Dean Gets Matt To Reveal His Most Guarded Secrets... (LIVE)

Dean and Matt

Hi, Dean and Matt, Matt and Dean. Thank you for this opportunity for us to pick up on the "latest and greatest" in real estate investing from Matt. This will be the first time I have been on one of Matt's trainings as an IE member, which has allowed me to pick up the pace on my real estate investing business. I'm looking forward to it on the 27th of January.Thanks again.

Perfect timing

I gotta do this before I break apart. Brother got his new right lung on Jan. 2nd and finally went home yesterday from the hospital. He is in Colorado. Looks like I will be getting my new roof with no money out of pocket via a special program with the County. This will add value to my house and help me if I have a need to sell. Praying for God's hand on me and HIS will be done. I have five cash buyers lined up and more if I should get a deal created. And I have two people with money to partner with. Now if I can get my head out of the fog and move it I just may get something done (wholesale). I have marked my calendar for the 27th 5:00 pm pst.

I changed my way

Thank you Guy's, This is my year, it is happening for me this year. Thank you so much

Thanks Dean and Matt!

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Looking forward on the training On the 27th! You guys ROCK!

Make it a great week!

2015 the Year

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Thanks Dean and Matt for all the help in boosting our business. I look forward to the webinar and the information provided.

Matt most top sercret yet!

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Hi Dean I will mark my calendar for Matt's latest real estate strategies still hunger for more information. Just needs to create me some time to do it.

Looking forward to the

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Live Training!

Dean see you and Matt on the 27th. Thanks

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Thanks Guys. Looking Forward to the Webinar.

Thanks Dean and Matt

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I will be watching for the Webinar on the 27th CST in West Texas .


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That is exactly what I told a few of my partners, I want to BFF this year. I need to know the lingo and some cheat sheets. I need to know whatever it takes. MATT WE NEED YOU. BE THERE OR BE NOWHERE!


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Reserved my spot. Thanks for the opportunity.

2015 Count me in!


I will make this year 2015 my best year ever with DG.I am a NYS Real Estate Broker/Owner and former Franchisee owner looking for a new career in Real Estate. I am Hungry and giving up real estate brokerage to jump on this wagon. Reserve my spot I am definitely in and thank you Dean and Matt.

My spot's reserved......

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calendar is marked and I am primed for the livecast!!!!! Thanks again for being who you are... the best!!!

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC and IE member
2013, 2014 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

I will not miss it

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I'm ready for Matt to deliver!!! Thanks Dean


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THANKS for this upcoming live training. Definitely looking forward to it. Thanks for the link to Earl N also!

Dean Gets Matt To Reveal His Most Guarded Secrets... (LIVE)

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Hi Dean,

I am looking forward to the live event with Matt & You....Smiling

Thank You for all you do, and continue to do.....xo



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Will be watching next tue just registered & will be wholesaling my 7th deal tomorrow or Friday! Thx Dean you & Matt changed my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you at the Edge!


Thank you Dean,

I did take the time to listen to The Strangest Secret by Earl nightingale 1950.

I mean that was kind of cool it was cool.


MY YEAR 2015

Thank you Dean cant wait to learn more to kick start my year!!!


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Thank you so much!!! I can't wait! In today's market I am just so glad that it doesn't matter we can still make money!!!


marked my calendars!!

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Thank you Dean and Matt,

already marked all my calendars around the house and office! Don't want to miss this one!!!


Dean & Matt

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i love when there is more knowledge to make things happen, this is why your training is different then others and i can not await to see what will be taught.

Dean and Matt

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I'll be watching next Tuesday! Thanks for all you do.



Thank you Dean and Matt for getting together to share this information with us. I am patiently waiting and very eager to learn as much information and knowledge concerning real estate from the live webcast as possible. Again thank you guys i will be ready jan 27th taking notes and than applying what i learn to help me become successful in my real estate career.

I will be on the call

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Just what we need

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Hey Dean, thank you so much for all you and Matt do and share with us!!!! I am looking forward to it!!!!

Tina Scott

Reply to live web cast

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Yes I saw it . Was ausome ! I wrote everything down . Thanks Dean and Matt.
I learned a lot from telecast.

The video was simply

The video was simply informative. I really impressed with the way real estate has been told with so ease.

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