Weekly Wisdom #339 - The Gratitude Challenge! (WIll You Accept It!?)

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I have a simple yet powerful tip on how to experience gratitude like never before. It's something so incredibly simple that when you hear it you'll think "That's super easy Dean!" but by the end of my message you will be thinking to yourself "Wow, I need to do it like THAT!"

AND for all of the DG Family, I have a week long challenge for ALL of you! Do you think you're brave enough to accept it? Watch now and find out what my challenge is Smiling

Also, go ahead and leave me a comment below if you're going to accept it Smiling!

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Enjoy this week's wisdom and have a great week!

Re: That was another great one!

You know what Dean if you don't know it you really gotta it goin on their. I just want to squeeze the stuffins out of you for helping all who watch these weekly wisdoms. You seem to cover everything from A to Z. Your energy level is phenomenal.

I think Gratitude is very important to everyone's daily life.

I take notice that so many people are in a huge hurry everywhere and do not take the time for gratitude.

Thank you so very much for taking time in your early morning day to do this great video of wisdom.!! I am truly grateful for your wisdom, your sites, your education and you!

LL Southern California


Fantastic, dean. I know that you walk around with your Grandmother's ring on a chain around your neck and that it is your talisman. You've even stopped traffic in San Francisco in order to recover that ring. When you talked about that incident, I realized that I also had a talisman that I carry around with me. It is a rock that I picked up in Portland years ago. On one side is the word "Gratitude" imprinted into the rock. On the other side is the word "Appreciation" imprinted in Chinese characters. I pick up this rock every morning from my table and it is cool to the touch, but it immediately warms my heart. I reach into my pocket several times a day and look at and study my rock.

Here's the reality, Dean. Can I do better in spreading my gratitude? YES! Thank you for this 30 day challenge. I accept your challenge-with gratitude.
Be your very best always-Judy Williamson

Change. Change is life giving. It makes you better than you already are.


For me, part of gratitude is sharing smiles. It too is simple and costs nothing. I avoid 'bad news' on the t.v., in papers and Internet. Have for over 25 years. Dean is so right, it takes no effort to go beyond just being pleasant to others. This challenge will benefit you because 'what goes around comes around'. You will receive more good vibrations as you share them. We all want positive recognition - go out and have fun !

hi Dean

CaliTony's picture

well gues what i am in mex again by mex city where it is easy to feel upset about how things are down here and your message was timely. I am going to for the rest of my trip which is about a wk just say nice things about my wife, the country and her kids etc. LOL

also, i wonder what made you give this Weekly wisdom, talk about gratitude? was it something going on your life this past week.


What a powerful message and great way to start my day. Thank You.

It is all about having an attitude of gratitude

We are in the people business so it is having respect for one and all, a simple acknowledgement to someone letting them know you appreciate their communication, stopping to think before you speak and in your mind walk a mile in the other persons shoes.

Powerful message

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Thanks for the reminder on giving compliments to people or like you said stop and be present in the moment when someone tells you to have an nice day. Sometimes I catch myself being caught up in this fast world and I have to tell myself be present and acknowledge the good things happening right in front of you.

Accepting the challenge

Dean as always your always encouraging us in more ways than one. I am accepting this challenge for the week to show gratitude to everyone around me and forgetting about the bad and the negativity around us daily that many of us have to face. I'm going to start with you! To thank you for being such a refreshing, encouraging person in my life you have helped me in different aspects of my life not just Realestate, encouraging me not to give up! This will diffinetly be a challange for me but I will give it my all. Have a wonderful week. And thank you everyone for your comments.


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Next thing to Add to my Daily list this week, give a compliment to someone today! Thanks for the reminder, it's too easily forgotten!

* DEAN, you are a Wonderful Entrepreneur and I look forward to Mondays for your Weekly Wisdom's you make a difference in my life!

I'll keep it short.....

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Today Dean, I have now spent the past 5 hours in your company ( watching WSOM vids, the followup livecall and this WW) so you must be tired of me by now. Eye-wink lol So to keep with your short message, I will make mine short as well.......
Challenge Accepted!!

Have a great week. Laughing out loud

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013, 2014 & 2015 EDGE attendee Laughing out loud


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Dean I always enjoy the weekly wisdom's I has not wrote on here in some time but you right today I said thinking possible and I now have my first property today. I know I will find fund to rehab this property. I feel great!!!!

Thank YOU Dean!

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Challenge accepted and I want to take a second and show my gratitude to YOU for all that you do! God bless you and thank you!

Thank you Dean!

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Another simple, yet powerful Weekly!
This is something that I have been working on for the last few months, after reading The Magic fby Rhonda Byrne. First thing in the morning, I look for things to be grateful for; last thing I do every night, before I go to sleep, is think about the best thing that happened during the day. It's amazing how such a small change in our attitude can have such an enoumous effect on us!

I truly appreciate how much you have helped me grow!


Thanks Dean!

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I'll give it a try this week.

Make it a great week!

rewarding good behavior

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Reminds me of the hard labor I did this week. To do what needs to get done so I can do the things I want. I have had such a hard week that I can hardly see straight. This will be a great challenge since I will be out of commission next week due to surgery. I will be at everyone's mercy. And I need to let others help me.
1. Not to say anything about things going wrong.
2. Appreciate everything good.
3. Reward good behavior to others wherever I am.

Thanks Dean I can do this one step at a time.


Challenge accepted ....it is a lot like the challenge our church gave us 2 years ago,and that was to set are alarms for 9 pm & every night we would thank God for some WOW that he had done that day, it made me very aware of what was happening around me that was good and only God could have arranged that...so we call it the WOW factor..and still have are alarms set & are eyes and ears open..thank Dean

The Gratitude Challenge! (WIll You Accept It!?)

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Hi Dean,

Another great Weekly Wisdom..... I live by that code......." Reward The Good "......Eye-wink

Let's all take a moment to say something nice to someone today.....it will make them feel good.......Smiling

I accept your challenge....Thank You for all you do....xo


Weekly Wisdomn # 339

I will accept the challenge. I must say, though, that I make it a habit to acknowledge the good deeds that have been done for me because it is a great feeling to thank someone for the help given to you or the deeds done for you. Here is a great 'Good Deed' quote: "Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day." -Richelle E. Goodrich.

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