Finding a Mentor

Finding a Mentor

I just received Dean's book "Be a Real Estate Millionaire" and I'm about half way through it. In the second part of the book he refers to finding a mentor to help out along the way. My question is where do I go to find one? He mentions coming to this website but none of my searches on here have produced anything to help me find such a mentor. Please help!!!!



Are there any in the Maryland, Washington,Dc area....

I'm not qualified as a

I'm not qualified as a mentor yet but yes, I live in Baltimore MD.


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Hello have you done a contract and reassigned a property before in Baltimore, because Im just getting started and I have located about 30 homes in my area and would like to get some under contract and reassign them...

Hi "Charlotte"

I'm north of Fayetteville and also have been looking for a mentor. Are you a member of your local REI club? I signed up for my local one and also one in Raleigh. Between the two the are a wealth of active investors that I've already started forming relationships with. Keep in touch and let's keep each other accountable...
Take Care,

Hello Everyone!

Time is right for the picking! And I want to pick right every time! Looking to link with individuals in the Atlanta, GA Area. "Iron Sharpens Iron". Its time to get it done!



Have you found anyone in Michigan to work with. We are in Michigan and may be able to work together. Send us a PM with a way to contact you if you are still looking.

Seeking a Mentor...

I am residing at the Jersey Shore area and just getting started in the investment field. I would benefit greatly by someone who is knowledgable in the Investing Biz. Maybe someone who can answer an occassional question and possibly allow me to pick your brain at a lunch. On me of course. I promise to not overwelm you! LOL.

PS I am willing to birddog for a fee.

Iowa Menor Needed

I feel like I'm the only one from Iowa. If anyone knows of a mentor in Iowa, send them my way. I would be willing to split the profits on a few deals with that person.




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Need a Mentor in MS

I'm living in Mississippi and I desperately need a mentor. There are allot of great deals here, so many tax advantages and things like that. I know I could make big profits because I live on the gulf coast and there are so many opportunities that I know I'm missing. I'm going to jump in and hopefully be apart of the action. If anyone is willing to mentor me I'm willing to work for knowledge.


hello I see that you are in charlotte and well i was reading your post regarding finding a mentor and I just wanted to touch base with you because I am new to all of this myself and I am just looking to meet people in the area who are trying to do do the same thing or of course who have experience in it as well please get back with me as soon as posible i have a lot of questions gthat maybe you could answer concerning the charlotte market and eany suggestions or words of advice you have to offer would be greatly appreciated thanks so much

Looking for a Mentor in Greensboro,NC

Hello, i'm looking for someone to Mentor/Partner with to assign deals in Greensboro or the surrounding area....any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,




WOW everyones looking for a mentor

Well i don't feel so silly now asking for a mentors help.I'm in Tampa Fla. and i put in the guestcomment area for a mentors help. How do you get help if no ones willing to mentor you? Not everyone is a realestate wiz. alot of people need help to do this.


Im looking for a mentor or partner in the Fairbanks, AK area. Kinda hard to find one here...



looking for a mentor or partner in the Fairbanks, AK area. Hard to find one out here...



Looking for a mentor/partner or REI Club to join in SF Bay Area.

Seeking Mentor in New Braunfels,Texas

Looking for DG family mentor who knows New Braunfel area real estate who will help me find right area, and get focused on my first deal. I am active at this forum, real all the tools, will do what ever it takes to get a deal with no money down and some time to figure out how to make the payments till it rents or sells and split the difference. Hoping to join the DG school...waiting on info from grant.

Texas Mentor

Hi there,
I am new to the program and wondered if there was anyone in the Houston Area interested in exchanging notes or stories and experiences? I would like to have a mentor in my area but would be happy to hear from anyone with some experience.



I'm in SO CAL (Ventura county) looking for other investors
to brainstorm with.



I am looking for a mentor in the Fairbanks, AK area, anyone interested please let me know!



Jsnsco, have you joined any real estate clubs in your area? That would help you to find a mentor.


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Mentor or partner up.

looking for someone to mentor me or partner up. am located in souther california, los angeles. Lets get together and make this happend.


I tried looking for realestate clubs in my area, but they are too far away. Thanks for the suggestion.


Boston MA

I'm in Boston MA, looking for partners, I am also a real estate agent I can help in many ways. Don't wait any longer, contact me.


Realtor / Investor
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thank you




Finding investors and Mentors

Looking for investors and mentors in South Fl. Port St. Lucie. Don't know too many people in Real Estate Investing yet and will like to meet others just to share ideas and who knows some day a partnership.

Thank you


Minnesota Mentor

I live in the twin cities and have a few properties, but looking to take REI to the next level. My current focus is on birddogging. I would love to meet other investors and partner up.

Don't want a mentor in Texas!!

I don't want a mentor and if I did I would want 20 of them, or even better make that 50 of them.
All SERIOUS people that are going to MAKE a change in thier lives are welcome and invited to join the DG REI group: SouthCentralTexas

The idea of this group is to network those of us that are SEROUS about making things happen. This group was created for those from CC to Houston, but all locations are welcome.

If you want to try out the idea of being an REI, if you want to see if it works for you then keep looking, this is not the group for you.

If you have decided that you WILL be a REI no matter what and I mean NO MATTER WHAT(Cbr quote) then you can join the group on a trial basis. It is a decision, a long term one that will change your life forever! So think about it and decide. I ask you 'Have you made that decision?" It is a YES or NO decision. There is nothing in the middle.

If YES is your answer then we will give you a chance to show us your high activity level and also your persistance.

Are you good enough? If so I dare you, I challenge you to click the link below, join the group and PROVE it.

Fence straddlers are not welcome!!!

Making things happen,


Join my REI group SouthCentralTexas ALL active motivated gogetters welcome Your location is not important.

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Mentor - investor 209?

I have properties with equity - carry my loans win win win!!!
Time is slim, I will be @ Hilton 5-18-2010.


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New bg

I like the way you think. I will do this in my home town.I really love realestate. this i will try.



I forgot all about the book that I bought from Dean several months ago and I accidentally found the book while I was cleaning my room. I just got through reading his book and I wished I read it earlier. The book was GREAT! I mostly like Dean's book because he just don't throw the book at us and leave us hanging. He has all these support group and I truly believe he want to help us succeed, so I am very motivated, but need a mentor. I want to get started, but I'm just a little overwhelmed and afraid just like everyone else when they first started. I am going through foreclosure, so I have a bad credit and have no money to invest, so I'm trying to get myself started on the assignment. I know Dean said, I have to make a list of seller's list and buyer's list, but which do I set up first?
1. Do I set up both at the same time?
2. Do I set up LLC if I have a property?
3. Somewhere in the book Dean provided the information on where to go in order to set up robotic messaging system, but can't locate it, do you know where I need to go in order to set-up this system? I have the information on the scrip, but don't know where to go get the system.

Sorry for so many questions.


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