Weekly Wisdom #253 - My Best Success Secret

There's plenty of ways to say it..."go deep" or "read between the lines." The reference here is looking to find a hidden meaning in something said or written. More than that, try to uncover the truth that is disguised by something else. In this segment Dean shares how a troubling "father" moment, revealed to him what he thinks is the biggest reason for his success - and why it might be the key to yours as well.

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Great Message Dean!

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Thanks for all you do. I know you truly care about your students. I would not be doing what I am today if it weren't for you!

What a great Dad too!!


Best Dad Ever

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Good for you Dean

This is what I know, 1st and 2nd grade girls will be best friends and then so very cruel to each other. it is a developmental faze and passes. Despite that children I think they should be taught it is not ok to treat others poorly, just like we teach them to share before they actually can. It teaches them respect for self and others. I love your solution to the problem, capitalize on what is so beautiful about Bre! My kids/ former students are now young adults, but in the years when they were cruel to others I required as amends, through a set amount, over a set time, random acts of kindness. It turned the table for them. What I love about the way you dealt with the situation was it is so you, finding the "why", turning the negative to a positive. And yes it applies to RE, it applies to life. i am curious which school you picked and hope that it mirrors the way you live. Remember i said that the way you live/and teach is the absolute best teaching method there is (my opinion backed up by research- look at your students/children as examples)
Thank you for sharing this as with me, I really love it. Best to all your family!


PLEASE do a special post tomorrow to let us know how it went for her at school.

Kids and the truth.

With kids you usually have to pry the real reasons out of them, even older kids 15 and so forth, hence, digging deeper. I know my problem and its just me gettin by the rejection. Getting beat down by people who think they're better or just flat dont want to help a person just getting started or think they know more. My biggest obstacle at this point is realtors with the uppity attitude or disbeliefs because they have been programmed a certain way. Sometimes I believe that some realtors will present an offer in a negative way and tell people not to take it, if they even present the offer which if they dont they are not doing their fiduciary duty to the client. Oh well like the saying says just do it, and with this being said back to your point, keep digging and dig in deep and keep pushin on. Thanks all. Time to dig in again until I get a win win.


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Hello Dean,
I always enjoy your weekly wisdom and your daugther certainly got her compassion from her Daddy. Well done!
I have a question. I would like to get on my first deal. I have read a lot on your website and am almost finish one of your book. I saw the video 3 you did with Matt Larson. The special you had there to help someone get there...faster.
I would like to know if it is available for canadians as well?
Fired up!

Our first reaction is normally wrong

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Dean, It's easy to simply react without finding the root cause of the problem. Your daughter will thank you forever for teaching that important principle. I promise to myself not to first react, but think first, find the root cause or the real reason of the problem, then direct my efforts on the solution. Thanks Dean

yep! Dean You Are Right

I have use all of those excuses, life is what we make it, and I really want to move forward. Very valuable lesson this week.

Yes, at times you has to ask

Yes, at times you has to ask ourselves those challenging questions, it's not always easy, your subconscious always at your back when the going gets tuff, I know the strategies work, but its the determination &desire that pulls me thru the rough spots...networking is a good motivator, deans weekly blogs &taking action each &every day,,,,, thank you so much......

Deep Rooted Strongholds

Thank you Dean for the message.
I'm looking real deep and I know that is what I need to do to get over some of the beliefs, and ideas that are holding me back. That message was on target for me. I know I can be extremely successful with real estate......

Thanks! I needed that!

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I really needed to hear that and you came through again! We are meeting with a realtor tomorrow who has been sending me tons of listings....a little overwhelming to say the least. But he wants to get together & sort through them according to what our buyers are interested in. I've already emailed a couple of buyers on a few properties, but still working out the numbers. So of course that little voice of doubt started with "And where are you going to get the money to put on all these homes?" And by digging deeper, I realized that this was what was holding me back all this time. So we are meeting tomorrow and going for it. What's the worse that could happen? He'll say "No. You need earnest money presented with offer.." We'll let you know what happens.
Thanks for "The Wisdom" Have a great night! Smiling
Mark & Mary

My why!

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Thanks Dean for sharing this! I go back to my why and it always come back to the same thing, my children and helping them make a better future and not having to work so hard for someone else who really doesn't care. Make money for your family, financial freedom and giving back what was already God's. You had a great father and daughter moment and she will remember that moment. I had a similar situation when I was young and my parents didn't bother to go deep and find out why. I now know why I am the way I am because I don't want my children to feel that way and that they have parents to guide them and be there for them. I feel that's what you do with us as well. I was at the Edge with my husband this past year, and I really feel you care and try and guide us through. Thank you so much Dean!


That was deep dean. It really hit close to home. Wow


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Hi Dean, thank you for yet another great weekly wisdom. It brings it so much closer to home when you share personal stories about yourself and your family with your students. It really makes you shine and makes us realize that you are like each of us with families. It makes it seem as though we are one great big family together here on the DG site. You take time out each week to talk about a different topic. Thank you for sharing. Laura

Amazing message Dean !!

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Making this advice a habit is something we need to practice Dailey. What an awesome teaching tool you gave us.both your children will someday realize how much of an inspiration you are to them. WE DO Smiling. Thanks for the repetition of greatness !!


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Thank You For your Story, It Made Me Tear Up Thinking I May Have Dropped The Ball A Few Times With My Own Kids And Was Always In A Rush. But Its Never To Late To Try Again. I Will Also Take Your Advice In Real Estate. I Am On My FOurth House, I own Three. Smiling I Am On My Way Up!!

Dean Your weekly wisdoms help so much!

As a real estate investor that still drives a over the road Tractor trailer. Many days I am working a 14 hour shift. So its not all ways easy to accomplish getting needed objectives done toward our investment business. These wisdoms help us all even though I am not all ways able to respond. While I am driving I can listen to them but can not respond. But wanted you to know. they are helping. I continue to get at least one thing done every day and some days many things done toward our goals. I know our 1st deal is coming. Again thank You
Janice and Steven Liller
Winter Springs Fl.

Looking deeper

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It's easy to get wrapped up and stay in "auto pilot."

We need to remember to stop and look deeper when helping others we care about and ourselves.

Great message Dean Thanks!

John and Julie


Wow Dean,what a great dad you are.Deep to me means to search my self for a better understanding and purpose of my life,to dig deep within myself.Its so true that we forus on that outward things that hold me back from my success.Success lives in me i need to go deeper .Thank you Dean may god bless you with greater knowledge for next weekly wisdom.

Thanks Dean...

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You are truly a great leader. No other "guru" (hate that word) even comes close to sharing the passion and compassion you do for your students. Thank you.

Eddie Kilthau

WW #253

Dear Dean, a lot of wise advice for us, thank you for being so positive (which by the way is contagious) lol and I will keep up trying to become a successful REI no matter what it takes; probably I am overwhelmed with all this information but anyway I will push it till the end.

Have a nice and wonderful day.


Right on time!

This was very timely for me. Thanks Dean!


HI DEAN AND THE DG FAMILY: wisdom of the week,as you say dean some time you have to go deeper to find the true.what i learn so far is that you have to know your why's, why you want to do this?,why you are getting this result?. you have to know,and
with a burning desire you will succeed.you have to
actually need this,hungry and desperate for this to happen,and it will.

Thank You, Dean!

I appreciate all that you do to help us become successful! The information is very helpful and informative! Thanks! Great parenting skills! Be Blessed!

30 days to real estate cash


Im reading your book, listening to your weekly wisdoms and doing the homework. I'm stuck with a problem concerning real estate agents. I am feeling overwhelmed even though you say to follow the blueprint. Should I call the Hotline for some help.

Great message

Thanks dean your right what we allow in our minds is what will come out of our mind "garbage in garbage out" so we want to keep all the positive things and information that will help us succeed in our minds and keep negativity out.

Sound Check

I can't hear this weekly wisdom. My computer is working and I have sound for other video's and thins. Is there something different I need to do to hear this. I used to be able to listen. From the amount of comments it looks like a good one that I would hate to miss.

I Can't hear it

Everybody is talking about what a great weekly wisdom this is but I can't hear it. What is going wrong? My computer is working fine for everything else?

Thank you for revealing your secret.

That was great Dean, thank you for sharing those moments of your personal life to help us succeed not only in RE but also in life.

Thank you for revealing your secret to success.

Cesar Q.

Digging Deeper

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Thank you Dean for another great inspirational weekly wisdom. As always, they come at a perfect time. I have been reflecting over my life for several days to really understand what has pushed me forward and what has held me back. I can see some patterns which I wouldn't not have looked at if I wouldn't have dug deeper. BTW, yesterday I used your ww on solutions with my daughter and it worked beautifully.
With gratitude,


Thanks for the inspiration you are a good father and a great mentor

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