Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

I just received Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and I'm about half way through it. In the second part of the book he refers to finding a mentor to help out along the way. My question is where do I go to find one? He mentions coming to this website but none of my searches on here have produced anything to help me find such a mentor. Please help!!!!


No Help

Yeah, no ones beating down the door with advice on mentors. I will just keep my eyes above the hills from where my help comes from, and quit is not an option. I will succeed.


looking for a mentor

Hi I am looking for a mentor so we can speed things up a little, Ieve got the desire an the focus an getting more familar with what has to be done an working between 6-8hrs per day on investing( most days ) an Iam serious about this an there is no turning back an I love to give been doing it all my life an Iam willing to do win-win all the time, Iam very honest a love to make things happen, Iam up at 5am until 9-930pm each day, love the morning. I want to do some assigns, flips, to generate some funds an get into bigger apartment buildings an trailer parks an rental storage units just to name a few, Iam getting younger each day an love new chalenges, I want to grow an grow, thanks ,much appreciated, Jim ( Iam also a Handyman,can do anything in Landscaping an not afraid to try anything an I can relocate )




I suggest you:

1. Get connected with a REI club...great way to meet a potential mentors...RE agents who are investors. The right ones love to work with us.

2. Place an ad to offer Bird Dogging...great way to hook up with potential buyers too.

3. Enroll in the Success Academy.

Good luck.



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I Mentor!

PM me for details.

Michael Mangham
MD Home Acquisitions LLC


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Need a mentor

I am going to use that information from cbrpower to find a mentor thank you so much for sharing. I am in Albuquerque, NM is there anyone in New Mexico looking to start investing.

Need a mentor

Looking for for mentor in clearwater or palm harbor florida

Thanks Glenn



I live right outside of Denver and I'm looking for some help getting started. I have read a lot about getting a buyers list list and working with a mentor. Anyone in the area that can help?

Thanks, John

looking for mentor

Hello everybody my name is Darren and I really need a mentor or someone that can give me a little encouragement when I'm feeling that every door that I come across unfortunately is locked I know that persistence is key but sometimes you still get a little discouraged I'm going to keep on trying just need someone out there who is a positive and helpful individual who loves real estate and is willing to help. I live in the state of Massachusetts. Thanks.


Darren D

Trying to get a start here

Hi everyone my name is Fred and I live over on the Space coast here in Central Florida....I currently work at Walmart but have tried Real Estate before when I passed my Exam for Licensing and passed it a few years ago but I could not keep up. I like what Dean sez and mostly what he does I have seen there are more than a few like minded folks. What I need is someone who is going to kick my butt and keep me moving. I want to open up with assingnment contracts as I need money quickly and my credit is shot ...Check out my profile as not too much has changed much except my needs now are more pressing. the best way to contact me is thru this DG site and by Email as I check this site daily. I am also a frequent user of Yahoo Messenger as my overseas wife contacts me there daily... That is the most pressing need. I have a few contacts with some of those foriegn buyers but would like to work locally I see the potential for a lot of work right here in the space coast area and i want to get people... good people here again. As I said contact me best rite here at the DG site or Email me then we can go from there.


Frederick R Bauder

Please send reply

I would like to work with you.

Looking for a Mentor

Hello My Name Is Cris, Im looking for a mentor and I Live in Elk Grove Ca. If there are any mentors in the Sacramento County , That would be GREAT!


Jacksonville FL

Hi everyone,
My name is Matt, in search of a mentor, partner, or individual who would like so start taking action in jacksonville. Going through the book a second time, spent the last dollars I had on the book kinda situation.
So resources are very limited, I acess the internet from a smart phone, with wifi. But I do have a motivation, passion, and the drive to make big things happen. I sleep on the fact failure isn't an option. If interested just send me a PM. Anything that could be arranged would be fantastic and greatly apperciated thanks so much


Matthew Schneider

Any suggestions for a mentor?

I am not looking for a mentor in my area, as Wyoming is not the best area for me to buy and sell houses in. Does anyone know of a mentor who would take me under their wing and help and mentor me in investing in other areas?

My interests are wholesaling, quick flipping, bulk and single REO's.

I also could really use a private investor if anyone has one they know of. I have a package I'd like to take down, and wholesale out. Profit potential is very good.





hi Im looking for a mentor in the PA area

I purchased Dean's course back in February at the time i bought it I did not really have much time to do any work with it. i did get the first book read and in the second book now. I understand principal of what I need to do but I am looking for a mentor that can possibly help me out maybe even team up. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me out I appreciate it.



Michael P Paranich


Hi my name is Rolo. I am actually looking for a Mentor in the DFW area. I have just read this book, and have relly grown eager to succeed in this industry. I have already set up a few meetings with some realtors, and have called around getting info on houses for sale. I think i want to start out by "assigning". was hoping to hear from someone who has this down, and can share any and all information to make this technique work for me. thanks!

Anyone know of a Seasond Investor In Atlanta Georgia?

I can put you in contact with a youg lady who has 7 homes under contract. I don't know all the details, but what I do know is that she need some help.
Thanks in advance DG Family!




I am looking for help in Southern California. Specifically Orange County and LA. I am extremely resourceful and can help a seasoned investor get to a higher level



looking for help in SOCAL - Orange County, CA - extremely resourceful looking to help a seasoned investor get to a higher level

Pinal County AZ looking for mentor

Hi my name is Robert and I am looking for a mentor in the Pinal county AZ area. I am hard working and eager to learn.

Mentor Needed!!

Looking for a Mentor in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA (north) even if it's just one wholesale deal to just walk me and my brother through it.

Read 30 days cash and went to the seminar but didn't have $39K to spend.

Thanks for any help you can offer.




I'd love to do this. They talked about at the Seminar some people will take you under for 3 years and help you learn the ropes while you help them grow their business and duplicate what they've done.

I just need someone to walk me through even a few deals or take me on for a few years. I really love real estate and am ready to do it





Hello DG fam it has been a while since I have been on her writing. I am in the Pittsburgh, PA area looking for a Mentor. I am a few steps away from getting my first check. I have a property under contract right now and working on another property.



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Great advice

You are & continue to be my hero Matt I using your system 25:1 have had some hit's and falls along the way-self inflicted=but winners never quit and quitters never win so I am marching forward.


Quitting is forever pain is temporary

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