Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

Bama Girl......IS FREE!!!

WOW.... well I joined the Success Academy just about 7 months ago and had not done a deal yet. Yesterday 09/25/10 I locked up two (2)! LOL. both I will be able to wholesale at 45% & 49% of FMV. Honestly my goal Saturday was straight from Matt in the Edge10...not to focus on the money BUT to just do that 1st deal! I ran several versions of the I Buy Ads. They were released on Thursday. Friday these properties are driven to my by my ads (DONE FOR YOU MARKETING - SFL). So pulled comps TotalView, etc. ran #'s and called both when I got off work Friday afternoon. Set a time to site properties and let them know I'd be bringing my contractor to est. repairs. Swiped a gold nugget from Carol S. and took PA with me so I could lock it up then and there.
1st deal: was as smooth as butter, they were sooo motivated. Plus pulled a profile for them as a tenant buyer for a property to get them to the other side of town - fired up right!!
2nd deal: well I thought I lost it honestly....HUGE lesson on this one!! I was on cloud nine from the first appointment and confidence through the roof! Heard Dean's voice on it. Realized I needed to shut-up and listen!! Smiling I could tell/feel it and asked a open ended question and once he started talking...unloaded then looked at me and said...I tell you what "I'll let you have it at XXX) which was $3k less than his initial response" it was already a great deal on his asking price. Oh, and then he says as we are signing the PA...if those couple of people call back that wanted to think about it at the XXX price, do you want me to tell them to call you? I said Absolutely! LOL
I've consistently been learning/studying. But after ordering the SFL system and Dean's last CC with Matt.....had SUCH a wake up call! I've been SOOO busy but NOT productive. & was running all over town but had NO focus. Everyone has to grown at their own pace, we all have our own 'junk' to go through. Just keep pressing forward. ACTION CURES FEAR!
Well my work is just beginning!!! Will not be sitting around waiting on two eggs to hatch but steadily putting more & more in the hat!!!
So many incredible people included in the DG family....absorb their knowledge!

Just NEVER give up and DON'T allow anyone to steal your dream!!!

If your dream is big enough....the circumstances don't count!! Getten it done! Smiling



Hi newbie here lol

Congratulations on the 20K from your friend, I'm sure that can come in handy. I liked the burn your bridges analagy. Burn all back doors so all thats left is fight and win or die. That means so much to me on so many levels. Keep up the great work!

Great News

Jen that is wonderful exciting. Its funny how lifes twists and turns takes us places we would have never dreamed of, and sometimes it happens so quickly we just have pause and let our brain catch up. Lol And we must learn to do what you are doing and that is to take advantage of the opportunities. Keep us informed while your rollin along!!! Just make sure your tires are good and your GPS is updated and on.




We seldom get what we want, but we will always get what we expect.

The Bulletin Board you use

Jen if you dont mind could give us the name of the BB you use to help generate leads? This is great idea..Ive been using Craigslist with little success...maybe posting in wrong place. Also, have you used and if so what do you think. Thanks for sharing you infor with us and I know you will have a very good day!




We seldom get what we want, but we will always get what we expect.

Just read

Just read your journal. Keep it going. You are moving forward at a rapid pace. I find your post very informative and enjoyable to read. Best of luck and I will keep reading and being inspired with your posts.


thanks for all.....

thank you for all the positive feedback everyone! You guys are awesome!

steve guy: this is the local bb I was refering to in my post:
It has is online viewing/search capabilities but is also distributed everywhere newspapers are sold in my area and is around $1.50 to purchase the book and a new issue is released every Thursday.

yes I also post to backpage for my ads. I don't believe it has as much exposure as craigslist (sort of a hidden avenue not all tap into), but it only takes like 3 minutes to post an ad and I include ads to blast to multiple (surrounding) cities.

I post to: for sale, real estate section, rental sections, also services offered for (I Buy ads), wanted sections, barter/trade

Play around with ads, wording is very important. Ex: I have ran ads for owner financing available barely any responses, changed my ads to RENT-TO-OWN and phone rings off the hook. If my ads are to long people get bored, I like simple to the point and give readers a call to action. Always keeping in mind who you are trying to target and what it would take to make you respond if you were in their shoes.

Also I go to different states on Craigslist and run ads to draw buyers into my area. Ex: Running ads in Orange County, CA or Tampa, FL (where ever) with ad headers "INVEST IN BAMA" or "Wholesaling Properties $10 sq ft." or "40-60 Below FMV" (Yes low end properties: 3/1 or 3/2 brick SF - that I am still flipping and I have picked up which is unheard of in their market. even if it's a property that I can wholesale at $10-$20k needs $4-$6k +- in cosmetic and can get a $3-$6K downpayment on a rent-to-own deal and will rent for depending on part of town $450-$700 per mo). some of values will pull $30-$50k you set up on terms of anywhere from 10-20 yrs at 10-12%. not a bad ROI! I don't sit on many very long! lol
Then also adjusting at higher level, using same type of strategy on middle income properties (which target majority of my market). picking them up at $30-60k range comps at anywhere from $85-$140k range to pull you into the better neighborhoods and rent ranges from $650-$1200 easy depending on area. Tons of opportunities!

Forever grateful

Jen,what an inspiring journey,today is an awakening day for me ,I certainly don't have a valid excuse as I have 4 days off every week, after reading and being inspired by you I promise to do some serious action,thank you and hopefully by EDGE I have something wonderful to share.


Virginia thank you for your kind words! You absolutely can do this! Congratulations for deciding to take the action that you need to propel you forward!

We all want to make money, we all want to be successful! It is our duty to do so. It is our obligation to make the decision to change our lives because with it we stand to change the lives of our family, our children for generations to come. Isn't that such an incredible revolation! People are waiting for us....for us to step up and take action, to say the buck stops here. I am tired of mediocrity! I am tired of struggling, I am tired of average! You deserve to have the desires of your heart! You are destined for Greatness!

Can not wait to hear of your progress....your success!

Don't take no for an answer! Believe in yourself! You can do this!


I don't know.. but just felt like posting this. I read some of the threads and sometimes some of the post break my heart.

Our words...can be used to build or destroy. The same effort goes into to each. We all deal with similar junk day in and day out. We get up in to morning get dressed and put on our armor to go out into the world. We have negative from every possible source, why not be the difference, why not set ourselves apart from the masses. If you are a friend of mine on facebook this will be redundant (sorry)....cause I posted this to my status this morning, but for those who are not... I'm posting here also.

WHY NOT: Think about how we can make someone else's life better. Who can I encourage today? Who can I build up? Bring out the best in someone today! Let them know you believe in them!

It may be all that person has. They may be at their breaking point, at their wits end. Your encouraging words may be what it takes for them to see a glimpse of hope of what may be right around the corner. We don't have the right to make another person feel small.

Private Funding

jgray6730 wrote:
Just got some incredible news / offer. That I am going to strongly consider and of course place in writing. But was contacted by a contractor I have used on several small projects. That started with a text to me earlier asking if I was free for dinner. Told him no, I had work to do. Which wasn't a lie. Then followed by a request that possibly this week we could meet for a few to discuss a few things. Understand I have known this guy for over 14 years now. He does incredible work and I would consider to be a good friend. Well just got off the phone with him, he is proposing to put up $20k as private funds for me to use. Will probably involve his lead on rehab projects or something along those lines. I'm still tossing ideas around on how to structure. Yes I know it's $20k but in my area I can do ALOT with $20k! I will be making a call to Success Academy in the a.m. to brainstorm and set a plan in motion. ( To make sure I don't "Jen's It Up aka 'Screw It Up" LOL )But had to tell someone tonight that could appreciate the news! Cause NONE of my 'friends/family' would appreciate. LOL Their like "MORE Real Estate Jen...really" oh well, probably why they'll be working the 40/40 plan and I'll be retired! hehe Smiling

Also proposing to one of my CA buyers along the same lines. He has offered to put up funds for me before, he threw it out there in one of our conversations but I didn't lock him up on it. We are about to close on our second property together. Have a great working relationship. He even send me a Christmas gift. lol I am going to propose a revolving 'line of credit' of $50k. Set with terms along the lines no payments or (maybe interest only pymts) payable at 6 mo terms., etc. Then perhaps after XX amount of time increasing the cap on funds. People have money....may not be in OUR current circle of influence. That's why we MUST expand out circles!

super excited!

Hey Jen,

Girl; you are on FIRE and just goes to show us all what taking action is all about!

Read your post above and just had to respond. Ironically, I too have just tapped into a private funding source for guess what?...$20K!!! A co-worker has been working her tail off the last couple of years and saved most every penny. We have become close over the last several months. I of course, have shared my REI dreams and desire to get out the the "rat race" with her. We had a long conversation this Saturday and I asked her what type of interest she was earning. We both know the answer. I explained how things work and the earning potential available with REI and she was blown away. Needless to say, she is all ears and ready to make some serious money. Like you said, $20K is not a lot in some areas, but here in Dixie it's a great start! I too, am calling the Success Academy tomorrow afternoon (got home too late today). Like an old boss of mine used to say; time to "get on the ball, or on the bus"!

I'll try and give you a call tomorrow evening. Maybe we can can compare notes, etc.



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
Check out my Road to Redemption journal:


That is AWESOME! Very proud of you! Can't wait to hear of your results!


Been one of those days that the world has hit pretty hard. I came on today, seeking out Matt's old post. I love his no candy coating, if you don't wanna know....don't ask, tough love approach. You Have to Do Whatever You Have To Do to Get Whatever You Have To Get! right - lol

I commented on a thread that was something like 'what do you do if no one supports u, no positive influence and scared" or whatever the title was eactly. I said to just DO IT ANYWAY! plus a bunch of other rambling (lol). (Not calling this post out, just reflecting on my own ALWAYS practice what I preach) BUT come one really, we are big girls and boys. I may not have the opportunity to sit down (YET - lol), face to face with a Matt, or a Dean, a Carol, Joe & Stacey or whoever else lights your fire. BUT I CAN listen when they speak, I CAN learn from their post, etc. By Seeking out what you need! By
listening' to them I have a shift in mindset, they stretch me, know that I'm not alone. That they TOO have gone through what I'm going though. They make me have a self check of how far I've come but yet how far I have to go. Even with as much knowledge as I have gained, ALWAYS learn something from the Top Users! Get around people that you admire, that you want to be like.... you can do that by if not in person through their words.


World....that all u got??? BRING IT!

Hello Jen

Girl you are HOT I love your journal. I have read every post and just can't get enough. I love the truth love and compassion that you speak. I love the determination.

And this last point just encouraged me to dig a little deeper....I keep giving myself excusses and when it comes down to it they really don't mean anthing but blah blah blah...I am holding myself back.

Thanks girl for being you. Don't let life change you except for the better.


Erika, REI
Brownstone Investment Group
Job 22:21 Submit to God, and you will have peace; then things will go well for you.
Job 22:28 You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.
Deut 28:8 The Lord will guarantee a blessing on everything yo do and will fill your storehouses with grain. The Lord you God will bless you in the land he is giving you.

Jen; just one question...

Are you SURE you're an accountant? I think you missed your calling as a coach and/or motivational speaker.

Keep it comin'...we love it!!!



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
Check out my Road to Redemption journal:

I copied ur post #35

Jen, there are so many great pointers in this post, I got tired of taking notes so I just copied it. I am going to try each one and will let you know how they work for me. You are so gracious and we appreciate your help so much. Smiling

**And what you said about lifting up those around us is wonderful. So little effort on our part can make such a difference in others. It is a shame that we dont take advantage of more of the opportunities that God gives us to serve.

Jen, hope you have much success today, and keep us informed of all the details.

Thank you




We seldom get what we want, but we will always get what we expect.

Best is yet to come....

Good morning fellow warriors!! Hope your day is off to an amazing start!

Erika, John, Steve.....thank you so much! I feel blessed and very gratified in that maybe something I said, did or suggested was able to assist in some small way! Smiling Can't wait to hear of updates, your progress and success!

Well yesterday was just one of those that I let get to me. So that's why I was not responsive to reply or PM's yesterday. I want allow myself to speak negative and in a effort to not speak it to others or over my life, when I get in those 'places' I usually will keep quite or hit the gym until I get my head straight (so to speak). Pretty much a 24 hr turnaround time....kinda like I have to shutdown and reboot! LOL. So anyway, today is a new day. Before I got out of bed, I spoke blessings over my day. "This is the day the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! I am blessed and favored! I am the head and not the tail. I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me!" Then claim it and receive it!

So got a busy day today. It's my leads day (I break my days down to assist in focus: leads day, buyers day, money days, marketing days, etc.). I find it works better for me. Ads released so I will spend lunch returning calls, then phone time again from 5:30-6:30'ish +. Tonight will be pulling comps, running numbers from those leads today. Setting my schedule to sight properties and work estimates for the weekend. I will have to comingle days today though (since I had my pity party last night and wasted time_lol!). I have to do marketing letters to cash buyers. Will do and have approx 100+ to mail by Saturday.
Plus will set-up time contract with my 'backup' buyer for the property that was set to close on the 31st but has fallen out. Original buyer 'cash' can't fund so, I'll have him sign a waiver to release the contract so I can move on and will be securing contract and earnest money from the secondary. Then also will set appt to discuss options with another private lender for either Fri/Sat.


God Bless,

You are Inspiring!

A Huge Note of Thanks!

I just (arbitrarily) chose your blog before leaving the website, after watching Dean's last message.
And I usually don't write - just read and absorb. But you are such an outstanding example of the "I can do it" spirit we all need to cultivate, that I felt compelled to let you know how much you've inspired and motivated me.

I discovered DG in Spring of 2010 and loved the idea of working with properties, trying to help folks save their credit rating or at least helping them stay out of the jaws of current foreclosure practices. Plus, Dean was so reputable, and it felt like the perfect business for me on several fronts - partly because I have a good background in operations, administrative aspects, protocol, planning, project development, building projects, reviewing contracts and working with clients, contractors, attorneys, architects, alternative energy, agencies and teams of people. So a lot of the "body" of this work feels familiar to me.

About the time I was assimilating DG's materials, and had just bought SFL, I was inundated with things that needed my attention - including downsizing my life, a friend's illness, family deaths, many "balls in the air" around the economic madness and random Ninjas. So I dropped the reins on my DG work - only able to find time to attend all SFL Webinars and listen to all DG's videos and calls, but not able to spend time using his website, much less getting my SFL site set up, and USING it.

The new year has made me realize (more than ever) that I must get back up quickly and pick up those reins... go back to DG's books and my 09-10 EDGE DVDs (as you did) - AND, most importantly, get my SFL site set up and functioning (for Pete's sake!)... before Greg sees it's been sitting in-limbo for months and decides I've left the planet! I bought that magnificent technological tool, and I understand it enough so far to know it will keep me from having to deal with what are normally tedious, redundant processes. I know its links create the kind of cohesive whole that afford smooth, efficient business. It affords strong proactive capabilities... but getting to it just keeps getting lost in my re-active survival lists.

THEN I READ YOUR BLOG... about what you're accomplishing, and how you too have your own reasons for shortage-of-time. Your descriptions and details... HOW you're moving forward... HOW you move through your fears... retaining what you've learned and APPLYING it... NOTING what happens (good and bad) based on what YOU do or don't do (SO impt~!)... Your recaps of experiences and the steps in processes you use (SO helpful~!)... Your AMAZING amount of energy, your effective approach, the comfort you've acquired in gathering the stats and doing the math, knowing (and voicing) how you want things done - all these specifics, their results (whether beneficial or not) AND the (exponential) accomplishments that you've built. ALL of it has just left me reeling... inspired, more informed and deeply encouraged.

It's so great to read your stories, I'm delighted to see your momentum and I wish you more and more!
I'll be back periodically to get my weekly booster...

Best regards,


WOW Kristi I am speachless! Thank you so very much!

I am so excited that you have decided to pick up where you left off and continue your pursuit that will no doubt change your life! As you indicated with your existing experience plus the tools that you have invested in, coupled with your action...just IMAGINE what your future holds! HOLY COW! The sky is the limit!

I truly understand the 'balls in the air' analogy. We each have our own specific circumstances and challenge we must overcome and/or deal with. Life just seems to have a way of keep coming at us....we all must learn how to juggle! Smiling

Stay steady, chart your course. Do something for your business everyday. Nothing is really to small in my opinion. It's the forward progression. It will serve it's purpose. It's a marathon, not a sprint. So we must condition, we must have endurance. That's were all the studying, reading, networking and all the No's, before the yes's come in to play.

Congratulations for making the decision, be proud of yourself.....I AM very proud of you! Forgive yourself for not being perfect, for not being exactly were you want to be. None of us are. But you didn't quit...It's Not over....Heck it's ONLY just began! Realize that everyday we wake up, we get another chance! Let's not waste it...let's get out there and MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!!

God Bless,

Great Job

I was reading your journal and wanted to say Great Job and keep truckin'.

Your journal gives me hope and probably many more.

Thank You for sharing.

e-bunny (Mary)


Been a very busy and productive day! Did a webinar this morning about strategies to protect yourself and your business, completed pulling preliminary numbers from Friday of the properties that I wanted to look at today and it ended up being 5 and I will be submitting on all 5. (One I am looking at as a possible personal residence UNLESS one of my buyers wants it - LOL).

Tweaking a few things in my wholesaling strategy and I am including buy/fix and hold or sell to my RE arsenal next. I have been in the process of setting myself up for funds (HM/PM) to get into the property, pull rehab out of it and then turn it out of short term to long term funding. So anyway, looked at these properties today and all in great areas (city limits, near public and private schools, college campuses, and each within 5-10 min from Interstates and shopping). Any of them I would personally live in...they are that good of areas. No majors on rehabs. Did walk-thru, noted all repairs/updates I observed. (one even had fresh paint and new carpet - I was like "Fired Up" LOL). Then start inside and out taking pics. Came home uploaded and went through each again. (sometimes a second look when doing estimated repairs will surface something initially you missed). Ran and reran the numbers each as a wholesale as well as a buy and hold, etc. (Always have a backup to your backup). Smiling btw: these are REO's so emailed my agent to pull sold comps to confirm my comps I just ran myself. I'll pull POF on each and we'll be ready to push them out on Monday. Which will make for phase one of offers for the week. lol

Well it's 2:08 a.m. CST & been awesome but long day (I have to really hit it hard on my 'babyless' weekends - lol) although I didn't finish all buyer marketing efforts as planned, they will be completed tomorrow! So I am about to go recharge my batteries! Night...or good morning everyone!




I just read your journal and like everyone else here, I really enjoyed it!

It is amazing how much you get accomplished!

Thanks you for sharing your ads and congrats on getting the offers on back up money. Those guys must have read your journal too! Eye-wink

I am bookmarking and will follow your progress.



"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"

Good morning

Good morning everyone,

Hoping everyone had an incredible weekend and a great day thus far! Saying a huge thank you to all that participated in the EDGE Contest and to the ones that put up their own money and invested their own time in an effort to potentially change someone's life forever. For all that entered, I am sure it will be a tough decision for the judges. But only 2 of the 30 will be blessed with an incredible opportunity. For the remaining 28, I would encourage all to NOT quit.....don't stop working to get there! Not to get discouraged and say 'crap' didn't win, maybe next year....NOOOO let THIS be the year! We aren't promised next year, live and act as this could be the last day. Don't waste it watching TV or something. Just please remember what does or doesn't happen.....that ulitmately if it is to be, it is up to me!

Just thinking over my weekend and all that was accomplished and was reflecting over some things after reading a daily devotional email I subscribe to from Joel Osteen. Todays message was regarding Seasons. Seasons in our lives, not all being harvest time. We have seasons to plant, til, water and tend to our crops. Be careful to make sure 'weeds' don't take root and deprive our crops of their nutrients or smother and hinder growth. All of which are necessary to reach a plentiful harvest. Think this very much applies to every aspect of our lives, from personal relationships, health to all business aspects. You can fertilize your crops, but only to a point you can't excellerate the growth pattern that needs to take place. Meaning we have to continually study, learn take action over and over each and every day. Don't allow weeds (negativity, rejections, etc) smother and produce less than optimal results.

You can't drive a vehicle looking in the rear view mirror (past) or looking down at the floor (present) you have to look ahead (future) to arrive at the destination. If you get a flat tire and have to pull over half way home, you wouldn't say...."screw it" guess this is as far as I'm going to get and set up camp there. NO you'd get out fix it, call for help, get a tow truck or push the dang thing if you had to.

AMAZING Deal I'm assessing:

Year Built: 1980
Location: Montgomery, AL.
Current Condition: Structurally sound but needs work
Rehab Estimate: Currently under construction. Repairs: in need of a complete rehab


Great post Bama Girl,I

Great post Bama Girl,I really enjoyed reading it thank you.

Great way to

Great way to start my day Jen. As usual, ALWAYS inspring! I like your "Deal". I agree...NO EXCUSES.

Have a great week!



Quitters NEVER win - Winners NEVER quit!

"P.U.S.H. = Persevere Until Something Happens" Dean

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison
Check out my Road to Redemption journal:


Thank you for the post. Makes you look at things a little different.
You plant,nurture and reap the benefits. Continue moving forward life is not easy.


Wow, had to share this.

Wow, had to share this. Just got off the phone with an investor that contacted me off one of the property ads I have running. After giving him the details of property, my estimates on rehab, etc. and answering his property specific questions, he's gonna go by an look at it to see if he's interested. Anyway, that's not the exciting part. I pulled him into conversation to get him to talking, and say "well if the Michigan property isn't exactly what your looking for, tell me what would be of interest to you, so if something comes along I can give you a call and see if you're interest." Soooo I go through my usual investor profile sheet I have getting his criteria, etc. Then come to the question on his price range for properties, he says up to $100k, cash buyer and can close in 30 days. So I'm thinking to myself "FIRED UP"! We discuss areas, what he's looking to do, etc. and after hearing what he was looking to do, the strategy he was using (he had told me where he was located, which is in an adjacent county that the property is located) I told him that honestly in knowing his criteria and strategy...that this wouldn't be the property I would push to him. Yes, it was a positive cash flow property, with a massive amount of equity but in a low income area and since he was looking to buy, fix and flip primarily that he would probably hang on to this one for a while. With that statement alone I could feel his demeanor change. I had built trust. I wasn't trying to sell him a property. (THIS IS IT.....THE EXCITING PART:) he says "Sounds like you definitely know what you're talking about and been doing this a while" then I said, "We'll I've got some time served" and we both just kind of laugh it off. LOL! Good stuff right.....told ya it was coming! hehe!

I could not help but flash back to Dean's post of present how you want to be perceived (fake it to you make it) but you now what.....with each and every passing day.... you really don't have to fake it all that much anymore! lol

So I got a good contact, will push him some stuff to see if he really is player. But bottom line, made a really good contact and it just confirms what sources and how I'm running my ads. So I'm pleased with the outcome.

I also through out there that would be picking up several more over the course of the week, gave him the area of town (no specific street) and an ballpark of what I'd be wholesaling them at with less rehab than the one he called me on and a he said to let him know when I had them and I could give him addresses. Then he offered an additional contact number and email address before I had a chance to ask!

So today's MUST DO TASK:
-submit this weeks ads to BB - (DONE)
-Call five (5) banks (everyday this weeks goals) (but only got three (3) in at lunch)
-Submit offers w/POF on the REOS (DONE)
-Call the 2 retail cash buyers on Plum & Michigan properties (DONE, and set times to show property for both)
-Return calls missed this afternoon: (to be done when I in about 5 min when I get off)
-Then home to run # off leads I took on the return calls from lunch!
-More marketing
-then jump on treadmill and get a run in!

whew! good day, I think!!

Forward progression..... so stay tuned! Smiling


Hey everyone, hoping your week has been amazing and you've continually taken action to move you one step closure to you goals!

My day was a little off the chart, kind of scattered a bit. I had an excess of leads and inquiries on my ads today....which is ABSOLUTELY a good thing! But that meant a lot of phone time. I didn't completely check off all items on my list of To/Must Do's. So will have to roll some forward until tomorrow. I hate doing that, I prefer to have all items checked off. I get this little sense of accomplishment with every items struck through. Then take a serious self-check of why I'm not getting it done As Planned - ya know? But anyway, o.k. enough of the abuse/pity party! I've got it all out of my system now and on to a more positive note.

All part of: plan, work, adjust and work then push harder!

I did accomplish a few things not on the list. My best friend called me on the way to work this morning, we chatted for a few of the how was your weekend etc. stuff. I had mentioned the properties I had looked at and had submitted on, with those and the rest of the properties I am offering on this week I was going to approach someone I new about extending a private/personal line of credit in the event I needed to pull on earnest money. He asked what I needed, I said I was looking for a minimum of $3k-$5k roll on funds with anywhere from 20-30% interest on a 30-45 day term that would be available to me within 24 hrs. And was looking to do that with several others people that was looking to make a quick return on their money. So he said o.k. and that was pretty much it. Then he text me about 12:00 or so and asked could he give my number to one of the supervisors that he works with that might be interested in what we talked about this morning. I said sure! LOL So when he got off work he called and said that I should be getting a call from this guy. He was definitely interest. Plus get this....J. said he had about 25-30 rental properties in two (2) adjacent counties. Good stuff huh! I told him, if it worked out with this guy W. I would give him a referral fee off it when we close. He said no way, but I'll do something like pay his power bill or truck payment the month after I close on a property and reimburse all funds. To show my appreciation for the referral.

So tell people what you are doing. Never know what may come of it.

Don't wait until your thirsty before you start digging your well. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Got another cool thing coming tomorrow. Would tell you tonight, but think I've probably gone on long enough. Thanks for the ear!

Tomorrow is Wednesday...assess if you are on target? Have you done all that you set out to do to this point? If not....then Why not? Figure it out, get rid of it and get it done!!! (All the you's in there were ME's it just made it sound better - bhahaahaa!)

Night all!

God's Blessing be upon you!

Hello, Jen.

great read. Great stuff. thanks for sharing. peace,


Dana w/ Crossroads Solutions LLC
I am direct to the VP of a $100 million dollar open-ended debt and equity fund which actively writes checks to fund businesses with an EBITDA of at least $1 million a year. We fund also have access to up to $500,000,000 for the purchase of distressed real estate, specially commercial $7,500,000 and up.

You go girl !!!

I just finished reading your whole journal and it has definately fired me up!! Im just beginning myself and being self employed, I have a lot more time on my hands than you, and haven't progressed like i'd like to see. You are full of energy and its very inspiring. You have got me very excited to take immediate action. Thank you!!



That is awesome Ross! It is

That is awesome Ross! It is very rewarding for me to hear of something maybe I did or said that has inspired someone else to take the steps they need to that will make a difference in their own life. So thank you for your kind words and being a blessing!

Thank you to all for the words of encouragement!

Make it a great day!


The nail....

Good morning,

This post is kind of spun off of a conversation that I had with someone this morning. I feel as if there are pretty much two categories we each fall in. Either we choose to be a victim or a victorius. Those people that go through hard times and spend the rest of their lives reminding themselves and everyone else how hard they've had it. Or if they had not lost their job 20 yrs. ago things might be different. Or had their heart broke by someone they were crazy about and spend the rest of their lives punishing everyone else they are in a relationship with because of something that one person did 15 yrs ago. I don't speak much on my past or challenges I've gone through. It really IS pointless. It's in the past, nothing I can do about it now but learn from it and move on. But I'm going to share a little glimpse of Jen. So stay with me here! lol

We each have our own stories, struggles, challenges, all has contributed to who we each are. Sometimes the shape we are in is self induced or perhaps just honestly outside or our control. Either way, life still happens to each and everyone of us. There has been seasons in my life of 'plenty' and seasons that were pretty tough. I've lost everything I ever own twice. And I'm not embellishing. Literally was sleeping on the floor when I sold my bedroom suit and everything I had. Told my son we were 'camping' LOL! He was alot younger at the time. I made it work. lol A time where I did not have food in the house but knew I'd be having my son the next or whatever and get off work and would help a friend grout and sponge tile until 4 in the morning, home to shower and stay awake because I knew if I'd layed down it was over; then back to work at my job. Did a lot of things that I didn't 'want' to do, they were hard, even gross, but rolled up my sleeves and got dirty for a buck. Because I couldn't look at my son and say "well sorry baby....the economy is bad, there will be no lunch for you to take to school today"! He didn't care what the balance of my checkbook was or whatever...he depended on ME to provide for him. There were times, I'd stop at McDonalds (because I could get a happy meal for him for like $2, pay for it in change/pennies and really I couldn't have prepared something that cheap.) He'd say "mommy aren't you going to get something?" And I'd response "Oh no sweetie, I had a big lunch and mommy is stuffed" BUT actually be so freaking hungry I could have ate the box the happy meal came in. But you just do what you have to do to survive. Don't judge don't know the path they took to get where they are. You CAN overcome any challenge or circumstance if you choose.

I shares all that to say, don't have a victim mentality! Be victorious! Anything you are going through today is ONLY temporary UNLESS you decide to make it permanent! Do what you have to do to get what you want to have! No matter how tough RE may be at times, how much you may be struggling in a certain area. Just reflect (don't stay there - lol) over you past and how far in life you have come, things YOU overcame. See your strength. When you have gone through 'junk' in your realize 'Heck, this ain't NOTHING!'

I once heard a story about this guy that was stitting on his porch with his dog. The neighbor had came over to talk with the this man. As they were talking he couldn't help but notice that the man's dog kept on howling, wimpering, moaning, etc. The neighbor said "hey man, what's wrong with your dog?" The guys answers "he's laying on a nail". The neighbor responds "well why doesn't he move?" The man says "guess it doesn't hurt bad enough". There's powerful message in that story. I heard it years ago, and it just stuck with me. Sometimes, it's not the dream that will move us.....but the pain!


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