Weekly Wisdom #260 - Scary Good Contest

There ain't no trick this week, just a big fat treat. This is your chance to win $5,000 by just telling us what your best secret is. Something you have discovered that changed your life and that you think can change others. Watch the video and then click the link below to enter the contest.

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Hope you got my entry

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Just wanted to say thatI completed my entry and while it did have the option of adding a different country it didn't let me input a province. I tried to submit without but it didn't allow me so I put in the state where my company is located.

Looking forward to reading about others tips and techniques and hope that what I shared will be useful to someone else.

As always, I love your positive energy. I know I say it all the time and others do too but it can't be said enough...THANK YOU!!!! It is amazing to have this website to come to to find warmth, friendliness, positivity and kindness in general.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson


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I am also looking forward to reading creative ideas and tweaked strategies from the DG family; let's see how many entries we get! It could be amazing!

thank you Dean, for another creative Weekly!

Scary Good Contest

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Hi Dean,

You never cease to surprise us.....You always keep your DG Fammily on our " Toes " I love it......

Thank You for Being You........Smiling

BOO.....Happy Halloween


What a great idea

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Always love learning new techniques and what better way than asking a group of talented investors!

Thanks Dean!

Great idea

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Thanks Dean for sharing knowledge. In jobs in the past, it's so hard to obtain some inside knowledge because of fear that someone else can be replaced. That is not the case in this business and thank you so much for wanting to share with all of to help us be successful.

Looking forward to this

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This should be very interesting! Can't wait to see the creative things that are shared!


Thanks Dean.

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Thank you Dean for the chance to share secrets. We sent in ours already.

Steve and Veronica

A "secrets" contest

It's OK. I will be OK. I look forward to seeing what secrets will be shared and what I could learn from others. It would be really nice to see everyones reply to the weekly wisdom with a shared secret and details of their results.

Multiple Secrets?

Hey Dean! Can we submit more than one secret? I have a couple of them and they're both great, but one is deal related and one is not - and I'm not sure which one to submit if we can only do one... =)

yes you can submit more then

deangraziosi's picture

yes you can submit more then one;-)

Just submitted

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I just submitted one..I hope it makes the cut at least to get shared with everyone. I feel a lot of good ideas are going to come from this contest. I look forward to see what out there.

Looking for a Partner in SF North Bay Area

Hello everyone.

Thank you Dean for your ongoing support, encouragement and positive energy among many other great attributes.

I have purchased one property in the past year and made an offer on a 76 acre parcel here in California in the North Bay.

Unfortunately, my offer on the 76 acre parcel fell through last week. It was and still is a great investment of which is still on the table.
However the parcel was not located in Sonoma County but Lake County. Hence, I pulled out of the deal because I found out my Health Coverage is limited to Sonoma County only.

I am looking to hook up with a motivated buyer/seller like myself in which to do deals with. Either buy and sell or flip.

The property prices here in Sonoma County are so high that I need a partner to make a deal.
I purchased a Townhome in OKC 6 months ago for $83,000. That can not be done here. The same home here would be priced at least twice as much.

However, it is all a matter of perspective. The land here also sells for more, hence my needing a partner to go into deals together with.

If anyone lives in Sonoma County or in particular the Santa Rosa area then would you please email me if you wish to talk things over.

Two heads are better than one, so they say.

I look forward to any replies and will in turn respond asap.

Thanks DG Family and Dean.



open to Secrets

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Great Idea Dean.
I have a question for you. After you collect all that good information, are you going to share, all of it on Insider Elite, so if there is something that could help us out, that we didn't know about.Might be in that package of information, that could get some of us to that next level.
Thank you so much.


Excellent Idea

Dean thanks for all the education you share with all.No one ever suceeds by himself,or herself-no one.One of my secrets is: Buy It Right-Pay It Down-Pay It Off.This is the motto,i want to adopt.the litany I want to repeat to my self constantly.This is how I want too build financial wealth through real estate. but for now I want too internalize this three-part reminder;Buy It right-Pay It Down-Pay It Off.When you buy it right: you make your money going in-you assure yourself of achieving the best of equity buildup,and cash flow growth.When you pay it down,you will be adding even more to your equity buildup When you pay it off and continue to own it and rent it,you will bring more and more net cash flow into your financial life. Carol in Texas


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It's done! Smiling

Awesome approach and fabulous idea!

Thank you for sharing & giving as always!

Appreciate you Dean!

God bless,

Great idea

Can't wait to hear what the dog family has to say. Thx dean. This is gonna be big!

creative thinking

Looking forward to see and learn from the secrets others share. Thanks Dean you keep your team on point. What better way to learn new techniques then to ask player in the game. Students Taking ideal and strategies from the teacher and developing new technique of their own. This is all part of the creative thinking process that you keep your students, all of us awake and alert to what is happen in the Real Estate Investment game.

Thanks for your creativity



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This should be fun!

What a great idea for us all to gain more unfair advantage Smiling

Thanks Dean

Secrets Of Knowledge

Hey Dean and the DG family this is going to be very insightful blast of knowledge from all of those participating in this creative thinking all the drops of instructions just filling the gray matter that's in need of the three M's I appreciate you Dean another grate concept for global change.

Secrets Of Knowledge

Hey Dean and the DG family this is going to be very insightful blast of knowledge from all of those participating in this creative thinking all the drops of instructions just filling the gray matter that's in need of the three M's I appreciate you Dean another grate concept for global change.

This is how we help one another!

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This will be fun to see and hear secrets from your students. We will all learn something new I am sure.

Thanks Dean!

Awesome Idea!

I'm so excited to hear the secrets of my DG family.

Thank You Dean for everything you do to keep us inspired and motivated!

You Are Awesome!!


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Fantastic Idea Dean!
It will be great to hear what the DG Family shares.

Thank you and keep up these wonderfully positive and motivating messages!


I look forward to the results


brian.james.mcneal@gmail.com's picture

Hello I am very new to this can I still make money in real estate wit no money of my owe and what would be the right steps. thanks for any help you can give me

secret letter

Hi Dean You do keep people very motivated and I like this secret letter how ingenious!!!! have a great week we will John and Sharon

Hey dean can I still make

brian.james.mcneal@gmail.com's picture

Hey dean can I still make money with no money of my own in today's market?.

boot camp

Hi team:
just want to let you all know how I'm looking forward to boot camp next week. I'm so lost and can't wait to see how this business really works.
So far watched the webinar videos and played with prop trend. But gotta say I feel lost and confused. Does it get better?

Very creative !!

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A fantastic way to ethically bribe Smiling) 5 k !!! Nice Dean. And super excited to
Read, listen to and implement all the secrets !!! This site is AMAZING !!!


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Secrets???? We have no secrets here on DG.com. LOL As you've said Dean, even Matt Larson's secrets don't stay secret for too long around here. LOL I'm looking forward to reading all the "secrets" out there. I need to do a little tweaking myself! Eye-wink

Thank you as always for your wisdom and push and for another chance to be a success Smiling

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member

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