How to Attract Investors to Assign to Your Deals

How to Attract Investors to Assign to Your Deals

Like so many of us newbies Eye-wink, using this very informative and helpful site, we are usually starting with little to no money to finance and not so great credit. I think I speak for the majority, when asking, How did you (the 'old hatters') market to investors to assign purchases to?

Any and all information would be very much appreciated!

Thanks much!!! Smiling



recorded message

has anyone tried the recorded message pathway to attract buyers and sellers if so what kind of response did you have

recorded messages

Yes, we tried the recorded messages for both buyers and the Emergency Foreclosure Line. We did not have much success, but I don't think we advertised the numbers enough. We put flyers up all over town, in coffee shops, laundromats, etc., and on TONS of telephone poles. The calls we got were mostly wrong numbers!! And we weren't able to help any of the people who actually called us ON PURPOSE because they were WAY upside down on their homes. One problem we had, though, was that it rained and snowed about a week after we put the flyers up!!!

We are not giving up on this strategy, however. We will be putting 100 more flyers up this week. Hopefully we don't get any more weather!! Laughing out loud


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Finding a good mortgage broker and buyers

I live in Pennsylvania, I have a couple houses I've looked at and like but I dont have great credit at all and no money to invest so I guess my question is who are the best people to sell the homes to and do I need to have any money or good credit to get these homes? I really want this program to work and am willing to give 200% i just need a lil guiding in the beginning.

Short Sale to ReAssign - NW Houston, TX

I have an approved short sale under contract for $119k in NW Houston, TX.
Fair Market Value is $155k.

I am looking to reassign this to another for $10k.
No repairs needed.

The tenant is great. She pays $1350 per month & is always on time.
I currently own 1 property in this subdivision, Cypress Mill Park.
I also have 5 others under contract in this same neighborhood, that I'm awaiting short sale approval.

The single family brick house was built in 2006, 3/2/2 w/ 2200 sq ft.
I live in this zip code, so I know the area well.

Please call me if you are interested.
281 610 7514

This forum is AWESOME!

Great info everyone, Kuddo's to you all! Smiling

I'm a newbie myself and here's some suggestions that might help other newbie's:
There are a lot of similar questions on this thread (how should start, what should I do, assignments, buyer/seller lists, etc). If you read Dean's books, a lot of these questions can be answered. You can buy Dean's books on this website, online, or at the bookstore. I'm a Borders member and get online coupons, I used that coupon to buy one of Dean's book at Borders.

2. Everyday, read and interact on this website. Knowledge is POWER. The more you know, the less FEARFUL you will become. When I first started reading Dean's book last month, I was SCARED out of my mind. I thought I had to use my own $$$ to get this RE going but after reading the first book, he explains how we can accomplish that with no $ of our own and even if you have bad credit. The info on the website is VALUABLE! I don't know where you can find this kind of info and support so READ, READ, READ!!!

3. Create an online journal. This is mine if anyone is interested in reading:
This helps me stay focused. Journaling also helps other people by reading what you have done so they can use the info that you have written to help them. It's all about helping EACH OTHER.

4. Find a a spot in your home for RE things. A desk, drawer, file box, etc. Anyting RE related, stuff it there. At least 2x a week, go through your RE stuff, research and re-read them so it can be soaked thouroughly in your mind.

5. Find someone you can talk about RE that will also support you. Keep away from negative people. Negative people talk like they know whats going on but never did the research and likes to discourage other people from doing it. Just talk to someone, every day. My Husband and I talk RE every day, whether its 5 minutes to 1 hour. Just shoot ideas around, have fun. It doesn't have to be serious.

If you say to yourself, "I will fail at this!" Guess what, YOU WILL FAIL!
If you say to yourself, "I can do this!" YOU CAN DO IT!!!
The only person that can stop you from success is YOU! You have to believe you can do it. NO ONE can do it for you!

A lot of people on these forums always asks other people to help them stay focused, push them, etc. That's great and I'm all for it but YOU have to understand that YOU have to push yourself everyday, no one can do it for you! I know its hard and scary so take baby steps. I know people want to jump in and make money (like me) but I'm still learning. Take your time, walk your pace. There's plenty of opportunites out there, its not going to be gobbled up if you learn too slow. If you fall off your horse, get back on. If you make mistakes, so what? Learn from it.

This website has been such a blessing to me and to a lot of people.
We are here because we are like minded and want to be financially successful.

I have never met or talked to any of you in person, but do I BELIEVE everyone can make a lot of $$$ in RE. Just keep trying, don't give up! When things get you down and you start to doubt, come back here to and we are here to CHEER YOU ON(and Dean too!).

To our Future Success!
REB Smiling


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Newbie on the block

Hello family,thanks for all your beautiful advice.
I'm reading about everyone talk about locking up property, can some tell me the process on how to do this.

Thanks a million

Help with buying a property then renting

Hi All.
I just finished college and also finished reading Dean's book.

My goal is to buy 1 or 2 homes and then rent them out.
However, I only found techniques mainly for assigning and selling equity.

What are the techniques used to buy a property and then keep it and rent it for the long term?
Thanks for any help!

Question to you !

If you don't mind what are/state are you in ?



The question was to cbrpower !

I actually have another question for you,
with so many REOs & foreclosures it isn't easy to find
such great deals, though I'm sure it is possible.
When you say you have great deals are you talking about

Thank you,


Short Sale Approved !

Kevin, I don't mean to bring you down in any way
but in my little RE involvements I think you are paying too
much for a home that's FMV (fair market value) is $155
You are paying MORE than 75% of value ?????
Where is the ROI for any investor who will buy it form you?
In my book (especially in this market) it HAS to be at least 50%
in order for it to be a GOOD DEAL, in a regular market you can go up to 65%
of the FMV, you must run your numbers before you submit an offer
especially when dealing with the banks hey I'm not surprised they accepted it.

Sorry but I'm trying to save you from losing on the deal, you'll be stuck with
something you cannot get rid off.


I have the investors...I'm looking for the deals...

I have investors beating down my door looking for deals faster than I can provide them...If you have anything in the Inland Empire Ca. Let me know, and we'll make a match!

- Tommy


I am in northern california ...bay area

Was skimming this and may have missed this but...

what are people putting down as earnest money in their wholesale deals? Do you cut a check when you submit the P and S agreement? Please advise


Nick Walters
Walters Property Investment Group, LLC

Earnest Money Down

Hi Nick,

Some people are putting down 100 dollars. From what I understand the less the better. Somewhere I read something about a promisary note. In the real estate business it could range from 500 to 1000 down. But from my viewing ofthese sites, most are say 100 dollars for this program on DG's. Much Success!



Well i recently drove around

Well i recently drove around my area to look at some properties, I found a couple that I'm interested in but they have a realtor as the contact. Would I be able to negotiate with a the realtors? Should I tell them that I plan to assign the property if I find buyers?...I know this was probably asked in another thread but this is mostly as a bookmark to save this thread since this site doesn't appear to have anything to bookmark the threads you would be interested in revisiting.


Needs some serious motivation...Should i contact agents with short sales or the sellers themselves, Have the address but only agent's number.

Assignment fees?

hey everyone. i ve just finished reading deans book and program. i just wanted to say you all are great. all the advice you all give is so tremendous, and you all have made this a great and special place to be. anyhow since im a newbie i still have some questions im trying to work out. i was wondering, when it comes to assigning a contract to an invester, generally how much do you charge as your finders fee? is there some kind of percentage, or some kind of process you use to figure it out? or is it just a number you want to make,or anything you feel you can get away with. Please help me im confussed in this department.. thanks



How to Attract Investors to Assign to Your Deals

cbrpower wrote:
The reason I am yelling this is because IT DOES NOT MATTER if you assign the contract or find some other way to get paid for linking up a buyer and a seller. DO NOT WASTE TIME WORRYING ABOUT SUCH SMALL DETAILS! I have assigned deals and gotten paid and I have also just found deals and told people about them and gotten paid without any written documents. Don't do business with unethical people. Just do deals. There are so many of them out there right now it is crazy. In one month I have flipped 5 deals for a total of $47,500. Some I assigned, some I just acted as the bird dog, some I closed on and then resold real quick. It doesn't matter. What matters is making money and having fun and helping other people make money. Get it done.

Hola como estas cbrpower :: Creative artistic open minded Entrepreneurist*
Great meeting you Love your energy vibs KnowLedge Wisdom * I am brand new within all this amazing biz Gracias for your wisdom*




Thanks R.E. Budda! I've been feeling a little stressed about not finding a RE agent who is willing to work with me the way I need them to. I know a great one but she won't put in the low offers needed so I have to keep looking. You reminded me that I need to keep my motivation if I want to accomplish my goal of retiring within the next 4 years. This forum is wonderful and I love the way everyone shares what they've learned when their offer is accepted.

I look forward to reading more success stories and writing my own!!

Assignment Fee

I was wondering what to charge your investors for getting the deal. Is it just a certain percentage or does it kinda depend on the deal? Also, what percent are your realtors making on the deal?

How to Attract Investors to Assign to Your Deals

Hi, everybody. It's great, that so many of us purchased Dean books with great hopes and expectations. But what I see is even after finishing reading we still have millions of questions. Why? This is my personal opinion and you can throw tomatoes at me, but not enough info. Probably most of us expected like in first grade

1 go this this place

2 say this or this

3 put ad like this

and so on

I like Dean examples, but what I feel is, he had some money to invest and guts tell me somebody was around him at the beginning

So, I feel this site is great and thanks everyone who post comments


Welcome aboard! This is an opportunity like no other we will ever see in this life time. After reading the book, my expectations became greater. Of course we will have questions. Because we are about to take a step towards creating finanial freedom in some cases people will spend the rest of their life dreaming of. Congratulations on taking a step forward to changing your future! We are like first graders. Because this is a time in life that we have, at least I should say, I have never experienced. The world is in a financial crisis. Dean has shown us a step by step stategy that works! The simplicity is what sometimes stumps us. Belief! Making a change is always a challenge. We have been influenced by so many things all of our lives. Alot of it is positive and alot of it negative. We eventually get to a point were we have to take control of our destiny and take action to change it. And it takes some effort on our part. Keep hold on what motivates you and surround yourself in a positve enviroment. This site you will find can an answer to most questions you may have. Focusing on the strategy you feel suits you and re-read the section of the book in which applies will help keep you moving foward. Dean also offers the Success Academy for a quick start support program. Much success...............



Looking for friends

I am new DG member looking network with investors in the Stockton,Ca area.
Give me shout A.fox44@****

Looking for Buyers

Hey fellow DG members,

My name is Jim and I am a newbie real estate investor just getting my feet wet! I have read Dean's latest book, "Profit from Real Estate Right Now",
and thought it was full of alot of great information. I have signed up with Dean's Success Academy team so I know I have the best coaches and mentors
to help me reach my goals and dreams.

I have been working on developing my buyers list so I have been searching
different ways to locate investors. I found the forum topic on finding buyers
for assignment deals and all the information has been really helpful.
In fact, I am going to my first real estate club meeting tonight to network
and find some potential investors. CBRPOWER's comments were directly related to attending a real estate club and how to attract buyers. I am very excited about the opportunities tonight!

Thank you cbrpower and all the other members who freely give up their time to help others achieve success. It is very inspirational to see all the support
everyone gives each other. The positive feedback and help is essential in
developing "the greatness" in each of us.

I look forward to sharing alot with my fellow DG members and look forward
to sharing that "FIRST DEAL" with all of you!




Hey Jim,

Welcome to the DG family and wish you best of luck with everything !!
I like your motto : Believe in yourself ... Failure is not an option !!

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

what props can we assign these days?

i have made about 50 offers on reo properties listed on the mls. All of my offers were make under my LLC, a POF showing me as a CASH buyer and i would attach an addendum stating the "inspection" and "assignable" clauses. I would have the offers accepted, go into attorney review, during attorney review the REO bank would send us an addendum stating a shorter period inspection and "no assign". So i need to know what properties are you able to assign, how are you finding them and what sort of end buyer are you assigning to - investor or retail?


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Can anyone tell me how to find out if assignments are legal in my state? I had no idea they may be illegal till reading this forum.............



Hi Lisa,

Welcome aboard! I called and asked a few real estate attorney's. There are quit a few real estate agents out there that aren't too familiar with Dean's technique. If you don't mind me asking what state are you from? Much success..........Lubertha




I am too like Lisa who did not know that assignment contracts are illegal in some states. I am from Washington State. Does anyone know off hand if assignment contracts are illegal in my state?


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Who's the source that is telling you that is is illegal in both your states?




My Destiny
I have not had a source tell me that an assignment is illegal in my state. By reading this forum I see that assignment contracts are illegal in some states. I was wondering if anyone knew off hand if Washington was one of those states.

Thanks for your help


Jesus looked at them and said "With man this is impossible, but with GOD ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

"I know the price of success, dedication, hard work, & an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen." Frank Lloyd Wright

"If we did all the things that we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves" Thomas Edison

"This time, like all times, is a very good one if we but know what to do with it." Ralph Waldo Emerson