Weekly Wisdom #263 - Your 30 Day Plan

The year is winding down. If you haven’t achieved the goals you hoped for in 2013, this Weekly Wisdom will give you an action plan to get on track before Christmas. Dean takes to the whiteboard to show you 4 specific actions that can produce results for you.

If you missed the LiveCast from November 12th, Click Here To Watch The Livecast Replay

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Being Anticipator and Proactive

This makes perfect sense! Thank you Boss!

Answers before problem

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We go into REI thinking we have to have buyers first,never thought about having the answers to the problems first.
Roadblocks will happen and having put in a little thought before hand will make it a lot easier.

Thanks Dean


Hey Dean!

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Great live cast video last week! I missed the live talk but I have watched the replay 3 times! Thank you for the roads map and action plan ideas. Carol and Andrea had amazing IE talks chats this week sharing amazing knowledge that fall in line with this action plan! Understanding the potential problems and then solutions is a great way to complete our goals. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration! We all must keep taking action!!

Make it a great week!


30 day plan

great assignment!

Digging that well....

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Another way to put a spin on digging the well before you need water.
Even if one doesn't think they will have problems I suspect doing this assignment will be of help.
Even if it is simply for focus.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and giving us practical advice we can implement.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson

30 Day Plan was Awesome!!!

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Thanks for making it so simple. Focus On The Solution. Thank you so much.

30 Day Plan

Hi Dean,

You know my problems without knowing me. Thanks for motivating me.

I am new to this and need to jump in.

I need your book on the 30 day plan. My email is normason2002@****

I am in Canada and POSTLETS does not work for Canadians. Neither does the free phone numbers from Google. Could these open to CANADIANS as well?
It would make it easier to get in the game.


30 Day Plan

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom....these little assignments help keep us focused.....Smiling

I saw the hour long webinar live...It was very motivating....Thank You for all you do.......Smiling

Have a Great Week.....



Just awesome, thank you very much.


Weekly Wisdom

As always Dean is the Best.

#263 The Plan

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Dean, Your so right, without the plan we wonder around like tourist. The plan is a fall back, when things aren't seeming right we look at the plan and, see were we strayed and get back on track.
Thanks Again


Very Helpful Dean!

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I have the very forms to help me do exactly what you are teaching and I use them regular. Never have I used them for 30 day goals, Duuu!

Got some very exciting and achievable goals and this will help me a bunch.

Thanks for your wisdom as always.




I remember at the Edge event (I think in 2011) you explained how you spend time at least each quarter reflecting on your past progress and re-calibrating for the upcoming weeks and months. This week's video was a good reminder to do that - so many people don't ever accumulate wisdom because they don't ever intentionally think through what they did well, what they could have done better, and alternative ways to attack problems when they come up again. Spending time anticipating problems, and considering what worked well or not in the past on similar challenges is a great way to be prepared for the inevitable setbacks...


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Dear Dean, once again great ideas about staying on track.
Thanks Again,

Google Voice in Canada

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Google phone services are available in Canada, but you have to use hotspotshield to change your IP address to a US one. Instructions are here:


Once you do the hot spot shield, I think postlets will work as well, but I don't use it, so I'm not 100% sure.

Excellent add-on to planning!

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Dean - I so appreciate this new twist on goal setting. I wish I had planned the solutions to a couple problems right now! I'm going to implement this immediately!
DG Fam - don't forget to enter the "Send Me Away Dean Contest". I can't wait to see your videos. Those of you who have been in a Boots on the Ground, or 1 on 1 with me - com'on now! Let me see what you have conquered!

Define and refine

debandrich hit it right on the head in their post -

"..reflect on your past progress and re-calibrate

...so many people don't ever accumulate wisdom because they don't ever intentionally think through what they did well, what they could have done better, and alternative ways to attack problems when they come up again. Spending time anticipating problems, and considering what worked well or not in the past on similar challenges is a great way to be prepared for the inevitable setbacks..."

We can all learn from other peoples mistakes, but we must also learn from our own mistakes!


You made setting goals, something I am intimidated by, seem pretty non-threatening and reasonable. That starts my Monday in the "win" column!

Have a great week everyone!


Hi Dean, Thanks always great weekly wisdom

30 Days to Cash, I would love the hard copy, Great home work assignment, I just got my business cards, I will start looking for my realtor.

Thanks again Ray

Thanks Dean

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I'm committed to completing this assignment and making it happen.


Weekly Wisdom #263 - 30-day Assignment

Hello Dean:
What great timing - after listening to weekly wisdom # 263, I began to put my plans together for the next thirty days. While I was doing so, My Real Estate Broker/Teacher/Property Management Specialist stopped by. That visit gave me the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss my plans for the next thirty days. One of my prospective clients owns some commercial properties in the Las Vegas area and we are in the process of meeting with him to get some business going. This is in the early stages so I can't say much as yet. I am presently looking at the Clark County Website at property listings.

Thank you so much for your emotional energy drive!

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Thanks for keeping us focus and healthy wise UP everyday.
I thank god for blessings like you on this earth.

30 Day Plan

Thanks Dean! It feels like there are so many things to do that sometimes I get overwhelmed by it all and don't know what to do next. This helps me to pick out some things to do and then commit to an action plan. So simple, but I so needed direction. Thanks again!

Awesome Message

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Thank you Dean for your message today. I was thinking today of how I was going to make next year so Amazingly Awesome because this year has been full of trials and tribulations LOL!! I was talking to one of my buyers who asked me where I have been and I told him that I have had a learning year where everything that could ever go wrong has. But it was a good thing because now I am so much stronger than I ever could have been. When things go wrong or challenges come up and you handle them and stay focused on your goal, you become a bigger person. Then in the future when more challenges come you can handle them WAY BETTER than you did the first time. Life is a gift and we have unlimited power to help people, to succeed, to create, and to do anything we want!!! Thank you for giving me an action plan to focus on 2014 because my trials have made me unstoppable!!!

Thanks again!


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was going to work on goals for new year anyway. i usually break them down by month. but doing the first thirty days as a kick off with problems and solutions is aneat idea thanks Dean.

30 day goals

Goals: 1. Build buyers list 2. Meet some wholesalers 3. Master Craig's list Actions: 1. Find and go to foreclosure auction 2. Find and go to a REI club 3 Call - for rent ads 4. Take down numbers on every bandit sign Problems: 1. Afraid I will make a big fool of myself in not knowing how to negotiate prices (actually that is my biggest fear of all in this endeavor). 2. Scared that I won't know the answer to something I may be asked 3. Having investors hang up on me not having time to talk to me because I'm new. 3. Not sure of how to start the conversation with investors over the phone . Solutions: Rehearse -Rehearse - Rehearse, I probably will have to fake it until I make it. Going to REI clubs and auctions will place me in an environment of like minded individuals and the more I talk with them the more confidence I will gain. Success breeds success.

Another week of pure

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Another week of pure wisdom!!! Thanks Dean.

I like that "Have the solution before the problem" attitude. Makes you think" If I have a solution to a problem before I have the problem, is the problem really a problem?" Goes along the lines of " Ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure."

Time to solve some problems Eye-wink

Have a great week Laughing out loud

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member

Great concept

This mind set does not just apply to real estate investing, but its a good way for me to approach everyday life. That's what great about this site. Thank you dean.

30 Day Plan

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Hi Dean,
Great information on keeping us on task. My goal is to go back and work the Book the 30 Day plan. I have to get a team together and move forward. I'ts starting to get cold in WI and I'm with my wife voting for Miami or someplace warmer.

Dean The Teacher!

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Thank You Dean for teaching us on black and white, it's great for me as I learn better with visual , even though you say it over and over, still nice to see you up front and writing it down for me, shows how you really care, You are relentless! Thank you for your consistant guidance! I plan to "Kill-It" now and into my best year to come Ever!

I Like it!

Thanks Dean! This is something that I can definitely do! It reminds me of a call I made just last week about a property where the person on the other end was a little negative. Having a plan for that would definitely be helpful.

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