Dean Releases More Videos for SuccessFest! Secrets Revealed TONIGHT (Wednesday) on the Call!

I'm so freaking excited to share this with you!

Last week I posted some videos and the overwhelming response was positive, so my team and I have decided to make a whole bunch of you VERY happy!

We've posted two more little video treats for you to snack on.

If this gets you salivating, don't worry, we are putting the final touches on something that will absolutely give you your fill of great video info!

Something to help you finish 2009 strong and get you up and kicking butt all year in 2010!

It's Another Mind Blowing D.G. “FIRST” CREATED JUST FOR YOU AND ALL THE DG Family

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AWESOME video clips!!

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I wanna have my agent watch that!! Laughing out loud
Can't wait to see more!!!!


Video Clips,

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Thanks for sharing the additional video clips with all of us. Each clip is a good learning experience for us. We can't wait for the conference call on Wednesday night. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Video Clips

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Thanks for those videos! I'm on my third agent in 60 days! They have said and done everything you two mentioned in the first video. I'm going to e-mail a modified version of the realtor letter from your book to every agent in the Denver area!
I am going to keep at it until I find one! Thanks again and I am Looking forward to Wednesday night!



These videos give some new insight into ways to determine your local market. Thanks for the info.


Ah I'm so newly inspired!

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I had a terrific advisory call with Nathan Street today with the Success Academy. It's so motivating to talk to someone who can TELL YOU WHAT TO DO. I mean anyone can bake a chocolate cake with a recipe right? So on I go. I will make 25 offers a week from now on. So far my realtor is with it - this will be the test.
The new video clips are great. I want more. I have to miss the live call, but I'll catch the replay later that night foooorrrr suuuurrreee!
Thanks Dean!

Love It!!!!

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That was awesome. Watching U-haul what a great idea, but if i hadn't watched it i would never have thought of something like that! I know it's just a teaser but you got me hooked, can't wait to see the rest.


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What a concept! A little thing like that and its all true but I don't think anyone would ever connect with that kind of idea till we heard it here first - WOW What a Video! Got any more video tips? Maybe a one to three minute blurb or something? These clips were great! Thanks!

tell me more

i cant wait to learn more.these clips are great

Inspiring Video Clips!

It's so good to see proof that anything is possible especially in California! Can't wait to see the whole thing. Thank you, Dean!


awsome clips

cant wait for wednesday thanks dean

beautiful clips

I'm interviewing agents and I have not had much luck yet but these videos inpire me to keep on looking for a good one! Thanks for the video inspiration. Right on time for me.

Sharon from New Jersey

Great Videos

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Looking forward to the call on Wednesday for more great information.

I am also considering to let

I am also considering to let my new found agent watch this video...its really insparational

Geat tidbit

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Excellent! the Uhaul concept wow what an easy way to read the your local area! It is little things like these that make us all better than the rest. Great Job. I love it.

New Videos

Dean and Team,
INVALUABLE INFORMATION!!!! Can't wait for more. Hear ya Wednesday!!!
Thanks so much,

That was awsome! that little

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That was awsome! that little clip is worth a thousand words.
can't wait for the call wed.


Thanks so much Dean and your Team for doing so much for all of us and keeping our hopes alive and feeding us all the information that you guy's can do for all of us. Without the blogs and videos and the support that we all give each other who knows what we will do. Excellent videos.

Whata Tease

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Tell me more, tell me more. Great little tidbit


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Just waiting for the call and a link to see the rest of these wonderful tips. This site and the DG family will absolutely revolutionize the County and possibly the world. (That was a huge statement.)


Thanks for posting those up Dean!

That is VERY typical of what I've run into down here in GA. There isn't a lot of motivation out there even though houses are sitting idle for months going on years now. i don't understand it. Within my immediate area, I have 3 agents since I live near college campuses, and invest in 3 different cities. I make sure my agents know, if they take care of me, I'll take care of them, knowing that they'll make some on the initial sale to me, if it's one I flip, they will of course be the listing agent to do such.

Awesome vids again Dean, I love sharing!!

Great info, thanks

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I have come across the same situation. Agents appear to be interested but when the going gets tough, the weak leave. I don't know if this is an option for most but in case it is I am going to suggest it. I have been a licensed broker in my state for many years. It can work to a disadvantage for me since I comply to ethics and standards of practice being a Realtor. What I have found is that I disclose to the seller that I am licensed, which I am required by law to do, but I tell them that I will waive the commission if we can agree to mutually beneficial price terms and conditions. Some people just say no. Others don't and see the benefit to saving 1/2 of the commission they would have paid. I also make sure to fully disclose that I am not representing the seller and use the assignment paperwork to disclose that I will be making a profit that way. It's not easy, but I think it all comes down to whether you have a genuine interest in helping others. I think it is up to us to work diligently on focusing on how we present ourselves. It is critical to success. Mary-Ellen

Good bit of info bill. and

Good bit of info bill. and thank you Dean.


I know the great agent makes all the difference. I have found lots of naysayers so far and two agents that are hungry and aggressive about adding to their knowledge base and ready to help in any way. Great tip on the U-Haul expense.Can't wait for the call!

Left me wanting more

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Thanks for the snacks, now I want dinner! Those were great tips, great agents do make all the difference. The U-Haul idea makes sense. I will use that. Anxious for the call!


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idea's about targeting good markets

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I believe that all states, I know Ct. applies, have state sites for the association of realtors. The public can access our site and there are incredible charts and data that can show trends in sales in areas. These go back several years as well to help look at trends. I also use to find out about the job opportunities in the area's I am considering. School systems are also a big draw, so I look for school ratings especially for first time buyers who are looking to start families. Marriage announcements are also a great way to find buyers.

new videos

Every bit of information you give us is just like a bank account where your knowleadge just keeps growing! Thanks for every thing you do.

Once again....more GREAT information

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The U-haul tip is an outstanding, yet simple way of trending the market. Another issue to watch is the tax changes, both income and property taxes, for a given area. You see it all over the news regarding areas or states that are raising or lowering the taxes for various reasons. The higher taxes tend to "push" people out of the areas and the lower taxes have the reverse effect. It is simple economics. If it costs more to do the same thing, then perhaps, I would choose the lesser cost option. Look at the trends that are coming out regarding NY state and more specifically, the Manhattan area. There is a migration out of the higher tax area over the last few years.
Similarly, and I believe this has been mentioned several times by Dean and other members of the team, look at the employment figures. If unemployment is rising, it provides opportunities to get great deals but even better, it provides opportunities to get great deals and help someone who is struggling. One of the best ways to help someone in that situation is to share Dean's book and the wealth of information on this website. What better way to help your community than to provide people with options.

Keep up the flow of GREAT information, Dean.

Great DvD Info

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Hello Dean
This info was pretty cool to say the least .UHaul WOW! Looking forward to conference call.

Thank you very much Dean
Francisco Hernandez Jr
To your prosperity

I love these videos!! Excellent Clip!

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I was lucky to find a great agent pretty quick, who has stuck by me... however I still have not found any properties that people will finance. I found one property and asked the listing agent/broker if they knew whether or not the owner would be intereted in financing and she told she didn't think so. So I asked her if she would ask him and said she would get back with me. While talking with her she actually told me she and her husband were always interested in investing but hesitated because they weren't sure just how to figure out whether or not it would be a good investment. I told her I would help her figure that out if she would be interested in doing a deal with me. She said she'd think about it but never called me back. After seeing this video -- I will call her again to see what she says...
I have nothing to lose!!

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