How to Attract Investors to Assign to Your Deals

How to Attract Investors to Assign to Your Deals

Like so many of us newbies Eye-wink, using this very informative and helpful site, we are usually starting with little to no money to finance and not so great credit. I think I speak for the majority, when asking, How did you (the 'old hatters') market to investors to assign purchases to?

Any and all information would be very much appreciated!

Thanks much!!! Smiling



Finding investors

All the ways that Dean’s education teaches are effective. Some are more effective for some than others, but I get feedback all day from different students who are having success with each of the techniques we teach. Some have great success with bandit signs and get dozens of responses. Some do better with ghost ads and this works well if you are out of state and can’t put up bandit signs or your city has ordinances against them. Other finds getting a list of cash buyers from your realtor or off of Prop Trend is an excellent way to find several hundred potential buyers to contact. Investment clubs are great for networking and building relationships. Searching on gives you ads with investor’s names and phone numbers to call. Looking up rental property and talking to land lords can be effective. But with whatever method you use, make sure you treat your investors honestly and make them money. Return clients who are satisfied and trust you are your best assets. They will continue doing business with you and promote to others to do the same.



Does anyone have a set system for doing the numbers on any deal
I'm doing ok with finding buyer's and even getting a boat load of properties on both scales coming in, residential and commercial but knowing how to calculate the numbers to fit each specific criteria is my problem. I could use the help.


A lot of Investors that I'm connecting with are looking more for unlisted properties what's a realistic description for a deal that the investor would pic up even if they had to pay the fees associated with it being listed.

Signs works best for me i

Signs works best for me
i made a life of 200 people within a month
it blew my mind
i was hella scared lol
anymore information
email me @

That's funny that your

That's funny that your brought that up . i have the answer to your first question. email. at 209investment@gmail
ill send you pics on how to do it .. i was just studying the how to's you you question

please clarify?

Hello Carol

Congratulations - sounds like you were doing very well for someone new, especially to something like real estate investing. I am brandy-new and I was wondering if you could clarify a couple things?

-I believe I heard in one of the videos that you are from NJ, but I also understand that doesn't mean you are investing in NJ. Do you know if assignments are legal in NJ; and is that a good place to start?

-Also, I see these posts are from 2008...what are the prospects like for beginners in 2014 - did we miss the boat?

To your success,

good advice!

Carol, Did you limit your Craigslist ad to your local area or did you have it blast out nationwide?





Carol Stinson wrote:
hello Madison and welcome. I am not an "Old hatter" Rather new at the game actually. I have only been doing this about 3 months now and if there is one thing I have mastered it is atracting investors. Here's how I did it...

I put an add on craigslist that basically said " investors needed for multiple investment properties" Even though I had none at the time I was confident I would soon. When they called I put their name on my buyer's list.

I called adds in my local paper that said " I pay cash for houses" etc... and I asked them if they paid a finder's fee if I found them an investment property. I then got their e-mail address and added them to my buyer's list.

I currently have 13 investors on my buyers list. I know what each one is looking for and how fast they can settle. I currently have 16 properties that I am researching, 3 that I have put bids on and 3 getting ready to go under contract this week. When I lock them in I will contact my investors and assign them. I have not closed any deals yet (like I said I am rather new as well) but I am looking forward to reaping the benefits of my work real soon.

I hope this helps.


I am determined dedicated and will make it in real estate thanks Dean



Attracting buyers

Hi Carol

You are amazing!!!! I checked out your blog today and it came up with so much options to place free ads and ways to find those cash buyers. On I saw they do free ads around the world as that is where I'm at. Investing in property in the USA but based in New Zealand and starting with wholesale deals.



Astrid van Boom

Attracting buyers

I am based in New Zealand and not sure whether this will work. Have looked up REI clubs in Wellington, NZ without any luck. Guess my next option will be to just ask people I chat to as you suggested, conversation leads to asking if they are interested in real estate as you suggested.
How do I get them on board if they are interested?


Astrid van Boom


I cant answer on your market in the area you live in but I can say, people need to live somewhere and will pay for it, we all do. Call on a place for rent and just ask about the home for rent, listen to what they say, write it down.
Then say your not really wanting to rent it you are interested in buying it, is that something they would be interested in? LISTEN to the answer, they will tell you how they want to sell or something can be worked out or not.

Hope this helps



Hi Carol

Hi Carol,
I have heard Dean mention you on multiple occasions and I just stumbled upon this older post that you did back when you were just getting started. I am looking for advice on how to find buyers to do some wholesale deals. I'm not having any problem finding deals, but a little slow at finding buyers to build my buyers list.
I wanted to let you know that I found your advice from several years ago helpful and looking to apply even still today.
Thank you,


- think about what if? - and what is possible rather what is not Smiling
- Kevin

You can Join my Buyers list:

Craigs List

Great, thanks carol,
Will try this. currently looking for buyers.


- think about what if? - and what is possible rather what is not Smiling
- Kevin

You can Join my Buyers list:


When you put an ad on CL do you put it in one city or more?

Placing your ad

It would probably be helpful if you also placed an ad here on the site.

Robin Herndon wrote:
Hello All....

I work for Jpc Equity Properties LLC.

We Buy & Sell Real Estate, We practice in the Fix & flip Realm.Reach out to us if your searching for discounted properties to buy and sell.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to sale a property as well. Thanks see you inside.

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Best Regards,
(Licensed Realtor-Military Vet-9/11Vet)
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Live life as if always on vacation and have all the good health, time, & wealth to enjoy it.
Work, only when and IF desired. Helping others do the same. It Pay$ To Connect!
Always In Gratitude.....

what questions do you ask investors?

What kind of properties are you looking? how many bedroom and bathrooms. what area of your city(such as L.A, NY)and at what price?

He wants to know what my "knack" for finding deals is

Tell him that you have powerful marketing skills that you can find deals that nobody can.

Thank you for sharing Carol

I am ready for a New start in the New Year!!


Esther Otim

How do you find the Lawyers

I am having problems finding lawyers to handle the closings for assignment of contracts. I can use any help.

How do you find the Lawyers

I am having problems finding lawyers to handle the closings for assignment of contracts. I can use any help.