Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #329 - What a crappy story!

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean has a very blunt and powerful message for everyone watching... The story you tell yourself on a daily basis that may be holding you back from living the life you wanna live is B.S. That's right, it's a crap story!

And this week Dean wants to help you realize that where you are in life right now, and where you want to be in life, can be blocked off by something as stupid and as simple as the negative stories you tell yourself on a daily basis.

So watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom and let Dean help you change your story from one of doubt and excuses, to one of empowerment and success!

This is a must watch...

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aaron-n-suzy's picture

No sir don't tell me I cant do this....

That's what im talking about...Yes I have my story like all of us on this site, that's why im here...

We can do this if we get our mindset right, know what we want and go get it!!

Tell it the way it is.

I know what I want..



is "can i do this ?" "does this work where I live ?". Carleton kept me motivated til DEAN came along and said hey walt come on go with me i will show you how to do it.
It's really awesome and life changing to have dean there is no greater real estate educator on the planet TRULY !!!

the reason i got over it was dean convinced me it works but you have to take MASSIVE ACTION. !!!!!!!!!!

Thank You DEAN.


Great WW

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

I have heard this advice from you before but it never hurts to grind it in to your brain because of life I think we need to hear this story again and again. A mind is a funny thing, we do tell ourselves things that are negative all throughout the day but I've found that positive affirmation will allow your brain to stop completely during those times and bring you back to a positive state of mind. And as we all know, repetition is key in trying to accomplish anything in life.
Thanks Dean,

Sounds Great!

You're absolutely CORRECT...It's very easy to buy into our own little story that we tend to believe...HOWEVER......Here's what I'm dying to know...After trying the items I've listed below, I have had minimal success...please tell me what will increase my chances for success.

So I go out and search for F S B O'S first.

Call the number listed and get info on the property.
The price, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and
square footage?
Then, I ask how long has has it been in the market for and
why are you selling it?
Then you ask the owner if that's their lowest price?
Then, you do the research online at or at
the county records?
Then you do the comps on similar properties that
have recently sold in the last 6 months?
Then you contact seller to see their home and
make an offer at 50-70% less than the market value
BUT, now your suppose to subtract the repairs that
the house will need from the offer you make?
Then, if they agree to your terms, you assign a
contract with an exit strategy and you begin to
market and put up your for sale sign, AND contact
Investors, HML, Post on Craigslist, and DG.COM Right?

Ok, but how do I convince SELLER to say YES? I mean,
won't they just be turned off? Won't they just go with
the highest bidder? What if they don't honor the terms
and just back out at the last minute? If I take massive
action, duplicate this and make tons of offers, how do I
control this type of juggling act?
Do I make sense? Are my questions valid? If I need to move
fast and sell even would I be able to make this
I have to assume that there are very successful investors out
there that could give me some sound advice...I am open to ALL
great ideas and methods that WILL work...?

Will somebody, ANYBODY on Dean's team please contact me ASAP...Thank you.


As one high school administrator who came from a family of drugs and alcoholic parents said we all have a story to tell.What we do with that story means a lot who we are and where we want to go, oh yes we all have in us the strength to over come what we have been through, we have to be hungry enough with a strong desire and commitment to want to do better, so strong we can taste it, that HUGH WHY and I will stay at it till I succeed and I will search till I have found the right stuff to make it come true.Every day is a new start and to keep building on what we worked on yesterday but to day is what really counts.Every morning we need that little kid in us, so excited to see on how the day will unfold unto us but we have to be willing to look, seek and make it all come about, life is a journey, just because yesterday was not so good today can be awesome, we all have greatest in us, those seeds are there, we need to keep watering and cultivating them and they will come out and grow.So much talent waste buy our past, seize the moment, seize the day, we were born for great things to happen to us and those around us, OH POOR ME WONT DO, THATs BEEN DEAD FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!NO ROOTs THERE!!!!We have so much good stuff in us, explore , dig and use it, its THERE, its THERE, FIND THE COURAGE SEEK, SEARCH AND FIND AND USE, gain KNOWLEDGE take ACTION =RESULTS BUT WE NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN, WE ALL HAVE IN US, FORGIVE THE PAST AND MOVE ON, MUCH SUCCESS!!!! SINCERELY, Jim ( thanks Dean we need that)

Stinking thinking

Ray28CT's picture

I have close family members who believe the limiting stories they create in their own lives. I always try to get them to quit the stinking thinking but its hard for them to do because this is the way they have been thinking for so long. Like Tony Robbins say "Divorce your story and marry the truth".

Only You Can Change You

michaelmangham's picture

Sometimes people prefer to live in the lie than to get going and make the changes needed. It is easier for them! This is so sad! There are always excuses. I don't have money, I have to work to pay the bills and I don't have the time change. After everything is taken care of THEN I can change my life.
Dean, I hope your WW helps someone change that negative mindset!!


Mindset again

SeattleDan's picture

You must watch your are the only one that knows them and the only one that can see, believe, disbelieve or change them..I'm to old becomes, I have now...I cant find a deal becomes I might find a deal...I dosent work is ..they're doing it.. Mark Twain cant recite each person the story of Tom Sawyer so he wrote it down....The Real Estate Knowledge is Written Down...for personal guidance you'll need a mentor. til you believe you wont proceed..

Retooling Yourself

BrianNorris01's picture

To stay in business we have to be innovative, creative, pushing to improve no matter what is going on in our life (obstacles). Some use those obstacles as excuses, which I did for a long time, not taking personal responsibility for my place in life or for the consequences. Always BLAMING outside circumstances for my failures, NOT ANY MORE.

Dean, listening to you, Tony Robbins, personal friends and mentors have completely changed my attitude towards everything. I still struggle each and every day, but I have control over my thoughts and focus. Incantations have helped tremendously, I do them daily.

I'm 54 been going through divorce for over a year and half, not been able to see my sons, the pain I've felt is excruciating it's hard to even describe. Suing a major automobile manufacturer over the Lemon Law, having a real estate partner lie cheat and steal from you, losing thousands of $$$$$ because I trusted them. Dumb me hand shake agreement no contracts. Other personal issues colliding down upon you at the same time almost devastated me. I fought back with the help of so many, to whom I'll be eternally grateful. I focused on my health to help improve my confidence so far I have lost 55 lbs by changing my diet and exercise at your recommendation. Been off for more than a year now. I exercise 4-5 times per week. My vitals are that of a 20 year old. I am a prime example of changing at a later age. I feel so much younger than I physically am. Thanks for all you do.


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Dean you know how to hit the nail every time , focusing in on our strengths is key and we do this by putting aside things that are of no use and a complete unnecessary part in our life. That thing being the crappy story we tell ourselves.

I told myself many a crappy story. Well I do not have someone guiding me teaching me. Then the naysayers trying to throw me off and influence new crappy stories they tell themselves that have absolutely nothing to do with me. With doubts they projected on me. " hey joel will sell you a house making so much money"

Trying to kill my enthusiasm, my passion and above all my driven. But when you came along Dean you clarified that those crappy stories have no weight or truth to them. You re-invigorated my belief and faith in my capabilities. Because being true to myself . Genuinally wanting to help people is part of my core.

What better way then helping them in one of the biggest worries. That I's life changing and makes a person ever greatful. Because of you I know I can position myself to help those homeowners and cash buyers.

And the great team you have ....


insidernotes's picture

Thank you and your team here on DG and Insider Elite which is no kidding this site on steroids !

Dean has evolved into a Man who Sows Hope, Wisdom and Knowledge

Dean you can look back and see all the positive growth of the seeds you have planted on your path in life.

I smile when I hear mention of you. It's a good feeling to know you are my fellow being.

Build your Inner Foundation Strong, Then Build your Financial Life on That Foundation of Strength.

Build on the Rock... Not on The Sand!

Dean knows it all starts from within!

I am thoroughly impressed and humbled.

As Always... To Your Success,

Needed to hear it

You must be the fly on the wall at my house. I felt like you were talking directly to me.

You can't be a victim of your circumstance

TinaScott's picture

Thank you Dean for sharing! I have had so many many many bad things happen in my life some that I didn't have any choice because I was a kid and others as an adult just making bad choices. I have to say today, 7 years ago I changed my entire life, turned from all the crazy ways and negative living, and quit being a victim of my circumstances. I finally accepted that when I put the Lord Jesus in the center of my world, NOTHING CAN STOP ME FROM ACHEIVING any goal that He wants in my life for me. I know where I am going, I know who goes before me, and I know who is with me always! I truly believe that each and every person can rise up and get past all past and very difficult and hurtful sitations in their life, I am truly living proof.

I wouldn't change a thing because I learned so much in the deepest pit in my life and now I can help so many because of it.

Tina Scott

Weekly Wisdom #329 - What a crappy story!

SKL Properties's picture

Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom.......Smiling

Negative thoughts.......= Negative Results.....

Thank You for all you do.......xo


Reaction to what a crappy story

Start out your day in a positive manner.
When you wake up proclaim your self to be the
healthiest person in the world.
Then when you start your real estate day proclaim there is no deal too difficult for you
to overcome.
You must realize that there is no circumstance that you will not eventually over come.
If a gun was placed to your head and you were told that you must do a real estate deal in 3
months, and you believed you would die unless you did, do you think you would worry about the what if's that arise? No, you would barge ahead and let nothing stop you. So get to it.

Re: Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #329 - What a crappy story!

I just had to listen again.... It's Powerful. Why isn't this taught in schools to our future community leaders? These types of messages should be required listening in all schools for all grade levels!


AndyS's picture

There's a bit of irony for me with this week's WW. I am watching it today ( Weds) which is about 4 days later then normal. My rommie had an accident tonight with a piece of furniture which required me to remove a drawer to fix the piece. In that drawer was my high school diploma ( I had actually forgotten where it was) and within the diploma were my report cards from 4th, 5th and 6th grades. So I looked at them ( for the first time in a long time) and could actually see the beginning of my demise from school( Hey, it was the 60s after all Eye-wink ) and rise to success. I also see how " The stories we tell ourselves" can be traced to then as well. What I find funny is the comment in my 6th grade report card under "Initiates activities of personal interest". In 2 of the 4 marking periods, I was given a "needs improvement" which actually makes me laugh. You see, by the time I was in 6th grade, I was already considered an expert in the field of my personal interest, by other experts!! and was becoming the creative person I remain as still today. My personal interests just weren't being taught in school. Eye-wink So what the teacher saw was not what the world was seeing. She also wrote on her own comments area that I need to improve this and that and whatnot. Of course, I remember this being the main focus of many lectures by my parents on my future. So "The stories" begins.
The reason I tell you all this is that as I stumbled trying to make my interests into my life's path, every failure brought back those memories of the speeches my parents gave me about my future, which were all instigated by these report cards. ( I didn't fare much better in high school as by then, my head was already past graduation.) Then their speeches became my speeches as I watched try after try fail. "Maybe I wasn't as good at this as I thought?" " Maybe I SHOULD have gone to college?" "Maybe, Maybe, Maybe???" Once you start questioning yourself, the ride down goes pretty easy. And that's what happened to me. But today, I am back!! Smiling I am the "Trusted authority" once again and I am showing people how it all works and I am doing it all EXACTLY how I did it in the 60s. Guess some people were wrong about me back then. Eye-wink Today, I hear a much better story. Laughing out loud

So, with your indulgence, I offer another use of the initials BS. Instead of it meaning "Bullsh*t", it should now mean "Better Story"! That's what we all should be listening to... our BETTER STORY!!! Smiling

Until next week.....

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

Awesome Dean

CaliTony's picture

sooo timely I had been waiting to hear your WW until today & now I am going to be listening much sooner it is exactly w/i needed thanks Dean.

My limiting belief-that if I get rich that I will lose my soul so to speak. and thinking about it that is a lie, this world just tries to get you down no matter what.

I too w/I was a kid was made fun of & we always pretty much had clothes from good will & were told rich people were miserable.

but I want to be rich! And am working towards it, just did my 8th deal Dean thanks to you & Matt & see you at the Edge!!!!!


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uummmmm interesting