Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #244 - Real Estate Gold From Craigslist

This is going to be the best July ever for you. Why? Because Dean is going to deliver a new quick REI training tip here every week. The first one is a smart little trick that can help you find amazing real estate deals fast and easily from Craigslist.

Also, Dean is requesting that if you know of a family or an organization in Oklahoma that needs help due to the tornadoes, please leave a post here (do not post names/personal info, we'll get in touch with you for that - just an overview of the situation is fine).

Check out my fist article in Huffington Post:


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Wonderful! Looks like six tips to me. Just what I needed. Oh I need buyers too!

Looking in on Craigslist

Thanks Dean for this weeks wisdom and your student Matt Larson. This week I will be looking in on Craigslist for wholesale deals hope I get a deal Thank you very much. timmy2458

Great info

Thanks for the info matt and dean im definetly going to apply this knowledge and try to make it work good job keep it coming.

Craigslist Tip

Great information!!!! Thanks a bunch Dean and Matt.

finding deals CL

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Wow just to stay committed to weekly wiz, will get you some awesome advantages. Thanks will do this and add to our list. It's just amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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cool tip thx Dean will use.

Craig's List Tip

Thanks for the great idea! Narrowing down the searching is extremely helpful and it will save time!!


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I appreciate the in sight on craigslist, thank you guys.

CA Prospector in Training

I knew I was in the right place! People have been finding gold here in CA since the '49rs way back when. I haven't done nearly enough on Craig's List - that changes today! Thanks Dean & Matt for the right nudge to do better but be smarter.

Thank you for the tip, Dean

Thank you for the tip, Dean and Matt.

Thank You Dean And Matt

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First I want to thank you Dean for your generosity to the people of Oklahoma and posting Matt's video - Thank you Matt while I watched your video I stopped 3 times made requests on 2 properties for someone I know looking - it's nice little tips like that which are the golden nuggets -Thank You again :Bill D.

great tip on using

great tip on using Craigslist.

Thank you

Craigslist Tips

Great tips on better way to use Craigslist.

Thank you


Thanks for the tips, they are very helpful. It is a blessing to have this type of wisdom taught to me. Thank you!

Awesome Giving Back


THANK YOU THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY OF GIVING BACK! It is great information. This help me clarify a lot when I search craigslist. Thank you a bunch!



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Thanks Dean and Matt for sharing that information on Craigslist. I will do that for now on in all the areas I am buying in.

I also think it is great that you want to make sure that the people in Oklahoma are getting what they need.



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It takes a genius to think up of this stuff. Matt Larson, Superstar, doesn't do him justice. He's a real world investor. Thanks to Dean and of course Matt for putting this together for us. I can't say with words how much I appreciate this help because I have been getting frustrated with trying to make offers out here in Los Angeles and getting bid up or out by another six investors that got there first. It got so bad at times I thought I was too late to get any deals accepted and I was getting discouraged and thought about quitting for a minute or so. Now with this edge I will try again and again.
Thanks again,


Great Post Dean...I actually do this and it really really works!!! I click the star beside each CL post and use a spreadsheet to keep track of which ads I've responded to. Thanks so much for all of the great info and for everything you do for us!!!

Love that you give back and give to us too!

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Thank you for the contribution you are making to Oklahoma. Thank you for having Matt share his clear thinking with us. It persistent use of simple techniques that leads to success!

Thanks dean and Matt

Thanks for the video. How do you make an offer on a by owner. and also. Does Matt still have his training dvd and if I could get a copy. Thanks.


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Mr. Graziosi my suggestion to you is; why not also help the homeless. I don't want to take away from the tragedy that happen in Oklahoma. I know that tornado was devestating ,as also, huricane Sandy,etc. I've noticed that you do a lot help with storm victims, but I never seen other charities. Maybe I'm being to hasty to judge. Being that I've only know the DG Family for less then a year now, but my intentions are justified. Hope you take it into account!

Thanks again for the tips of today.

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Great ideas and tips for everyone here today
and thanks for helping people who are
down and out due to Mother Nature.
We all thank you!!!


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Thanks Dean and Matt. Awesome tip as always!!!


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Thanks for the free tips:)
It is monsoon season hooray! We have rain.
Jim and Susan


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Animal shelters need help asap!...cause all the horses, hogs, cattle, dogs, cats, etc... Need a place to "Crash" as well while they wait to find either new homes or there original owners?....

Great tip by the way matt/dean!

Weekly Wisdom

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Thank you for all the weekly wisdoms I have been receiving . Great tips !

Great video

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Thanks Dean and Matt. I am still a new investor for three years now and no deal yet. Forgive me, Im not trying to sound negative. I guess Im not getting it. Here in Austin, the hedge funds are buying up all the properties, the foreclosures and REO;s are drying up that now in Austin Tx, there is a HUGE compitition with real estate investors. How can a newbie compete with this? Is that why the craigslist demo was shown? DOes that mean all that I learned from the Success A. and a siminar I paid for outdated? I know a hadwritting bandit sign wont work here cause different kind of buyers are looking for more professional investors. DOes that mean I have to pay for a professional website and pay for a professional email, signage, and ads? Or am I all wrong and I can still make money off a deal using NONE of my MONEY and CREDIT? I gaduated highschool, got an EE associates degree, I dont see why I havent made a deal yet. THank you

Great tips.

Thank you Dean and Matt for sharing these techniques on cragstist list i am going to try them. God bless you for help out those family in need.

Every Little Tip Helps

Thank you Matt and Dean for every little tip that keep me motivated. Every time I think about giving up I watch this weekly wisdom.

Lead Sheet

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Thank you Matt & Dean for another great weekly wisdom. I was just wondering what the Lead Sheet is that Matt mentioned in the video. Is it on the site or available somewhere else?

Thank you again,

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