Weekly Wisdom #250 - 5 Second Mindset Fixer

When something goes wrong in your life, do you have tendency to lose heart or even “freak-out” and get stuck? Well, here’s a simple little- kid strategy Dean figured out, (while working to be a better dad) that can work for us grownups too. You’ll also find out how to win a brand new phone and have a chance to join the rally to “wake up” the sleeping. There’s a lot to enjoy in this episode, so click that little triangle and get to enjoying!

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5 Second Rule Is Awesome

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Dean, week after week you continue to feed me what I need and for that I am grateful. Thank you for this method of diverting my attention not on the problem itself, but the solution. Great counsel.

5 Seconds

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Hi Dean! That's all it takes. I do it all the time at the P/T JOB. Works like a charm. As you are counting - Do The Happy Dance! Kathy Wensel


Breath of fresh air. So true what u mentioned as far as us snow balling. Once again dean, u keep me motivated. Ty

Five second rule

Fantastic! A clever idea, Dean. As a former Early Childhood teacher, I like this idea for two reasons: First, not only does this teach problem solving for young children, but also critical thinking. Second, this idea is empowering to a child, offering creative solutions she can come up with by herself. It is also a way of teaching long term thinking and the concept of delayed gratification.

One thing that many of us can look forward to is being able to set aside time for special people in our lives as we become more masters of our own destinies. Your daughter can ask you to take her on a Dad-Daughter "date" the next day because you have built that special time to be available for her. And because you have built your business to a sustainable level, you have the freedom to take that time off for her. That is special.

With gratitude,

5 second rule

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Thank you Dean for another great weekly wisdom. Seeing the passion in your eyes and hearing the excitement in your voice is such an inspiration for anyone who watches and listens to you speak. Definitely going to apply the 5 sec rule to my daily agenda.

5 second rule

Hi Dean: A great blog. You are such a great Dad,that is wonderful,I like how you share all the education with us. Very good solutions. Even as we grow older, we cant always have our way. Carol in Texas

Kids are such good examples

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I love the 5 second rule and it is definitely something us "big kids" can benefit by implementing. Your solution for your daughter is so wise. Mine was just "we don't cry about that." Somehow that worked too. LOL Love to you!

5 second rule

Great life advice!

I think I have applied this with my kids, when they did not get what they wanted, more like a plan B, as other DG family members mentioned before me. I should apply this rule to myself when I cannot see, find, the solution for the problems. I have noticed, not in 5 seconds, but after a little while I see the problem with different eyes and the solution is right there.

It took me time to respond because I like to read all the posts. This way I get to know the members of the DG family.


Eye on the prize

Thanks for another great message and tool! I told my son to watch this one and get a gret parenting tip that could save him hours of frustration with his 4-year old.

Keeping my head in the game, in the mindset, being sure to look for solutions is such a challenge for me. I was away from the site last week and lost my momentum. So once again I'm making the committment to myself to do better and be better.

The 5 Second Rule

Nice! We do forget as adults,...and what great advice for our kids! Thanks

DEAN ! I found something!

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Hi Dean, still havent made a deal yet. But I was on the internet to refresh on my calculating properties and thinking of ways to get a deal the cheapest way possible. I came across this link that said "3 catalystic shifts that will make 97% of real estate investors IMPOTENT in the next 12 months!" This probably explains why Im haveing a hard time getting a deal or even beliveing that there are still deals here in Austin tx. I looked at the video of this guy, he explained that hedge funds, private-equity firms, pension funds and university endownments are taking over. Long story short, wall street is in on it and in 12 months, almost all properties will be all institutionally owned! This will destroy the mom and pop investors, small llc re investing companies and wipe out beginers too! Is this true? How am I or WE suppose to compete with blllion dollar intitutions taking all properties and being greedy about it? THis made me FURIUOS! I counted 5 seconds. I found a solution! I signed up for a webinar that this dude was talking about. I pray there is still hope. Thank you Dean for reading. BTW, He's name is Preston Ely. Look him up and sign up!

Five Sec.Rule

As I was listing to you speaking Dean this where I'm at today.It seen that something is pull me down and have not been working Real Estate in the past two month.I will start calling the team to encourage me to move forward.Thank Dean

Thanks for the positive

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Thanks for the positive thoughts! There is always a solution one way or another!

Thanks for 5 Sec. Rule

Thanks for the 5 Second Rule...not to conclude the worst case scenario, but to look for the solutions!

Our rental house needs a new roof and other problems fixed, but no cash. I am new and reading 30 days to RE CASH, and need to look to other sources of CASH rather than our holey pockets! Great video to remind us that if something isn't working to try to find another solution (grants, Home Equity Loans, ?? etc.).

I encourage you to try Insider's Elite for 30 days.

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Take advantage of the $39 trial. Schedule a couple life coaching sessions, use the 30 day blueprint in the product library and get going. If you are serious about succeeding in reaL estate, you will know in 30 days whether Insider's Elite or the Success Academy is the right path for you.

5 sec rule

Hi Dean,I admit,I haven't been on the site for awhile. But listening to your advice about the 5 sec rule is a good way to focus on being positively active and not 'wallowing!' I am going to be sitting down and perusing the site. I did buy thre Edge Program but haven't looked at it yet. I havrn't studied enough to know how to do a whole sale deal,which is where I'd like to start out,or else be a 'bird dog' for you-Are you still looking for people like that in certain areas? I'd love to work with you,if you are??!!!!

5 Second Rule

Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm rebounding from a project where the contractor did not comply with building codes, did not complete project and left the house uninhabitable. My attorney has demanded completion of house complying with codes, or return of my $12,000 or face fraud charges within 30 days (after 14 days no response). However, I've begun to take one aspect of incomplete work and pay as I can along the way. This may not be easy, but now I realize the problem is not insurmountable.

RE: 5 second mindset fixer

Hi Dean, Thanks for sharing. I plan to use the 5 second rule. There are a lot of things I am working to becoming solution oriented on. At the moment I am tired, so I don't think it would be wise for me to share, but hope to do so in the future. I want you to know that I have not given up. God bless you, your family, and your team.

Great Tip

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Sometimes simple things are easily missed. Asking one questions that ignite one's thought process, helps us get to the solution.

Thanks for another great tip Dean Smiling

break the pattern 5 second will works

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yeah just a reminder to use it to change your outcome.. cause we fall into patterns and struggle to overcome them than another one comes, you get the point.. this 5 second rule will act as a new way a new beginning and put that obstacle in a different light now were clear on the attentions needed to try a different way and bam the light goes off..
we all need a kick in the butt once in a while to keep us on track hah..
keep doing what your doing and get the same result, put this 5 second rule in place and watch what happens?

Thank You Dean

Wisdom #250 really helped me, the 5 second rule

Mind set

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I've been watching the weekly wisdoms , and have commented on them.i am tied down for now, but not for long , I don't understand why you say you haven't heard from me. The last 3 wisdoms have been the same.

Great message as always

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Thankfully, my child is all grown up now but we did use a 5 second type rule when she was younger as well. It has carried her well for her grown up years so far as well. Good tip for those with young kids for sure.

As for joining Insider Elite, it is still the best thing I have done to date. Life coaching changed my whole way of living. As for the education and networking, TOP NOTCH!!! The only reason I can see someone coming to IE and not staying is because they can't afford the payment. HOWEVER, the question has to be asked: If you can't afford the payment for IE, can you afford not to be there? It IS the solution to so many problems.

I'll see ya on the chats Eye-wink

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member

Thanks for the motivation

Another great week. You always inspire and motivate people to stay focused. Keep up the good work. Great rule and it can also be used for adults as well.

5 seconds!

I've used that tool on my children for years but never ever thought about applying it to myself! Great tip Dean. Simple thought, powerful message

5 sec rule

Love the wisdom. Used the 5 sec rule with my 10 yr. old daughter today. It got her stop crying and think how she could the situation differently. I see good things to come of this. Thanks again for the reminder, there is always a solution we just have to find it.

Something new is brewing

Dean, Love the 6 second, didn't acquire patience and solutions until grandkids, to have that abilitiy early on is a blessing.
I sense anew energy in you and just trying to guess what amazing idea is unfolding, looking forward to it

putting the milk on the left

Haven't heard from me because of that dang rut. But here I am catching up on all the wisdom and tips you and Matt are sharing. Thanks to everyone posting also. Amazing the growth in the DG family, Still remember you wanted a wave and I foreseen a tsunami, it's becoming even more with all the success people are sharing. What a high to listen on.
Enjoy & Until

It's all good

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Hi Dean,
Long time no see,
Good advice indeed. We have had 4 deals fall apart after having them under contract this year. Today we have another under contract. What's our solution
to not let this slip away? Rehab it instead of Wholesaling it to an investor.
I will post pic on your fb page. Thank you for all of your inspiration and weekly wisdom videos and please say hello to Matt for me.

5 seconds

This week I have been looking for a real estate agent and when I met them and told them about the 25:1 technique they treated me like dirt saying that I am wasting my time and real estate does not work like that. Finally yesterday I found a real estate agent that is one of the Dean's students and she was the most kind person that I have ever met. I am looking to work with her.

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