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Anita Wilson
Southern California
About Me: 

greetings everyone:

I have been on this site almost since it was opened and all I can say is that I have encounters success beyond imagination.

Not only have I acquired massive real estate investment knowledge, skills and education but I have found a second family - my family and fellow Graziosians. I have also increased my net worth by hundreds of thousands fold, and you can do it too.

I have done multiple deals in everything from assignments, lease options, notes, owner finance and even some using PML and HML monies.

I am going to keep this short but I want everyone who reads this to know that I would never have achieved all that I have without Dean's books. BE A REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE is like my second bible. It goes everywhaere with me and even as successful as I have been in REI, I still use it to refer to and still learn something new everytime I open it.

Much success to you all!

Becoming A Real Estate Millionaire!

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Got it...thanks

now I understand. Thanks again. Have a PROFITABLE day!!

Reaching out for help

Hello My name is Dashaun & I'm new & looking for someone who can point me in the right direction. I have questions about how exactly to get started. I'm reading Deab's book (Be A Real Estate Millionaire) and I'm reading and learning a lot of things. But I'm anxious to get started and try to make this work. Can you give me some advise on how exactly how to get started & what steps to follow. If you read the how long after you got the book did you get started. I'm just anxious & trying to see what steps to follow. I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you.

Newbie On The Block

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Hi Anita (and everyone else here) Im new here, very motivated, but easily overwhelmed so I thank you ahead of time for putting up with me! Smiling I will be visiting often and learning as much as I can. Just reading all the posts here and everywhere else here has been sooooooooooooooo informative and I cant believe how much and how fast I'm learning. Im still excited, I understand the footwork involved and I'm almost ready to take action. I cant wait. Thanks for being here Anita!

P.S. My username comes from Spongebob its the squirrel's name tyvm Smiling


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You are most welcome and I am honored to b able to help those on here that I have. So just drop me a line if you need me.

Diamond in the Rough

Hi Anita I'm also new at this but I followed your advise on the last conference call and went out there looking for houses. I just found one house, a legal two family in a desirable neighborhood with an additional one bedroom unit attached to the house plus a full lot (50 x 100)next to the house as bonus. It needs some work but nothing major. The asking price is below market price for a regular two family in this neighborhood. I'm putting a finishing touch on the lease option contract but my biggest issue now is how to find an investor to reassign this property to. I don't have money to fix it for me to rent it out(which would have been more profitable) but I can reassign it, get some money and move on. What do you suggest?

Hi Anita

I haven't been on the site for awhile. I have been doing alot of reading and studying with the Think A Little Different Kit. I just logged in today and noticed you responded to the comment I made on one of your threads. I did email you back in May on your personal email and never recieved a response so I didn't bother you anymore. Maybe you didn't recieve it. Well I would still love to contact you via email if possible. I am ready to get out there but just need a little guidance on my first deal. Hopefully we can talk and I will explain my situation. You are a rock star!! I am so happy to hear you are doing awesome. You are reaping all the love and support you have sowed. Monica

Title Searching Question For Ya

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Thanks Anita for everything! Here is my question: Dean had a few links to some sites that he rec for title searching online that provided only the info we here really need, I checked them out but the links are old and the sites are either outdated or no longer there. Do you have any suggestions to others that could help me. As I dont want to drive to the courthouse everytime if I dont have too, know what I mean? I have also been looking through google but there are a hundred thousand title searching companies. Thanks again for anything and everything.



you said i was replied to another location... the only replies that i had received was that i was posted in the wrong area....???

this site is a bit confusing...

where do i post where i can get real help...

i can't even find what dean has to offer... all i have is a book and website address... and a property that is ready to close but one thing

The 4 Stages...

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Anita, just joined the DG family this week and while I haven't received his book yet, I have been reading constantly on the forum sites...

Your name consistently comes up...your answers are right on the money AND you balance the knowledge with perspective/experience AND motivation/ riding a bicycle, it is almost impossible to keep one's balance UNLESS you are going somewhere...YOUR BALANCED ANSWERS TELL ME THAT YOU ARE CLEARLY MOVING AND IN FACT ARE "GOING SOMEWHERE"!

Thank you for sharing about your son as my children are my particular, your story about him saving your life and the quiet lessons he gives you from time to time are priceless...

Take care, Thanx Again, and God bless, wib

yo ant...

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frogot to tell you, remember when you told me to call the 3 credit bureus and contest or what ever you call it, the items on my credit report, well i did, and poof!! waaalaaa, gone, see ya, 3 negative pieces of credit are now gone(erased!) so, in turn my score has been going up, gotta thank ya, sweets, YOUR HERO, SULLY..Sticking out tongue

Thank you.

Thanks for your response today re- and/or assigns. You're one in a million.

hey you....

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how have you been feeling? You know you can drop me a line once in a while.....? Sticking out tongue YOUR BOY, SULLY.

re: sully

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Hey sully, I am good just tying up some loose ends. I will update you next week.

Instant Equity Exchange

Hi Anita,
My name is Michael and new to the DG family. Since being here, i've found a lot of inspiration and really learning all i can each day.

I'm sending you this mail because after hearing last years audio on the instant equity exchange, i put some ghost ad in the newspaper and have had some responses. i also have some properties at stake which i plan to work on.

At the moment, i would want to request if you could send me the invoice for the instant equity exchange, that is if you have it.

My email address is luckytawiah@**** . I would be most grateful to hear a quick response from you.

Thank you in advance


Assignment question

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Hi Anita,
I have a deal right now that is appraised at $225,000 and I offered $130,000 to the bank. I am receiving a referral of 30% from the real estate agent because I found the short sale applicant through my own advertising. Using the formula that Sully posted the other day, I have determined that my ARV+carrying costs+closing costs+fix up costs would be around $160,000. That puts me at 71% Ltv. I would like to buy and hold but am probably going to assign this one to build up more cash for future buy and hold opportunities. What would you recommend that I put as a price to assign it for and can I begin marketing the home before the short sale has gone through just to see if I have anyone interested in the property beforehand? Thanks a bunch, Troy

Hi Anita

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My name is Aniekan aka. Kanbee, and I'm looking for folks out here in Southern California. I have been reading your post, and I love how savy you are, in handling your business issues. I happen to reside in San Diego, so what part of Southern California do you reside in? I need some Southern California folks in the house.
My Regards

New in this field

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Hi Anita:
For the last couple of weeks I've been devoting a lot of time to reading the posts and all information in this website which is great! I noticed that your responses and guidance to all the users are A+++. I just received the Think a Little Different package and I'm listening to the audios, trying to get as much information as possible before I jump into deals. I noticed that you live in Lancaster, I used to live in Palmdale but I still go twice a week to visit my kids. You have a lot of experience and I would love to talk to you and also email you. I agree with the other members of this DG family, you are an inspiration!! Thank you for all your input and trust me, I'll be asking for help from you and the other members very soon.

Fellow Southern Ca

Hi Anita,
I am almost brand new to this site and I have two questions for you. Do you know of any So. Californians that are partnering together on real estate deals?
Second, I see that this site uses a point system
that gives points for each post. Is any thing earned by these points, or do they just show the degree one posts on the site? Thanks in advance for your reply. Pas. Greg

check out this

hi im just wondering if you could give me some help oh this one check out the i need help forum its posted by me and since i respect your opinion i was wondering if you had any ideas on the subject it would help me alot for it looks like the best deal ive seen so far here in cleveland thanks in advance anita

hi anita

hey my names temeka shaw and i just started with this program and i don't know where to start i'm in a small town ripley, tennessee i need help i have been in bankrup for almost 2 year's i want to be able to pay my self out of it. i have two little kid's my son is 7 and my little girl just turned 1 so if you could please help me thank's temeka shaw


Hello Anita,I'm new at this and I just had a question. I saw a house with a for sale sign. It has the # and name of the peron but under his name it says broker. can i lock and reasign this property?

Hi Anitarny

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You have some great suggestions and experiences to share. I had read that you sold one of your LLC and did well with it when it sold becaus eyou had good business credit.

I have a duns paydex of 72 currently. I did have an 80, but had some late pays. I was wondering how and where I could avertisie it to sell if I can profit from it. I have 4 LLC and two S-CORPS. I have business credit with staples, lowes, home depot, mobil. I been unsucessful getting a business cr4edit card due to my personal credit. All business CREDIT CARDS require personal guarantee, like american express or visa/mastercard. It is very easy to get a business commercial card if you have been in business for over two years, but getting credit cards is not easy because of the personal guarantee.


How do we get financeing now that the economy is so bad and you need almost perfect credit to obtain a loan Thanks




With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, there should be many wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving just as a way of saying thank you for all that you have shared on this website. Happy Thanksgiving Pas. Greg


My name is Andrea, I just read one of your recent posts. I am new to this and very eager to get started. I dont know which way is up right now, I feel like I have an information overload. If it is not too much trouble I was wondering if I could touch base with you and maybe get pointed in the right direction. I know that 1st. I contact a fellow investor tell them I would like to know what type of properties they are looking they pay a finders fee ( i guess I would try to make several contact like that) 2nd I find a pre forclosed property..but how? where do I look for that?Is there a certain type of listing I should be using?

3rd after finding a property I contact the owner? I think...not sure...ask if they are selling, ask if I could buy their house today for cash could we make a deal 20% below the market value or the price that the county gave me that they bought the house for.

4th if yes its a deal I sign paperwork? Promissory Note? How do I ask Them If I can do this? Is this just something that is automatically available?If yes, I sign and/or assigns after my name? I use the contract to reassign form for I present this doc to them? Is there a time limit associated with this that I should include? If I have my questions answered to this point I think I can make a move...again I have just gotten started this week, but I have a non believing husband and want to get on the fast track so as not to get discouraged.

If you have time to answer all of this it would be greatly appreciated.....If not, please forward this to someone who might be able to help me with the beginning basics....Again THANK YOU so much for your time!

Best Wishes to you!

please offer me some guidance

hello, i am a newbie to the this site and to the real estate arena and would like to ask for some guidance on a property close to my home. i don't know much about this so all advice is welcomed. My question is if Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is on the sign in front of the condo,does that mean that they own the property? what should my first step be? the property is in excellent shape as far as i can see. i would like to purchase the condo and lease it, but i have no money. is there a way around it?

the whole real estate lingo is pretty much a foreign language to me and i honestly do not know what i should say or who i should say it to. ALL ADVISE IS VERY MUCH WELCOMED!
thanks in advance

Hi Anita

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I have seen you very active on the sight at one time. I have been reading all the posts here and can only say you are a blessing for all in the DG family to have. I hope you are feeling well. I just noticed you are not on much lately. I have become one of Rina's new projects lately. Of course she didnt ask for a project. I just kinda keep buggin her.Smiling Well just wanted to wish you well and let you know your posts have been missed.

Hi Anita

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I noticed your post about LLCs and was wondering how you wen t about selling that one LLC that you had for 15K. Did you know someone interested already or did you advertise it.

Thanks In Advance,



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I know we have you seen you on the forum lately and I read somewhere that you were dealing with health issues, so I thought I would just email you a prayer.

Father God, we come ask for forgiveness of our sins, God I come in Jesus name asking for healing fo Anita's body/mind/spirit. God I don't know what is going on and I don't need to know but you God know it all and we give it all to you. Thank you God in advance for your will being done in Anita's life. Amen

Checking up on you

Hi my friend, just stopping by to check up on you. I hope and pray that everything is going well for you and your family. I haven't talked to you in a while and just making sure that you are doing well. Take care and know that i'm praying for you, Lloyd

sheriffs deed

You seem toknow alot about bus. and realestate so I was wondering if you can help me.... What is a notice of sheriff sale, and a sheriffs deed as well as a tax deed?? and how can I find out who the owner of the property is??? Thanks a bunch

Newbie, Stacy

Sent you an email...

hello Anita

I have sent you an email. Hope to hear from you Smiling

The Local, Regional and National Factors

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My Name is Gerard, and I would like to know how to determine what market is all the local, regional and national factors in?

Also, are there websites to go to, that can help determine the factor cycles?

such as ,job Growth, Migration, Path of development, new construction...

Also for , interest rates, inflation, flow of funds, business cycles, cataclysmic events...

Please help me, i need a little bit of guidance


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Do a search for *market trends* also check local papers

Thank you so much anita ;*

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Thank you so much...

I'm a beginner so it's all overwhelming for my...

hello there

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I saw your video about your success. My hubby and I are new to real estate. I just finished dean's second book there is still a lot of stuff that I am unsure about. I would like to know where do I start. Where did you start, if you don't mind my asking. How long did it take you to do your first deal,what was your first deal. Any advise you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Hello There

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Nice to have you here. I have not been as active as I would like, as of late, but I am planning on doing

Anyway, all I can tell you is that I just had no other option and I jumped right in heads first within days of getting Deans book. I started off with an owner finance deal and here is the story on that one. check it out and see if it helps you

Hi! We are new here!

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Hi Anita! My name is Regina. Just writing to say hi to someone here had read some of your stuff so figured I'd start here. Hope you don't mind. My Husband and I just started reading Deans book and I just signed into this website and started checking things out a few days ago. We are very interested in "doing it" but have no clue (yet Smiling) Got a phone call to join the academy but are scared to spend the money without knowing more about it so we plan to ask the caller more questions. We just moved to Aiken SC last June and hope to make a living with REI. I will put a bit about us in my profile soon. We are just hoping that joining the Academy will help us as we need to do this asap! It is very scary when you don't know much about real estate on top of living in a new state and not knowing anyone. Any insight on joining the academy would be great.
Many thanks Regina

re: Regina

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Welcome to the site, contact me if you need assistance

Can u give me some guidance?

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I have deans book and $30 and $10 on my phone to my name. I have chosen assignments as the best way to start. Should I line up Buyers or Sellers frist.
Any guidance you can offer will be most appreciated thank you for your time.


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Hi Anita,
Many thanks for the "welcome" We are getting closer to finishing Deans book and just started looking into the AFF. We are excited!

Still have not joined the one on one class "Academy" we have little money to spend so we want to make sure we put it in the right place.

We look forward to having a new family with the Dean family. We feel we are in a good spot to start this.
It is a good feeling to finally be looking into a program to learn about something you know very little about so you can live a dream, and for once there are actually human beings on the other end and tons of learning tools! Amazing!! There is so much awesome material here we are having fun trying to figure what is best for us to read to jump start us because it is all good. Smiling

Have a great day and thanks again!
Regina & Dave

I need help to move next step

Hi Anita,

I just signed up for the forum this week and noticed you are very very good helping people..

I just finished Dean's book and I am afraid to go to next step .. I have the AFF program that helps me find pre forclosure and forclosed homes but i don't know my next step. Do I contact the owner ?..lots of question Smiling I started my 1-800 number yesterday and trying to do marketing but what if i get buyer want to sell ..what form do i need to use to lock up the deal with no money down and still keep the owner happy untill I assign the deal to some one else ....I need Help


Anita, congratulation on your new purchase! I'm so proud of you and you deserve every success that comes your way. Thank you for being such a good friend and looking forward of seeing you in Phoenix.



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hey anita i just wnted to say i think you have great comments and advice. you seem like an upbeat person. i wish you all the best in your success with real estate. if i ever have a question i would definately ask you. but i get so much info just reading what's already there. thanks anita you incourage me.


Hi Anita,

I read your story. Congratulations.
You are sure an inspiration. Looking forward to all your shared experiences and insights.



Thanks Anita

I know you don't know me but I wanted to say thank you!! I am also from Southern California and your such a inspiration. Hope one day to follow in footsteps and be as successful at this as you.

hey pastor greg

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where you been. i have ot seen you around for a while and i hope all is well.


Help I need some Guidence

Hey im new 2 this i noticed u have been helping people on this website and i was wondering if maybe u can help me also. I have bought Deans book about a month ago it took me a week to finish it .But a problem im having is how do i start what do i do next i have no money or job and i really wanna get things done asap .Im not gonna lie though after i've been looking for Realtor to help me out they wouldn't help me cuz of me not having any income for myself. Im in need for some sort of motivation or push to get me going because i don't wanna make any mistakes and i wanna head towards the right direction. I am 22yrs old ill be turning 23 in a few days and i always wanted to be like a entrepreneur and ive been doing research and it make so much sense right now to get in to real estate that was the reason for me purchasing the book because i wanna make a change for my family but this setback of not having money or any job at all is making me feel bad. I really need some help i am looking forward to any suggestions on how to get something started to someone who have no money at all get started on making a deal for the first time.



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I met you at Dean's Live Event today in Phoenix, and asked about your assignment deal where you made $14K in about 10 hours of work. Have been looking for your exact recipe on the site, but cannot locate it. Not very good navigating yet. Where can I find the exact steps you used to make that deal happen? If you'd be so kind, I'd appreciate it. See you tomorrow for another great day of absorbing!!!


Eddie Kilthau (Little Pro)