Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

I just received Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and I'm about half way through it. In the second part of the book he refers to finding a mentor to help out along the way. My question is where do I go to find one? He mentions coming to this website but none of my searches on here have produced anything to help me find such a mentor. Please help!!!!



I'm looking for a mentor in San Jose, CA.

Are you makingany progress yet ?

Hey Pam:
I too am from the Chicagoland area, and although I should probably start investing in my own area, the warmer climates out west look mighty inviting also.
I have found a number of properties in the(Las Vegas) Clark County area, only because it seems like a much more desirable area.I still have alot of questions and
here is where a mentor would sure come in handy. This will be a first for me (Stepping out of my little comfort zone.)
What type of deals are you looking for and what areas here in Illinois are you looking in ?


Dino Martino





People looking for Mentor

I can help mentor those who are looking for help - I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to expand to different states, more specifically Texas, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut - these states are very advantageous to investors like me because their foreclosure process is significantly less than that of California. And if you live in another state, that is fine also, I can still help - the mathematics part of real estate investing is very easy - the challenging part is being tenacious and not giving up.


I am located in the PA, Pocono Region and I am in need of a sucessful Mentor. I am very dedicated to becoming a successful investor and have already begun work on my own.

finding a good mentor

I am in NYC and I'm looking for a mentor.



looking for a mentor/partner in oklahoma!


Dear New Investor

Listen to what Matt Larson is saying here because if you can't be focused and follow directions than you're going to have a hard time getting a deal done, through a mentor or a partner....unless you decide to do it on your own. If they give you steps to take to get your deals submitted correctly than follow it exactly because if you do it right than theirs no way you will fail on it.

If you already have a mentor or partner to get your deals done than consider yourself lucky because your half way there already at the closing of that deal. If you're still searching for one than shoot me a PM, to give you that boost that you need to get your first deal to the finish line to pay day!

Everyone Can Make A Difference!
John A

Seeking Real Estate Jedi Master mentor in NoVa/DC area

Eager and adventurous profit hungry learner with a level headed calm cool towards risk and with an ability to take direction and follow plans through to their ends seeks a mentor who can help me in any way towards my goal of being independently wealthy. I am in the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. area. Thanks a lot in advance I look forward to any replies or advice!

A real mentor

is someone who shows you what to do so that in due time you are able to do it on your own and the right way

not someone who tells you to find a home for them, you search endlessly not knowing what to do or what to say, as you get frustrated and give up, nto realizing there is a better way to do things

a real mentor is willing to take you out when they go canvassing, showing the types of houses terminology, the different neighborhoods, demographics and how to talk to investors and agents and other RE professionals so that you're taken seriously

a real mentor will tell you to not even think about deals and assigning and lease options until you know the ropes

Looking for a Mentor in Treasure Coast, FL. (Port St. Lucie)

I am looking for an investor that can show me some new and old techniques that really work. I live in Port St. Lucie, FL and is so many properties for sale by owner that don't even live in the area and properties are abandoned. Please if an investor can contact me to give me a little push. That's all that i need for now.
Also looking for other people in my situation looking for a mentor to meet and start a little group and exchange ideas and go from there.

For All looking for mentors!

CBRpower has posted a great way on how to find a mentor by helping someone who is already successful with their deals for free. I have an intern who wants to learn about real estate and she came to me and my business partner asking to help us with our deals and we invited her right in and now she is learning how to talk with people take calls and put deals together. So this way is very successful if you stop thinking about yourself and help someone else. Another way to find a mentor is by joining your local REI group and start collecting business cards and take someone out to lunch who are doing what you want to do and pick their brains and learn how they started how and what tools they can give you that you can add.

Looking to be a Mentee/ Intern/ Research Assistant

I am looking to learn the REI success path! I live on Camano Island in WA and will go as far north as canadian border and as far south as Tacoma and all areas between I so know that this works- I just want to learn from someone who has done it- would love to even conect with someone through daily email/phone calls if there is anyone out of state that is looking at getting/expanding to the PNW. send me a message

I would love to!

I would love to be an intern- in other words YES I WILL WORK FOR INFORMATION but not for free- as I want to be paid with information and good information at that. Money I can get on my own- it is the information that is the most valuable in being a supper star- and I know that with the right person giving me information and letting me learn from them I WILL BE SOMEONES SUPPER STAR STUDENT!!! WHO will have the bragging rights?
But what do I have to offer a mentor?
Well I am currently an Emplyment Specilaist that is that it is my job to reseache and network with local businesses to determin cost-effective empoyment alternitives and screan employees/applicants for business needs and wants, then match an applicant with an employer and be the mediator between the two to insure the success of the employee and employer relationship. I have my BA from Western Washington University in Human Services with a 3.26GPA (all online) with a focus on Intake interviewing/assessments and Indivdual Family Support, and Resource development/researching. I have experience with public speaking and motivating audiances to take action on pressing issues, and I am highly creative, motivated, and organized. I also have a intense passion for learning. I can work with someone FTF or through new and creative ways of interning for thouse that are not in my area. Location is never a road block for learning and working if one is determind and creative. If this is the Mentee/intern/research assistant that you are/ or know anyone who is looking for- someone who is going to be a supper star then please send me a message so that I can start helping you/them help me.

I also belive in giving back and will mentor anyone that needs it and wants once I have become a ROCKING SUPPER STAR REI!!!

Mentor in Metro Atlanta Area

Looking a mentor and partner to learn and earn at the same time. I know theirs people around here.


you guys still at it?

have you guys made a deal yet? im new to the Dg family and live in nortthern california (oakland to be exact ) hoping you guys are still at


im here in nor cal as well oakland to be exact, but am down to go to san francisco if your still mentoring i am starting off not new but off and on but that was before reading Deans books now that ive read them it isnt that its complicating but its where to start that i need help i can find places but dont know how to pursue them. let me know if your still investing because i do want a better life and change in the future. Thank you for your time


Just logged on to Dean's website and Wow, feel like I just discovered a goldmine. First time hearing of him and I don't even have his book. Anyone interested in a very new partner. I live in georgia and could certainly use a mentor. But I must first purchase the book.

mentor and partner

mentinc, how do i contact u via email if i'm interested in a partner

Mentor in Norfolk, VA

I am just starting out and am looking for a mentor in Norfolk, VA. Is there anyone available to assist me?

Looking for a mentor

Hi I just finish reading a couple of Deans books and I am real anxious to get started I am very motivated and I am a very hard worker I am located in Chico CA. if there is anybody out there that can help me make my dreams come true I promise not to waste your time or mine and will be willing to help you with your needs also. Looking forward to here from you. Thanks

Be careful

I know most of you want a mentor to show you the way, how to do this, that, that, this, etc, but be clear on what you want and make it crystal clear on whoever your 'mentor' is.

Don't fall for that

"I like a large 3 sugars and black every morning so once you pick it up for me when you meet me in the morning...."

"Lunch is on you correct???...."

"Washing my car is a metaphor of cleaning up in real estate..."

You need to be as less ambiguous as possible; "I want to learn everything" will get you trapped, hook, line and sinker into being a gopher and dead end mentee;

If you have even the basic understanding of things you should want to know the different types of home styles on the market; nothing worse than an 'investor' who can't differentiate between a brownstone and a limestone.
Have the mentor drive you around, canvassing neighborhoods, showing you and making you comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of having a corner house to a mid-block house, a frame and a victorian, wooden fences to metal fences, garage to driveway with and without garage, or multi-car garage.

Next they should instruct you on the 'economics' of REI; how to calculate an estimate on ARVs, LTV's, commissions, taxes, etc. How on your part you need to train your mind to always be on and running that if you have to calculate in your mind, you don't look and sound like a fool.

How to present yourself is just as important as any of the above; somewhere in the world, there is a player who is better than Lebron, Kobe and D-Wade combined. But, if they aren't known, then they don't exist. Same goes for you presenting yourself. You may know every milk and cranny about REI, but if you don't know how to talk to people and make them trust you with the biggest investment in their lives, you might as well be doing something else. They should be teaching you to better.

You, at the end of the day have only yourself to blame on whether you fail or succeed. You can't blame someone else for how your life turns out so make you have control from the start and plan your course of action.

That was all I wanted to hear

Elix, I have chosen you as my mentor. Even thou I have some knowledge, there is never enough. You know all the ins and outs of this business. I want to know that when I have questions you will be able to guide me through understanding what is needed. So far, I have trusted your suggestions and I know that I am on my way to nowhere else but up. Thanks a million. God Bless



"You can never get to the top, if you are not willing to climb. Do not look at the difficulty of the climb, only anticipate the view from the top."
"Can't even walk without you holding my hand." (Song)
"Is anything too hard for the Lord ..." Genesis 19:14
"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

getting started

I live in Alabama but I have ties to houston see I grew up in baytown that's SE. I don't know exactly what you have in mind but I could definately use some help. I'm part of deans success academy and I'm taking action here build my list and power team. I'm open minded to any money making ideas you may have to offer




To all here who haven't filled out your profile. You will get better results by supplying a good profile. This I have heard many times by the DG'ers who you are requesting help from.
Their time is precious to them. As it has been stated they aren't likely to help someone who won't put the effort out to fill in some information about themselves. That information helps them so they can help you without wasting a lot of their time. Another thing is you notice you are not building any points? There is so many of you here that way. Reason? No profile.
On the left side down under Deans chin. Click "My Account" fill it in to the best you can. It can be edited later also. Hope you take this as friendly words of knowledge. Smiling
I am no mentor, but have learned that as one of the factors here.


on top of that good looking

helpme2 I'm glad you are

helpme2 I'm glad you are pointing that out, thank you.

I also hope everyone has been paying attention to the post I have been putting everywhere. Because the profile is a sticking point in the EDGE Contest that opens up Friday morning.

Need a Mentor in Southern California

Between work, kids , and sleep I am half way through 'Profit From RE Right Now'. I'm assuming that obtaining the signs, flyers,cards, and the automated service, is where to began. I have never done a deal, but I have always been very interested in the field. I actually have a certificate for a RE apprentice,and a degree in business RE. However, the books are something totally different from actually doing a deal. I was wondering if there was anyone out there in the Orange County area that would be willing to assist me in the aspects of seasoned knowledge as to how this is actually really done. I look forward to hearing from someone in the area for help.


Hi I'm new too!

I have tried finding help on this site but no luck! It's okay though I won't give up. If I have to learn it on my on, I will. Located in Chicago, IL I would like a mentor but if you are not interested that's okay too! Good Luck Everybody, and May GOD Bless!!!!

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