Yep... Our Success Academy is REALLY Just That Good!

Hey everyone. It's Tony, I'm going to reveal the name of some pretty happy people in a minute, the SPIFF scholarship recipients.

Why me and NOT Dean?

Well, I've sort of hijacked today.

You see, Deano has locked himself away to work on his new book, after spending so much time eating delicious birthday cake last week, and since he isn't around, I get to tell you some stuff without asking his permission.

Starting with Friday.

After seeing the video surprise, Deano was walking around the office looking pretty darn emotional.

I mean he wasn't crying or nothing, he's a tough guy and all that, but you could see in his face how touched he was about what had happened.

The student’s video, the whole Scholarship deal.

It is pretty amazing when you think about it right?

The fact that STUDENTS, people just like you and me came together and selflessly pulled cash out of their own pockets to create a scholarship fund for others.

I mean who does that? Have you EVER heard of anything even similar to that with any other real estate teacher?

No way!

I think that is what compelled him and all of us to move so lightening fast and have this just in time for Thanksgiving!

Starting Friday, dozens and dozens of applications for the Students Pay It Forward Scholarship were submitted.

By Monday there were hundreds!

Tuesday, the team busted their humps pouring over every last one of them, and found the persons who would be the first recipient (and two runners up)!

In a minute I'll tell you who it is, but first I want to make a few points of my own while I have the floor. Smiling

Now, I'm not the greatest at math, but it doesn't take an Einstein to pick up on this little gem.

Take a look:

- It was less than 5 days ago that this cool scholarship was announced.

- 7 plus successful students of Dean's, were a big part of creating this scholarship by donating their own money!

In the first 48 hours we had HUNDREDS of people submit applications.

That tells me three things:

1. Everyone realizes the value of Dean's Real Estate Success Academy training.

2. The Students Who have already went through the Academy training know how valuable it was to them, or they wouldn't consider putting up their Own $$$ to pay For A Strangers Tuition!


3. Everybody else wants it free.

Well, we have chosen the 1st recipient and it is:

21 year old Alex Rodriguez.

The two runner ups were:

Shane Weller and Bruno Versaci


Unfortunately we were only able to give one scholarship out.

So what happens if you didn't get selected?

You have to make a choice.

Look, winning a scholarship is nice, but what if you don't? That doesn't have to ruin your goals or even keep you out of the Academy.

It's the one reputable real estate training program where you'll have one-on-one help and guidance to get you off your butt and out there doing the deals.

AND - the only program to actually refund your tuition after you complete your first five deals. (No kidding -ask one of our Academy instructors about that or ask Rina, Matt Larson, Chip and Andrea and so many others her at this site who were success academy students who got all their tuition back).

There are different levels of education, one to fit just about every single person.

The bottom line here is this, if you want to really get your investing machine up and running, and DON'T consider the Academy program - you're making a mistake.

Call one of the professional investor instructors at the Academy today.

There's no risk, just call to see if you are a match for enrollment at 1-888-286-7712

Tell them Tony from Dean's office.. No tell them Tony from Dean's inner circle told you to call. They will take great care of you. Remember I'm Italian as well;-)

Congratulations to the winner and Happy Holidays to all....

Real Estate Investment

I am spending three hours a day so I can learn to do this quickly


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Way to go Alex. I can't wait to hear some of your upcoming success stories. Congragulations!

Congratulations Alex!!

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As a member of Dean's Success Academy I can tell you that you are going to get a whole lot of great information, education and a plan to put it all together. I'm almost through the course myself and I think it has been worth every penny. I'm gearing up my first marketing plan now and hope to have everything in place and running on auto pilot by the first of the year.
Alex, you are going to really benefit from the training and education you'll be getting from the Academy. Have fun with it, study hard and take action!!
Good luck to everybody and best wishes for everyone's success!!

Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC


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First off, I want to say congratulations to everyone who submitted their heartfelt application for the SPIFF Scholarship. I know that a lot of time and thought went into choosing the winner (even though it happened SO fast. Dean sure has a wonderful team). Every one who entered should be proud of taking THAT step, and it just shows that YOU have made the choice THIS WEEK to do something more in your lives! Keep up the momentum!! That was just your first step!! Smiling

Next, of course, I want to say "CONGRATULATIONS, ALEX!!" I am SO excited for you!! I got to read your entry after you were chosen, and I KNOW that you will take full advantage of the gift you have been given by Dean and the donors! You will most likely be the most scrutinized student the Academy has ever had (that's ok!), but I know you will rise to the challenge, and make a huge difference in your own life, the lives of your family, and I have NO doubt, the lives of many here as YOU are able to give back in knowledge and success.

Congratulations, too, to Shane Weller and Bruno Versaci! Since Tony didn't say what you won, I won't spill the beans, but believe me , you will LOVE it!

Thanks, Tony, for filling in for Dean!
And a HUGE THANK YOU to the students that donated their own money and time to this effort. You will be blessed many times over, I know! It has been my great pleasure to be a part of this..

And most of all, of course, thank you to Dean!! For his caring and support of each one of his students! SO excited for the book Dean is finishing up for us as we speak! Even MORE tools to expand our opportunity for success!!

God bless all the DG Family this day, and to all A WONDERFUL, BLESSED THANKSGIVING!! We have SOO much to be grateful for. (Thank you, Heavenly Father for allowing such great things in our lives!)

God bless,



Great deal, trust me, DG family is great people.
God Bless, Bless Thanksgiving.


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What a blessing.,,

Congrats Alex!

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Wonderful news Alex. Wish you much success and please continue to share your progress with the DG family. We are all rooting for you!

Congratulations Alex!!

What a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about this business. You'll have great hands on training and that is priceless!!!

We look forward to your progress.

Congratulations also go out to Shane and Bruno!!

I'm sure you'll all make the most of this awesome gift....

Congrats Alex

Hi Folks,

We like to send a Big Congratulations to Alex,Smiling
you have an opportunity of a lifetime here. Please
make full use of your opportunity. And know you have a great amount of support on the DG Site.

God bless,
Alice N John

Congratulations!!! Alex...

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Alex, always remember,

If you can dream it, you can do it. Follow your Dreams!

Congratulations, too, to Shane Weller and Bruno Versaci!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving to all, and DG's Team.


congratulations Alex!!!wow

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congratulations Alex!!!wow 21 and all the help you can get to be successful for FREE!
Good luck and we cant wait to see you get your first deal done! It is an incredible gift so make sure you use it to its fullest.

Congrats Alex

Is this going to be done again, cant wait to enter the next one. I am still broke


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Wow, what a way start the day! First off, it's an incredible feeling to wake up with a day off from school and see so many posts from people excited about the SPIFF Winner. It's even more amazing when the person they are congratulating is YOURSELF! It still hasn't hit me yet. All of this happening the day before Thanksgiving, amazing!

I want to thank all of the Dean students for daring to dream big and not being afraid to go for it. Look at what you have done! Everyday it's the people on this site who are truly making more of a difference than doctors, lawyers, professors, congressmen, etc... I could go on and on. You are unconsciously affecting the lives of everyone on this site (and offline) and allowing others to believe it's possible for them as well. Of course, I want to thank Dean, who is the source and reason for everything that happens on this site. You're story is inspirational and has allowed me to be totally fulfilled at the age of 21. Now it's time for me to start making a difference.

In my application, I wrote that my goal is not only to become successful for myself and my family. If Dean had stopped there, none of us most likely would've been touched by real estate. Therefore, my success is dedicated to everyone on this site. If a broke 21 year college student can do it, then there is no excuse for anyone else. I want everyone on here to know that everything is truly possible if you simply BELIEVE it can be done. Amazing things have been happening to me lately because of believing and being grateful. It has come to the point where I EXPECT more amazing things to happen such as winning this scholarship! God is good and life is truly amazing.

Although school is getting hectic, my real estate obligation comes first. I currently work for a Property Management Company in Peabody MA, obtained my real estate license, became a member at 8 different real estate investor clubs across 3 states (membership deal), and developed a probates system with my buddy Steve K (Who I met through this site.) Steve's only 22 years old and with our motivation I know we can make a huge difference. I will take FULL ADVANTAGE of this opportunity and run with it.

I've made it my duty to document my success step by step. Therefore, be sure to follow my journal that I will create in the days ahead! I know I will be closely watched and am excited to meet the challenge. Thanks to everyone who made all of this possible! Thanks to everyone who is encouraging me, I will need it. I wish you all the same success and to never give up. Great things are coming you're way as they have for me.

God Bless,

Alex Rodriguez


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Congratulations! This must be a very special day for you and what a Thanksgiving holiday to remember. This will be a tremendous opportunity for you, way to go! As you progress and acquire more knowledge about real estate, be sure to share the journey with the other DG Members on the DG website. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Hey Alex

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Congratulations! Man you are really Lucky to win Hopefully someday my luck can change as well

God Bless

Gerard Doret


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I am really happy for you. I look forward to following your success stories.

NB Goodman


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Congratulations Alex

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We will all be waiting to hear about your success as you are working with the team!

Be Blessed Alex!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on the win Smiling I know your super excited and can't wait for you to tell us all about your first successful investment. Take full advantage of your blessing.


Can't wait to hear your success story!!!
God bless.

Congratulations Alex and

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Congratulations Alex and Much continued success to come for you and us all.

Always do what you are afraid to do.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Congratulations! I spent about 8 hours a day with deans academy and learning new things everyday. good stuff mozzle mozzle good things..

congrats AROD

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Congrats man! Hope ya dont mind the nickname, but make us all proud! keep us all posted on your success!



Alex Rodriguez

Congratulations Alex on being the first recipient of the "Pay It Forward Scholarship." You grace and humility has greatly touched my heart. What a Thanksgiving Gift. I know you will make good use of this opportunity. God has indeed been very good to you as He always is. To the runner's up, Shane Weller and Bruno Versaci, I also extend sincere congratulations. To my DG family, have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. God Bless.




Congradulations Big Al...

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You seem to have a positive outlook on life. I don't see nothing but success heading your way... Keep up the good work. I would like to network with you and your buddy Steve to brainstorm a little. GOD is good all the time...Wish ya the best!


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WOW!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I WAS A RUNNER UP!!!, Thank you soooooooo much for considering me, I am so thankful right now!! CONGRATS ALEX! Cant wait to hear about your success!

I'm in a good place right now! I have a great partner who told me about Deans Program and we have literally been working non stop, implementing strategies, changing strategies, brainstorming, TAKING ACTION!! My partner is a real busy guy so for him to take the time out and show me the ropes and introduce me to this, well, its changing my life, I CAN FEEL IT!!!

Jeff, if youre reading this right now THANK YOU!!! IM PUMPED MAN!!! LETS DO THIS!!!!

Thank you to everyone at DG and again CONGRATS TO ALEX, YOURE GONNA GO FAR MY MAN!!! Now I have to get back to class, I will barely be able to concentrate. I just cant believe it!!!!

Shane Weller
Weller,Brown & Associates

Congrats Alex, Shane & Bruno

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Congrats to all of you. I'm looking forward to reading about your success's. People helping people, pay it forward.

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