No Sight But Tons Of Vision

As I write this blog, or rather dictate this - I ponder how far and how blessed I have been. Not just in my personal life but in my real estate life, as well.

On August 23, 2009, I lost my eyesight and can no longer see. I could have chalked this up as another road block in my life as well as a road block in my REI career - But I didn't and I don't.

I decided not to stress and get upset about something I could not control, but what I COULD control was my drive. This blindess that I now experience, has not drove me into a bought of depression or self pity or even made me feel like a failure or that I can no longer do the things I do anymore.

How can I view a property now, you say? How can I see the big picture in a run down house when I can't even see the house? How can I even think about contiuing in real estate when I can't see? Well I have a better question fo you - HOW CAN I NOT?

This lack of sight has only seemed to push my drive, motivation and determination even further. I will not stop REI, I will not stop hosting my SoCal Real Estate Investors Club Meetings, I will not stop scouting properties and making deals and I certainly will not letthis minor hurdle in my life deter me from the things that make me happy, make me successful nor make me thankful.

And yes, I am thankful. I am thankful I am still alive. I am thankful I still have my other senses. I am thankful I build such a solid and depedable team around me and I am thankful that I am nt a weak person, because if I was I would simply roll over and feel sorry for myself and eventually FAILURE would be my ONLY option.

Now if you are wondering whay I am writing this, let me tell you. I don't post as much as I use to but don't think I don't read this forum everyday. I see so many of you on here that are scared, discouraged and unsure. STOP IT!

Yes, I said STOP IT! - if all the things I have gone through have not beaten me down and made me feel like throwing in the towel then don't you do it either. Let me tell you what I have been doing this last week (even not being able to see).

1. I have negotiated a bulk deal on 4 more houses on same street in Alabama - all with owner financing and only 500.00 down per home.

2. I have put in 2 offers and got them both accepted on 2 SFR in Pensacola, FL.

3. I have found a new Private Money Lender that will finance my deals outside of Cali.
4. I have installed a voice activated software on my computer that will allow me to not miss a step. I can do everything on my computer that a sighted person can do except create a powerpoint presentation. And in case you did not know, I use to teach computer instruction to the blind, so I was not exactly a novice to the possibilities.

I guess what I am saying is, ...don't let obstacles, no matter how big or how small, discourgae you from trying, succeeding or evening thinking about change - JUST DO IT.

I did!


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You never ever fail to impress me. Your dedication and resolve are greater than any I have ever seen. I know you will find a way to succeed and accomplish all your goals. You are such an inspiration to all of us. I am proud to have you as a friend.

God Bless You, Al

Thank you AL

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I have missed you. I am proud to be your friend as well. Hey, I have some more rferrals for you - how did that one work out


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Thanks for the referal. (I was going to send you a PM, but there was not a link on your page) I think We may be able to make something work with Donna. I have sent her some listings that fit her needs. Thanks again, Al

reply AL:

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Al can you send me any bulk listings you come across - I have some good buyers lined up for them.

Bulk listings

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Anita, you are an inspiration. I came across some bulk listings. They are not in California. Do you want me to forward them to you?


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You are the most amazing person.
I thank you for all that you do and the motivation you brought to so many of us. I knew after talking to you that this wouldn't slow you down. I was talking to mom after speaking to you and I told her that Anita will probably find a way to get back on the computer. Well, a minute later, there you where.
Anita we all love you & glad you found a way to keep your REI dreams going.
I'll see you Friday and expect a big hug from me.

You're a the toughest!

I don't know exactly what happened to you that caused you to lose your eyesight. But I still hope and pray for you that you will find a cure somewhere, have faith! What socked me (not just moved me) was your attitude toward what you want to achieve in life no matter what happened! I have to say honestly it has been long time since I was deeply wakened last time by the great things other people have done, like what you're doing, now and look deep in myself and ask what I want to do with my life? There is no excuses worth even mentioning any more when compared to the difficulties you have to deal with.

winny and Jason

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thank you guys for such kind words. i only hope that my experiences will help someone else

You are amazing!

You are amazing Anita and you are such an inspirational to all of us. No matter what obstacles and road blocks you have come acrossed with, you have always taken with a positive attitude and never complain about it. I have so much love and respect for you Anita, and i pray that you continue to find success in REI, and may God's blessing be upon you and bring back your eye sight. I'm honor to be your friend and blessed to have known you!


re: lloyd

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thanks Lloyd, my island royalty. I apprecate that. Call me this week so I can tell you about the latest deals I am working on


Where do I even begin? Your inspiration is amazing. I am going to print out your post and hang it in front of my computer. Every time I feel like saying "This sucks" or "It's not going to happen" I am going to read your post for inspiration. It has been a long road for myself and my buddy Jason, but I know we will get the deals done. We have to just keep doing until it happens. When it happens, I know Jason and I will hit the motherlode. This will happen because you inspire us to keep doing. You are a special woman and I only wish blessings in your life.

Your friend,

Kimmy J
Press on...

You are a very special

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You are a very special person nothing seams to stop you. I can't wait to see you Friday!

Super Star!

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When I got your email, post I just wanted to let you know that you are my hero, and I am very blessed to have met you at the very first meeting, You are my homegirl and You have my back girl. See ya friday.


Hi Anita!

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Wow, I was saddened to hear you lost your sight but totally encouraged by you strong will! You words of encouragement & triumph will ring in my ears every day! Thank you!


kimmy, patricia, lily and dawn

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you guys are awesome yourself. thanks for the encoragement but my inspiration comes from those around me - you guys. lets just keep doing IT!


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You are truly an inspiration! Your post has come at a time when I was feeling sorry for myself. I have whining because I haven't done my first deal yet, boy do I feel stupid. Thank you so much for taking the time t post your story, it has encouraged me to keep pushing forward. I'm also looking for some bulk deals for you here in Southern California.

Pulling this thread back up in case you missed it.

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Is case some of you don't know Anita Wilson, She is one of the 1st to join Deans website & contribute many years on here. She has helped many of us keep the motor running.
If you have been inspired by Anita, Please comment & let her know. She deserves it.


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Anita, your strength and determination are beautiful and extremely inspiring. I wish you continued success and prayers for good health in the years to come.


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I don't know what to say to this dear sister. I've been out of the loop due to my own obstacles, but hearing about you makes mine seem so insignificant now. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. May we all have your strength and preserverance to overcome our own obstacles with such dignity and grace. Thank you for sharing this news with us, WE LOVE YOU!
God bless you,

Hey Anita

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You are an inspiration to us all. My thoughts are with you. Everyday you bring much needed inspiration to people on this forum and everyone that you come into contact with.

Speak soon,

It is not over until it is over

Anita, you are and continue to be a backbone to us here on the DG site. I would never forget the love, support and encouragement you gave me from the very beginning on this site. I am still optimistic, that the lost of sight is not the end all. Miracles do happen. You are admired and loved by all. You were there for us and we will be here for you. It is evident that you do not need empathy. you desired despite your challenge is for all to be successful and to stop whining. You continue to teach us to be strong, determined, vigilant, inspired to act and get the job done. After reading your post, I became angry, not with you but with myself to think that we complain so much when we should be continually thanking God for what we have now. Anita you know how much I love you and I pray that God will perform that special miracle and restore your sight. I will continue to keep you in my prayer. God Bless.


Anita, I am moved by your

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I am moved by your attitude & am learning from you how to not let obstacles get in my way. This is the first I have seen this post & wish you all the best.

I learned a lot tonight at your meeting & will be calling on you to be sure I have all my details straight. I plan to get a lease option in the works before next month's meeting.

Thanks for all you inspiration & knowledge. It is so greatly appreciated.

Be well,

Your a greatly loved !!!

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Hi Anita,
Thank You for being you. A true inspiration we all love and admire! We wake up everyday not knowing what each day will bring. Sometimes life throws us things that are difficult. But you have showed us the depth of your strength and faith in God. I will always believe you will continue to be the success that you are. Your a light that shines bright Anita! Your a walking powerful testimony of faith! Continue to celebrate your life just as you are doing. Always, your DG friend.......Lubertha

You Guys..

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It really nice to know that you are thought about by so many people. You guys keep me in a place where I KNOW I am loved and I think my family here on is simply AWESOME.

I cant say that loosing my sight never gets me down, it does,, but since failure has never been an option with me - I just suck it p and keep going.

Last night the meeting was great - I love all of my meeting goers, you guys rock. I hope to have some realy great success stories t report on here next month - so lets wait and see.

Well I have to run but thank you all and have a wonderful day


You have got to be one of the most inspirational persons I have never met. Hope I get to at the next meeting! You are truly amazing when it comes to positive thinking and I wish you the very best.

keep your head up

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I echo everyone's thoughts. You have helped out a lot all of us newbies and that includes me. I been trying for a few months to get my first deal and some times it gets frustrating. But when you have that much courage and optimism , it only makes the rest of us look like whiners. May you and your family prosper in everything . God bless!


Keep it Going

Anita, you're one of a kind, very brave person that I have ever met on line. You're very motivational inspite of your personal situation. You inspired a lot of the Dean's family. If our friend Anita could do it, I don't see any reason why others can't. You have my prayer my friend that someday you can see better and meet your Dean's family in person. Believe it you will have a brighter and a better eyesight in the future. Dom...

You Inspire Me Anita

Thank you for your inspirational words. As a disable veteran who suffers from frequent headaches disorder, I can relate to your disability.

Like you, I have overcome obstacles and accomplish my educational goals. Today, I have a BS and MBA plus 2 beautiful children.

When I hear people say that they cannot go to school or take the time to educate themselves, I tell them that If I could do it they can too.

Anita, I am new to the REI business. I purchased Dean's book back in June and although I have not made any deals yet, I know that it will happen soon. I just have to overcome my fears to rejection.

Thank you and please continue to bless others with your words of wisdom.

Temple Hills, MD

Thanks You Helped Me Make A Important discussion

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Dear Anitarny.

Howdy From The West!

You don't Know me I am trying to get in to this kind of field. I very seldom write comments like this, I'm better face to face if you Know what I mean! I'm so sorry to her about your new illness with your eyes. I to am suffering from annoying eye problem myself these days. I can see colors but not clearly, and I am not able to read books, like Dean's new book.

When I read your new blog about how your eye site was not going to slow you down form becoming a REI millionaire, I was so impress with your courage, will to carry on, it inspired me to order Dean's New Book.

So I called dean's team and bought his book on audio Ebook so I can hear all the details of this great product.

Oh by the way if you need to read any article from the web, just do what I have been doing for years on my first computer, just cut and paste the article or blog and go to your Email, compose letter, then paste the article in the message box, and then go to the Start button, Accessories, accessibility, narrator then click on the side of the message body, then the text box and listen to any article you would like to read,
for (Free)!

When I write any articles for the web I can listen to the article and make shore I typed the right words and that my pronunciation are right. This is how I have been reading all articles I need to read on the net.

I hope this information is useful.

Keep up the good work helping all of us newbies out here to becoming REI's.
Dean will be proud of you!

Always remember people like us half to rely on our loving family member sometime, to help us do certain tasks . But don't feel bad because this is good thing, for they need the blessing from (God) to enrich their lives.

I apologize for any spelling error's.

As Roy would say!
(Until we me again! )

Thanks for Blessing Us with Inspiration

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God Bless you. You really put things in perspective for me today and I have to thank you for showing me as well as others that "ANY OBSTACLE" is only as big as you allow them to be. I have been struggling to take action in REI. But today I have no excuses anymore. If you can do what you have done without your eye sight there is no reason I can't do. God Bless you again you could not have said it any better. For all that doubt themselves this is a true testiment of "Will Power"


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