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Hello everyone! My wife and I are an active duty family stationed in New Jersey. We are also both liscensed real estate agents in the state of New Jersey. We are just starting our journey in real estate investing and are convinced that this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives.
The more and more we network with other like minded people, the more we find that there is a large number of our extended military "family" pursuing the same dreams.
We all have different skills and areas of expertise and I feel that if we network and share our skills and ideas we will suceed together.
I encourage any current or former military family members to post to this thread and I look forward to all of us extending a helping hand to each other.
With that being said, anyone that has inputs to this thread, military or not, is welcome.
Good Luck everyone,
Rob and Michelle

Past Military Dependant


I was a part of the military family for 27 years. I know how hard it is moving from place to place and sometimes not finding the comforts of home. My brother is a disabled vet and we are interested in making a difference for our military families.

We are looking forward to networking with other investors.

Denise & Bobby

New Group

This one is for birddogs to stop by and list their desire to help investors from their areas of interest. Be a BIRDDOG for investors, get paid.

Plz refer those you see who are willing to be birddogs. Please be aware that your email addresses are not showing as written.

The group name is now called "300++ BIRDDOGS" and, it's still growing!!

If you still want to reply here, great! Just remember to back out of here to the group home list, find the group named "300++ BIRDDOGS" and join! That way everyone looking for birddogs can find you, since sometimes the replies get lost in the mix of all the postings. Thanx.

Dean's AZ Investing Events

Anyone here attending one of these like myself? Just curious.

Anyone Know of Someone Who Can Use This Deal?

Condo in Denver (Aurora) Colorado 2Bd/2 Ba. 1200sq ft / Amenities. / /
Upper floor in 6-story. /Balcony. /Storage
Some Utilities included (water /heating. /cooling) / +HOA paid
Underground parking
Great Area, Active 55+ community

PM for Interest on. Rent =$1250 OR Rent -to -Own=$1300 ask about Free -n -Clear in Ten, will negotiate to five.

Rent, Rent -to -Own, Own Free -n -clear

does anyone know someone who could use this deal?

Plus, enjoy the free gift attached!

Condo in Denver ( SE Aurora) Colorado , Active 55+ community
2Bd/2Ba. 1200sq ft /
Amenities. /Upper floor in secured 6-story. /Balcony. /Storage
Some Utilities included (water /heating. /cooling) / +HOA paid
Underground parking // Great Area

PM for Interest on. Rent =$1250 OR Rent -to -Own=$1300 ask about Free -n -Clear in just Ten, will negotiate to five.

Partners Wanted!!!! Realtors, Investors, Lenders.

Hello DG Family,
DG Investors in Orlando, FL looking for partners. We work from home finding buyers and properties. Interested in working with other DG family members who love the business and are motivated by the idea of a better life style. We are Navy veterans who work from home and have plenty of time to do business. We would definitely be an asset to those who have the need for partners with "NO" time constriants!!! Please leave a comment or a PM and we will definately get back with you!!!
Adam & Lydia

$500-Bird Dogs--$500

Private company and investor group:
Looking for serious bird dogs who can help to find newly purchased homeowners, and those who want to own (lease options ok), both that want to own the home free-n-clear in just ten years, vs. the typical 30 or even ----never..if you know what I mean.

For every one that closes, $500 to the one who brought them. Increases with positive track record. Will work with multiple bird-dogs.Serious inq.
PM with info. Homes purchased with loans up to 450K.

File Attachment - MailBox Money

Added a File Attachment
Read it, use it, ask questions of us!
Share it with others.

Happy Investing and Leveraging!
Best Regards,

Vet Looking For Great Properties! All existing Loans, Sales, Purchases

*Ten FREE-N-CLEAR in Ten* or even *Five*

Check it out, Join, participate, invite others!

(FYI for all Multi-Group Attendees)


Turn-key Investment Opportunity!! Make Money From Day #1!!!!

Turn-Key Investment Opportunity...Exit Strategy Built In!
Don't miss out on this Birmingham, AL turnkey investment opportunity..We will help you make money in spite of this downturn economy. Check out our site for more details. We are selling to investors nationwide right now!!! We are a company that is also deeply concerned about our community.

Darius McKay
(205) 586-2755

Short Sales

Hey, anybody know of short sales and need to
get through them. I am connected to a ready cash buyer and will work it through. Get the finder fee and move on.
Specifically interested in AZ, but will work other markets.


If help is needed, take note that attorneys can help get through them faster. PM for more info!

New to the Group, stationed in Hawaii

Hello everyone, my name is Sean Colley and I am stationed in Hawaii. I would like to start Assignment of Contracts. I have finished some beginning classes with PMI and have read Dean's book.

If anyone is in Hawaii or has experience with Assignment of Contracts please give me a call or email me. I am excited and hope to get started soon.


Funding Sources & Partner Information


How would you like to consider bringing together 4-5 people for the purposes of building a fund base for investment plans?

It's possible! Just talk with 4-5 people who are interested in some of the same things you are, get informed, and decide how you want to use the funds and start building a future!

Now our investment group will never need outside funding when we commit to working together.

In many ways we can begin to Pay It forward.

To get started, PM to me once you have 4-5 people who are interested in working with you.

Navy in Northern VA

I am a Navy recruiter in the Alexandria, VA area. With less than two years left until my End of Active Obligted Service, my success as a REI will determine whether I re-enlist or not. How is that for an incentive for success?! Are there any other Vets in my area? It would be great to connect!

New To Group

Hi Everybody:

Today is Nov 7, 2009--
I am new to the group and look forward to the community building with you. I am sure we will be able to work on ideas together. You already have contributed so much, Thank you!


I am a 23yr old PV2 (PFC promotable, lol), w/ the NHARNG, 372nd Signal Co. Joined April, 2008.
MOS:25Q Multi-Channel Transmission Systems Operator-Maintainer.

Will probably be mobilizing to Kuwait, August, 2010. Hoping to implement Deans system in the next 14 months so that my family may be financially stable while I am gone.

Thanks to all who have served and never forget those who have fallen.


Central Coast REI Club and Group


My name is Bob Ross and I want to start this group so we can go over some of Deans Stratagies and we could answer each others quetions about investing, seting up a buyers list, re-reading chapters of BARM, finding agents, and properties. We could go out and look at properties and we could go over the basic of the property. I hope you join and we could become better DG friends.

Bob Ross

Central Coast REI

Hello all DG freinds

my name is Bob Ross and I live in Santa Maria, Ca.

I cover from Santa Ynez to Paso Robles. Anyone in these area please join this group. We can talk about REI and get together BBQ and share stories, maybe birddog for one another.

Just have fun!!

Until we meet,

Bob Ross


Just finished Deans' book 'Profit From Real Estate Right Now!' Saw this group and figured I'd join. I am an Army veteran. I was stationed at Fort Bragg for 5 years as a Special Operations soldier (Psychological Operations Specialist (Airborne)) Looking forward to talking with some of you and getting ahead with Dean's strategies. Thanks.


In hope this group takes off!

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