Dean's Inner Circle

Dean's Inner Circle is a special group of people that is joined by invite only. The general criteria we look for to bring people into the Inner Circle is the following:
- 500 or more points
- All badges
- Someone who has demonstrated their real estate investment knowledge and commitment
- Someone who has actively participated to help others and grow the board

Inner Circle members have access to the private Inner Circle forum (hidden from display until you are member), where they can discuss advanced topics in REI, propose new tools or ideas, help steer the direction of, and more with other members and Dean Graziosi himself.

The Inner Circle is not meant as form of excluding regular members, but is a way to reward exceptional users in the community, garner their unfettered feedback and come up with ways to enhance the community for everyone through new systems, improvements and tools. Also, since topics may be in the realm of theory, experimental or otherwise not ready for practice by new students, it will keep confusion and contradiction a minimum so those users can focus on the proper principles.

Inner Circle members should continue posting in the public forums for most items, but use the Inner Circle forum to get feedback from Dean and other expert users, give feedback and ideas regarding the site and ways to increase their success in REI through the use of experimental strategies and tools.

Inner Circle members are also recognized for their outstanding performance through rewards.

Anyone who has met the above criteria is encouraged to contact us so we can review your history on the site and give access as warranted.

Thank you,


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DGAdmin and Dean:

I just want to thank you. I view this as a very special opportunity for me to grow and learn even more.


Thank you

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DGAdmin and Dean:

I also want to thank you for the community you have provided here. It's been very helpful to me. I am curious what it takes to earn all the badges? Is that posted somewhere or is it just a subjective decision? No prob. if it is just curious. I'd like to be a part of the inner circle. I know it may take a little time to do, but I also know that all goals are attainable.

Thanks again!

Me too!

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What does it take to earn badges. Does that also realate to the tag we all get; 'Lurker', Site Participant' etc. No-one seems to be able to answer what they mean?????????

Let us know PLEASE. I want to get there too!

Answer from 5/21/08 to same question

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I don't know if anyone answered your questions about the badges yet, but each badge is given out for different contributions a member makes and the name, such as "lurker", correlates with the number of points they have obtained. If you would like to know the name of each badge, try pointing your cursor over one, and you should be able to see the name. Don't worry about the "Lurker" title. We all started out as that.


Yeah, but it really does not tell you much!

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It does not tell us why we get the label; like I am just a 'Site Regular'? What does that imply. That I am here but not contributing much?

And how do we know what 'medals' we have to aim for to be taken seriously enough?

I know, like most things, I do over think everything.

Thanks for the information though!

patience :-)

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Smiling Don't worry about it too much. dgadmin probably won't be in again until at least tomorrow. I think they try to catch up with everything each day they check in. And there is SO much for them to read. It's kind of funny because I was a "Site Participant" for forever until, suddenly, one day I was scooted right up to DG Superstar. And then they started the Inner Circle, to which I was given the honor of being a part.
If you look through the forums, you'll notice the different titles (levels). To me it never mattered much because I was just here to learn and to share. One day I had noticed my badges and was like "Oh? Thank you." I'm not sure what the criteria are for each, but just keep doing what you're doing. Be a good site contributer (meaningful information and encouragement) and you'll keep moving up.

Best wishes to everyone.



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When you step foot out and start working on some deals, even "practice" ones, that goes a long way in showing your dedication and determination. DG likes to see people in action, not just wishing. Then you'll have some great experiences to share in here, too, and help others catch the spirit. Smiling

Give it your all, everybody! You'll be glad you did!


Thank You DG Admin....

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I just wanted to thank the Admin and Inner Circle Superstars for their support and confidence in me! I will hold this position with the highest respect and integrity that I hold myself to. Let me just say that my input had NOTHING to do with merits or badges. It was simply that I truly enjoy helping others! I have done deals, and I do have experience. Although, I lost my confidence that doesn't mean I lost the knowledge I've gained. Being a part of the DG family gave me my confidence back and for that I'm eternally grateful.
God Bless All The DG Family!!
Elena M. Laughing out loud

Elena, that is so true!

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Being here on this site gives a person SO much more confidence. It is really like having that wind beneath your wings. You think about everyone's support as you're out there trying to find or seal a deal. It really motivates me in all my decisions lately!
So glad to have Dean and everyone here.
Congratulations, Elena.


We're glad to have YOU!

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We're all so glad to have YOU girl! You're always encouraging and motivating us all!! I for one think we're blessed to have you here, you're a huge part of the DG family and don't forget that!

Thank you so much,
Momma E. Laughing out loud

You both are awesom and am

You both are awesom and am glad that you are here. love you both Lilie

We Love You Too Lilie!!

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You're as much a Superstar as any one here Lilie. You're always helping and supporting everyone. We love having you here, you're a BIG part of the DG family and I'm very very proud of you!!
Momma E Laughing out loud


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You are so sweet. You bring a smile to the site, and you and Elena just rock with confidence and kindness.


So do you girlie!!

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Rina, you rock it yourself there girl!

Elena ;D

Rina Mamma E

You are the best you always bring my spirits up.

Momma R

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You do the same for me and probably everyone else here! You are such an awesome lady and it shows everytime you post something. That's why I keep comin' back....
Momma E. Laughing out loud

User Titles

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Titles are based on the number of posts (not replies to posts, but new topics) you create. Off the top of my head, they change after the following new topics have been created:

Thank you, dgadmin.

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That is VERY helpful to know.


Ref. New Member

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Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Joe and lived in Central Florida. I am new RE investor. Altough, I had purchase houses in the past, but never as an investment purpose. I am looking to learn from all of you, and share some experiences as well. I been reading Dean's books and I am very impressed... I have many other courses on RE, but I believe that his books are more appropiate for this time and season of RE market. Again, thanks for letting me be part of this group!


JG Ayala "Joe"


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So DGAdmin is giving out the badges like medals and so on, right?

Or am I wrong?

Great Benefit - Inner Circle

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Thank you for explaining the inner circle. I am still learning about everything the DG website has to offer and still trying to find out how to get badges and be more of an active user. Each day I get more excited because I find out somenthing new on the DG website. I am so thrilled to be able to participate and it is something I wish I would have joined long ago. I hope one day to be part of the inner circle. I believe it makes the world a better place to share knowledge and inspiration. Good luck on all your deals! Believe and Achieve! Smiling

Inner circle

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Looking foward to advancing to a continued opportunity of learning. To being even more inspired! Continued success........Lubertha

Man I cant be a member! I

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Man I cant be a member! I have 460 points and 1 extra medal but not for one minute do I think I can't become a member because I can do anything I set my mind onto! Eye-wink Smiling

I’m not going to do a deal

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I’m not going to do a deal till I’m older! My credit is going to be clean like a Windex window lol! Any way I’m not going to do a deal because I can’t afford to mess up! I hear all over messing up is good for you it helps you learn! But I want to learn so I won’t mess up! Or learn on other people mistakes (I know it sounds mean but you can learn from other peoples mistakes) I’m just going to keep on studying and learning! Smiling

All I need is the rest of

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All I need is the rest of the badges and Im a inner circle member! Ill have a record of being the youngest member! YAY!

Newbie.......needs help!

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In WA State and have a lot of opportunities here.
But I'm a Real Estate agent and I'm not sure how thin of a line it is for me to Invest and not have a conflict of interest.
I want to do Lease Option purchase and Suject To's. Then whole Sale them off. Whats the first thing to do?
Find Investor home buyers?
Have pre-recorded messages on voice mail and website?
Tie-up properties?
Find a good tile company who can close all?
[edit: please do not post phone numbers or emails]


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Hi Everyone, I am really excited about recently joining the Academy and the things I am learning. I have the drive and commitment to become an inner circle member, however, my progress is much slower than I anticipated. Regardless, I will be relying on the expertise of all of you and look forward to one day helping others in the same way.


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Congratulations on joining the Academy! All that matters is that you are on the right track. Arriving to your destination at your pace is ok! Much success to you...........Lubertha


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Thank You very much for the encouragment. It is much appreciated.

thank you all

i will soon join you all, i have not been on ths site to long but i love it all the energy and all the support all of you have and give to everyone here.

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