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Portland OR and (someday) Phoenix AZ
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I have been married since 1993 and have seven wonderful kids! I have been involved with real estate since 1998, but have never made it big! I would love to get some residual income from rental properties and make some large hits from flipping. Someday I would love to pay off my home and have NO personal debt from credit cards, car loans, etc. I have never followed a system, like Dean's, and need to get involved with a mentor that can really help me get solid and profitable on a permanent basis in real estate!!

Real estate and networking - not very good but trying! Love to be with my wife and 7 kids (4 girls and 3 boys from 2-16 years old) and spend time outdoors! Would love to get financially free through real estate investing!!

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Real estate investor
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Hello Stuart,

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I only have a moment so I will get back to you another time, too, but I wanted to let you know I got your message and appreciate the opportunity to work with other people.

I do not yet have a realtor, but I have a list of about 200 offices that I am supposed to sart calling in the coming days/weeks. When I get set up, I'll let you know!

Meanwhile, if you are a buyer (I am not myself, currently), I would like to add you to my buyers list. If his is okay with you, PM me and I'll point you where to go!



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I am only buying in Portland OR right now - soon to be in Arizona once I have some contacts there and get my funding set up.

Let me know if you come across some good realtors - we can always use more contacts!


Hey Stuart,

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How are those deals coming along? Have you gotten your copy of BAREM? There's definitely a lot of good basic info in there, especially for people like me who have never invested. I've read through much of it twice now!



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I saw your post to Stuart and would like to make contact. I am new to the site and do not know the correct procedure. Could you PM me regarding same?


Michael D Leinert

Hows it going


I just moved to the Portland area from Hawaii and seem you'r also an investor..I have been finding some good deals and would love to add you to my list if anything i find matches your needs..let me know if your still interested in real estate

Hi Portland

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How's things Stuart?

Have you moved to the Phoenix area yet and what's been happening for you and your family lately?

Just curious and wishing you well!