Weekly Wisdom #250 - 5 Second Mindset Fixer

When something goes wrong in your life, do you have tendency to lose heart or even “freak-out” and get stuck? Well, here’s a simple little- kid strategy Dean figured out, (while working to be a better dad) that can work for us grownups too. You’ll also find out how to win a brand new phone and have a chance to join the rally to “wake up” the sleeping. There’s a lot to enjoy in this episode, so click that little triangle and get to enjoying!

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Advanced Education

I want to know the differences in the Success Academy and Insider Elite since both offer Coaching. I've read Dean's books but still feel that I need Guidance. I'm confident that both are Great but for someone that's trying to get started, which one should I invest in FIRST?

Thank you for another Weekly!

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thank you Dean,

the 5 second rule, I definitely will start applying it! as a re investor, there are many times when I have one issue or another, and my immediate reaction is to panic! Eventually, everything gets worked out in some way or another, so there really is no need to panic in the first place... but I do anyway... so from now on I will try to remember, 5 seconds, think of solutions, no need to freak out Smiling

Thanks for the reminder!


5 Second Mindset Fixxer

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Hi Dean,

Thank You for another weekly wisdom....

Always a great idea to step back from a situation, and take a time out.....to see if there is a better way, or solution...

I agree with the " Move On " it happens nothing we can do about it......

Thank You for what you do for all the DG Members....Smiling


btw....next time replace the ice cream with a frozen yogurt.....Smiling

Dean is so right

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Dean is so right with the 5 second rule. Another person or another way to do someting in a situation when something does not go right in your mind is alway there we need to look closer. Wow right on Dean.

Do Over

Have to say, I could use your 5 second rule or a do-over throughout my day. Thanks for the suggestion!

5 seconds

I made my 6 year old grandson listen and he had a melt down because he wanted to watch the next Netflix and game on computer and went into his "I want to watch tv instead" and he blamed me for not being able to. It's great advise to remember. Thanks

Thank you Dean

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Thanks for another great weekly wisdom Dean. I know I need to wake up and get on this site more. I have been letting life get in the way of REI and I really need to get back to making deals.

Thanks Dean
Steve of Steve and Veronica.

5 second rule

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Love It! Having the right mind set to shift your thinking takes practice. Sometimes a nudge from a close friend or spouse. It is such a great feeling to take control of those negative thoughts and turn them into a solution. We get lost in that moment and we forget that we don't have to be stuck there.

We have to remember to remember Smiling

Thanks Dean!

John and Julie

5 Second Rule

Short & sweet and to the point! What a great reminder to every one at any age! Solutions are most likely right in front of us but our eyes are blinded when the mind is not set on the right channel! Time to change the channel and focus on solutions! Loved it. Thanks.

Five Seconds

Thanks Dean, you got me going for the day on this message and I will pass your wisdom on to my daughter who has children (oldest is 6) on the 5 second rule. Solution is the answer!!!! Not why did this happen! You rock!!!!

5 second rule

Thank You Dean, for exactly what I needed this week. I hope I can get a hold of it as fast as
your daughter did. I'm going to try to keep my
focus on this rule, so that I can continue to
move forward toward my goal.

God Bless,
Bertha Coleman

5 Second Rule - Thanks for the reminder Dean.

In the heat of the moment, you will many times forget this simple lesson. It is one that I also have taught my kids (We have 4) and it is something that I still tell my oldest son at 23.

This lesson although simple is absolutely important while trying to conduct every task in doing deals. Take 5 seconds, see where you can improve or overcome an obstacle and you can do it. I have to remind myself of this daily.

As stated by EARL BARON: "Success is a frame of mind and a way of thinking. It’s not a destination or an objective."

Take 5 Seconds and figure out the solution.

Thanks Dean.

Well Im not as smart as a 5th graider

Thanks for the 5 second tip.I will keep trying for that speed.but for me its more like 10 minits but even at that speed this will be a great help to me.thank you Dean


hi dean: your weekly wisdom is so invaluable,i got
to read and stay motivated,with so much
every day negativity both internal and
external your weekly wisdom blog is a plus
you have got the solution dean. AT this
point i have to move on, so i stop take
time and figure out the solution.I am
going to jump in the insider elite program
and see where it take me,so thanks for all
your works dean,keep up the good works it
a blessing.

I love the 5 second rule...

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My girls are now 21 and 18. We had the stand back and breath rule when they where growing up.. An yes each child is different and reacts differently to the rule.

My 11 year old son is a little more accepting to that rule since he has seen all of us doing it since he was able to remember.

I will admit though, I still blow my cork every once and awhile..and believe it or not...it feels good. I doesn't solve much but the release is somewhat freeing!!

It is never as bad when you step back, breath and think a little about what happened!! Its a new perspective and changes the learned response to a calamity!!

Outstanding way for us all to think about adversity. Make it happen. Step back and breath... change the cognitive patterns and you change your life direction. (a little at a time).

Thanks Dean..
The FrogMan

This is called a DO OVER

I have so many times had to do over the things in life that went wrong only because I messed up at some point. Just just like the spilled milk. So now I will remember the 5 second rule, and remember there is always another way to get something done. Just take 5 and think "Now How Can I Do This Over "
and get it right.
I will try my very best to remember take 5.

THANKS Dean for the Reminder.
Diana v

"5" Seconds towards Solutions

Hi Dean / DG FAM: What an AWSOME weekly wisdom, of all the weekly wisdoms this gave me many aha moments and very appropriate for me. There is not a problem for me to accomplish tasks and working towards my goals but the real problem is that Many times these days there are soooo many negative & complaining adults, things just don't go my way or there are just so many obstacles and instead of looking at the positive & finding solutions I have a meltdown or just step back while meditating without no results. In fact this morning I was going through some issues when I was watching your weekly wisdom and I used the "5" Seconds towards Solutions and it works, while I was in the process of implementing that I received another lead. I also think that sometimes things are not meant to be or they happen for a reason and not only do I need to step back, take a deep breath while using the "5" Seconds towards solutions I need to know/validate that everything will work out in time (maybe not NOW BUT TOMORROW), the majority of lifes situations are not life and death and lastly THINGS COULD BE WORSE (BE GRATEFUL) MOVE ON!!! Thanks Dean

Awsome Video Dean

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Enjoyed today's video. You are so right about taking a few seconds to compose yourself before you react. It works in marriages as well!

I have a question. I have a hard time staying and keeping involved. I know it all relates to everything else you teach, but some tips would be great! What would your suggestion in a weekly wisdom be? I've read your Totally Fulfilled book twice now. Everytime I read it I get a little more from it. I highly recommend everyone read it more than once.

Until next week!

5 Second Rule, Thank You Again Dean

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Thank You Dean For For another Awesome Weekly Wisdom as Always Smiling
I always teach my children to always try a different way if something doesn't work ( Plan B)
and it is alright if things don't go according to plan ( Our way/Their Way LOL Smiling & Always take a few moments to think things out, I myself am guilty in sometimes over-thinking things LOL
As We all Tend to do this sometimes,
Love the spilled Milk Example! We can't Panic,
Just clean it up ( Learn from It ) And Move on
Keep our Feet Moving Forward in The Right Direction Smiling
Thank You Again Dean !
Lets All Have A Great Week
Smiling TO OUR SUCCESS Smiling
Darren From Calif

Weekly Wisdom 250

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Will do..
Maureen Lewis

Thank you, Dean

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I got to work this morning to be advised that I am involved in a downsizing and will no longer be employed at the end of the month. To be honest, it did not immediately instill terror. I had to help my boss through it because she was so emotional. This is not my first rodeo (I have been laid off before). But as I have been sitting at my desk, I am full of fear but also excitement.

Let's just say hearing your message came at a very good time. I am just in the early stages of your program. I go to BOG later this week. Thank you for the solutions mindset that I am going to need during this time of rediscovery.


5 second rule

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Locked up 4 properties posted them every where Getting great at being released from contracts A- on that ..... Sad....Still trying to run over the finish line

Great again!

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Remember this:

For every problem there is at least 10 solutions!

Some look like they will work but wont

Some look like they wont work but will if you put them into action!

Some look like they will work and will work!

Some that didnt work a couple years ago work now -Visa Versa!

Times have changed and therefore we must change to continue on the road to success!

Great Tip


Thanks for sharing the "5 Second Mindset Fixer!" I will use it, myself, and spend more time focusing on solutions. Smiling

5 second rule, being consistant too

What a great concept Dean and another great Weekly wisdom. An acquaintance of mine once said not to get "hung by the tongue" kids can drink in your words like water...and when you least expect it those words might come back to bite you.
I know that being consistent is key to any success.
Raising kids, Business, in anything we undertake.
So thanks Dean for the nudge with a great reminder of looking for solutions to whatever holds us back in life! Your the Best.

Dean you are sincere

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I can see the tears in your eyes when you were speaking about your daughter it was touching, you love your family, you can see it. I love mine & I will implement the 5 sec rule myself, it seems I am a slow learner & it has been taking a while to get my 2nd deal which means it will be all the sweeter when I explode w/deals. And didn't get to comment about last wk's question you had about expanding the Edge, YES it is an awesome idea, more inclusiveness is good instead of exclusiveness, that's the way to go! Were revolutionizing the country like you say Dean, preaching the Gospel of real estate investing, I love it, thanks to you! God bless you and your family.


Very good solution I like this it should help in everyday dealings

5 sce rule

Great suggestion. How easy it is to focus on the negative-this gets the stinkin thinkin back to the right frame of mine.

5 second solution

I am always focusing on solutions to any challenge that confronts me. The 5-second solution i will take that advice the next challenge i have.....

5 sec rule, love it!!!

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I am so going to use this with my 22 year old daughter, wish I would have thought to do it when she was younger but it is never too late to start. She has never been able to cope with change and I hope even though she is no longer living at home I can still encourage her to give it a try. I will also use it myself! Thanks Dean!

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