craigslist was great. I was able to connect with some very interested investors and wholesalers who were willing to help show me the ropes.
Thanks Matt for that info.

Love CL

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Thanks Dean - I am super excited for the little tips/training videos to come. I love all your motivation and love even more to hear what you are doing TODAY making deals happen. I love CL for finding leads, and love to be able to search for motivated words to narrow down the list!

Keep up the great work!


Thank You Both

Every little training you are so gracious to give is much appreciated!!
You are also amazingly not selfish with that money you make, D.

TIPs that one would pay for!

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Adding to the legacy of weekly wisdom. Thanks for the great tip Dean and Matt.

Great Golden Nugget Tips~

Thank You Dean and Matt for sharing your wisdom
and being a blessing in our lives. I appreciate your unselfishness in wanting us to be informed on the cutting edge of all resources in the industry. I will be using this tip this week!

Hello Dean and Matt

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I must say. I have been following, watching and attempting to do what I have gathered and nothing. I have asked for help from this place and nothing. I contacted coaches to ask questions, simple questions and was asked for more money. I have purchased and gotten nowhere because I was black listed because the agent didn't understand. I need help. If you read my blog, you will see I have been asking for it and nothing. That is foul to me. The REA group, asked for help, one of them to be my agent, nothing because of the one agent I had or they don't understand. I NEED HELP, I will not lie, and no one wants to help me. I don't mean to sound down but this is where I am at this time.

Great tip

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Great tip! Thanks Matt and Dean.

That what im talking back

Thanks a lot Dean and Matt for all that you provide for us as students.

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GREAT STUFF DEAN!! HONESTLY I'm Not so good at following systems but everything I've seen you and Matt bring out actually works. This can actually!


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The memorial was this past week and a benefit event will be held in Prescott July 22. Country Cares Concert at Tim's Toyota Center will assist the families of the fallen.
(AZ Daily Star, 7/12/13)

Thanks guys for the great

Thanks guys for the great info.

Great information

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Thank you Matt and Dean for these little nuggets of information! Looking forward to next weeks nugget. I like the Thursday tips as well!

Thank You For This Website

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Thank You For This Website And All The Support You Have Given Us Through The Years!! I Have Been reading the Abundance Book And Want To Thank You For It. I Am Taking My Realtors Exam Friday And Hope To Fix And Flip Some More houses. I Love Your Energy And I Love Real Estate Too!!


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awesome video Matt and Dean. Thanks for the great info

to dean

I delete the one behind the seen on wholesaleing

Dean and Matt! Wow

Wonderful Ordinary Wonders!

Great tip

Great tip!!!

Thank you!

Great video

Hi there,

This was a great tip. I took out my notebook to make a few notes however, I found that I could not rewind to make sure I captured everything without having the video restart. I tried to forward but the video did not allow me to do that. Can you check into that, good stuff just trying to capture everything.



Eyes glued to the screen. Awesome blog dean. Thank you.

Great Info

Thanks a million, guys. This is so helpful as I am still trying to find my way around. Blessings.

Weekly wisdom- tip to use on Craigslist

(I'm doing catch-up)
Thanks Dean &. Matt for a "very helpful" tip to use on Craigslist.
Dean - thanks so much! I got my book & i'm looking forward
to more great inspiration to keep moving forward as I read it.
Thanks so much for the opportunity to partner with you in being
a blessing to the Oklahoma "survivors". I support a wonderful
faith based organization that is providing much needed help as well.
With everyone pulling together the "would be" victims become survivors !

Dean -Thanks so much for all you do for so many & in so many ways!

Narrow down

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Great tip. Thanks

Thank you!

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Thank you!

Preciate it Matt

On craigslist now checking out what you were talking about...

Great tip!

I really like this one. Thanks!!!

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