CONTRACTS - Editable

CONTRACTS - Editable

** This is just a general purchase contract you should edit it accordingly to pertain to you and your state laws. Select it below in Word format and edit it.

These are in now way intended to imply that they are any better then the ones Dean have posted under Forms and Docs. They are here to add to your files for future use if you so deem necessary.


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I dont know if i am answering your question. On this website go to Student's Resources information on the left hand side of the page and click
on forms and docs. Hope this helps.

Warm regards,

Paul T. La Moy

option to purchase


You haven't had any problems with option to purchase have you? Our lawyers seems all flipped out over the person having equity in the home and if they default it would be hard to get them out of the property. Any thoughts?

Thanks Anita for the great contracts.. You are always a big help!

Debby and Tom



RE: Working on my 1st deal... with NO $$$

Anitarny wrote:
** This is just a general purchase contract you should edit it accordingly to pertain to you and your state laws. Select it below in Word format and edit it.

These are in now way intended to imply that they are any better then the ones Dean have posted under Forms and Docs. They are here to add to your files for future use if you so deem necessary.

This is my first time really spending time on the website seeking help. I told one of my co workers that I am an investor. She began to tell me about a house that she is going to let go into foreclosure. She says that she has been renting the place out and her tenant is moving out 9/10/09. She was seeking help from government programs and found out that the bank would not help or modify loans unless you are experiencing hardship. She went on to say that the home was close to a year behind in payments and the bank has asked her to try her best to keep property. She says they have not began any stages of the foreclosure process. She just wants out!!! She's tired of tenants and spending $ to repair the same repairs every other month. She didn't tell me exactly what was owed on the property. My question is "What approach would you recommend that I use to profit on this type of deal?"



your contracts

First of all Thank you for all you do here Anita. Your giving spirt shines through over and over in these forums.

I have a couple questions on your contracts you posted.

1. What would you use the Back up addemdum to purchase contract for?
2. What is the difference between the Assignment of Contract and the Assignment of RE purchase and sale agreement? Or, how would you use either or?

Thanks again.


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downloading and opening files

I have some experience with downloading an opening files. If they are Adobe Reader Acrobat files then you will need to download this program to your computer. Some sites have a link and Adobe will usually allow you to download their software free of charge. If all else fails then get help from someone with more experience with computers.

Your computer may say "open with", then try the different programs to open the files. If your computer has Adobe Acrobat you may need the latest version.

When saving files to your computer try sending them to different locations in your computer.

Hope this helps.

Thank You

I've been looking forever for some doc's like this.

Thanks again,

Jason King

Great info Thanks

Great info Thanks

Thanks sooo much

I am a newbie and that will help me out a lot, you saved me a lot of time. Great stuff!


Would you have a non disclosure non compete available for me to use?


Would you have a non disclosure non compete available for me to use?

Favorite clause

I love the personal inspection clause-"This contract is contingent on buyer's walk through & inspection up to 15 days from date of acceptance." It allows me to make multiple offer without any risk whatsoever.


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assignment contracts

How are you doing I was looking at your site because I am a student in Dean Graziosi Real Estate investment school,so I am very much interested in receiving information on assignment contracts, standard purchase and sell agreements forums so can you E-mail me that information I would turly appreciate it Thank you.



Place for some more contracts and auto-edit to email

I came across this site which had an excellent free ebook on why you need to get off the fence and do anything. It also offered a free (for now) sign up for Contract Crusher, which is an online editable contract site that edit your contracts and documents and then can email right from the site. You can also download all the forms in pdf's to your computer. This seems like a nice addition to investors (new or old) to add into our toolbags to make everything quicker and allow more time looking for more good deals.

Anyway, check it out at vip.freedom soft "take out the spaces and push it all together. The DG site keeps altering it for some reason"

(and by the way, I don't get any kickbacks from this - probably a mistake on my part...LOL!)

I think this makes a nice addition to all the tools Dean gives us.


Tommorrow comes make it worth the wait.

bird dogging

Please Help, I am a newbie. How would I WORD a PROMISSORY NOTE for a finder's fee?


Brid dog agreement

I found this through google.


Tommorrow comes make it worth the wait.

Option To Purchase Real Estate Agreement

How do I get this exact contract found in Deans book. Profit from real estate right now, page 160. Thank you. Floyd

Thank you Dennis

Thanks so much. Been hunting a form like this. Have a great day!



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technical difficulties

RTjarks14 wrote:
For some reason when I try to open up the contracts it doesn't work... it is just a blank screen... all the other forms and docs I open work except for these for some reason. Could somebody let me know why that is happening? lol

it wont read it! it comes up where it may be corrupt!



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Great Info Anita!! Thanks!!

Great Info Anita!!



DC Terry,Sr.

Thanks to everyone else

Thanks to everyone else also.... Didn't mean to leave anyone out. Smiling


DC Terry,Sr.


Hi. I've been browsing Dean's website and the forums and I still can't find the forms I'm looking for. In particular: property disclosure notices and the discharge of agreement to purchase statement. please help!

buy and flip

hello eveyone, i'm new also. but one ? too anita. when you buy and flip which contracts do you use. for an example, like the purchase aggreement. thank you. joe

Website for free mortgage contracts in Florida

I saw a few people in here asking for contracts. This is a website for a list of them in the state of Florida and it's at absolutely no cost and the website has been tested for virus', spyware, malware, etc etc and it's safe. Another way I know is because I use it.
However, they suggest (as do I) to read them over thoroughly and use a lawyer to add or take away anything that needs to be changed with in the forms.

The way I found this website is I went to and entered "Download Free Real Estate Purchase Agreements florida" and all of these forms popped up. Perhaps if you change the state you need them in, then maybe you can find some forms also. I hope this helps. Good luck everyone!!!

Market Shark

Hi All

I am also new on the block and really enjoy all of this information it is really helpful.

Right on Time

This thread was right on time. Provided me a great start to get moving. This week I am focusing on my contracts...So now I am off to a great start. Thanks everyone for your input and links...Great.


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Bird Dog agreement

I haven’t seen this posted anywhere so I’ll ask here: (Since this thread is about contracts)

Does anyone know where I can get a “Bird Dog agreement” like the one on page 118 of Your Town Your Real Estate Profit?


Bird dog agreement


Noticed no one followed up with the Bird Dog Agreement. Here's a link to an independent contractor agreement.

Independent Contractor Agreement

You can also do a search on google.

You could also just type in the form from the book.

Good luck.


Tommorrow comes make it worth the wait.

How do I fill out the contracting agreement form?

Hello everyone,

I am new helping people to find homes. I am trying to do a lease option for someone that answered one of my flyers.

In the contracting agreement form. Do I need to give my ssn? I don't have an ein yet. What duties am I to preform besides finding the house. Please give examples. The house meets the person who will do the lease option requirements.

The house was for sale a few years ago. I noticed a moving van at the property last week. Now there is a for rent sign up. I want to ask the owner if she wants to sell the property or do a lease option.

What does items to be supplied by contracting party mean? Please gives examples.

Where it says remuneration amount. How can I change the paragraph to say compension is 1-2% of estimated purchase price or some thing similar?




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