Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #324 - The Lack of Time Dilemma

Weekly Wisdom’s are back! And like Dean said earlier this year, the weekly wisdoms are going to be AWESOME (not that they aren’t always awesome) this year! And this week Dean starts by addressing the Dilemma of Lack of Time and how we can separate the physical lack of time from the “emotional lack of time”. This week’s Weekly Wisdom is awesome... DON’T YOU DARE MISS IT!


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Thank you Dean,I have a lot to think about this week i can't control my time..


Dean this was very timely for me, thanks!


No pun intended, but does listening to the Blues constitute negative thought?


No pun intended, but does listening to the Blues constitute negative thought?

Great topic!

Thanks Dean Graziosi for the great information! Here is that quote you mentioned: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

It is....

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It is always refreshing to receive confirmation from the universe and more and more they are being delivered in your weekly wisdoms and the incredible training I was able to be a part that was recently offered. But this weekly wisdom was more clarity and ability to better take aim at my goals... What good is the target and arrow if the person using the bow doesn't know how to make best use of it by trusting in his/her own ability to zone out the world

Lean in 2015

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Great Daily Wisdom Dean...I'm learning that you forgive so you don't waste your "mental time" carrying that old story. We don't have time to be overly concerned with what others are doing ,or have done, unless it helps us. We have today, again, to do great things.. Concentrate on what your doing. Think about what you should do to move yourself forward. Thanks Dean, Dan in Seattle

Another awesome weekly wisdom

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LUV how you have conditioned your mind to constantly believe you were meant to be in every position that happened for a reason and make that reason the most positive reason you can. That conditioning can only result in massive positive thoughts that carry you in momentum to the next positive thought and successful outcome. Your weekly wisdom's are amazing and what condition my mind also to get better and better. Thanks bro you're the best !!!
Ps: strong people don't put others down- they LIFT them up !!
Lets all be conscience of putting anyone down for ANY reason. Let's ALL LIFT each other UP !!!

Unleashing the Shackles That Hold Us Back

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Dean you are absolutely right about forgiveness. It holds us back from progressing like shackles attached at our ankles and with each encounter we face, not forgiving another person it poisons our soul, weights us down preventing us from moving forward or progressing in life. Lack of forgiveness tries to destroy us until what little light of hope we have is dashed.
I was a design engineer(contractor) from 2005 until 2014 making awesome money when all in life was well. The economy tanked in 2009 so I had to move 180 miles north hold a job. My family stayed at our home while I returned for the weekends. I was an assistant scout master and when I had a Boy Scout Campout that weekend my mgr allowed me to leave early on Fridays to drive home early to take my oldest son to the campout.

The summer 2010 for medical reasons we moved my family to Phoenix, AZ while I had to be away working to maintain a job to support my family. That distance apart created a huge void between my wife and now has brought us to the point of divorce. My 29th wedding anniversary was last Saturday, Valentine's Day, which will most likely be my last without a miracle of a change of heart for my wife.

I have chosen to forgive myself because I did make mistakes in my marriage; It wasn’t just my wife’s fault. I wasn't perfect by any stretch. Most importantly I have forgiven my wife for all the downright nasty, vile and horrible things she has said to me via email and text messages. Even keeping me away from my sons by not allowing me to speak with them or see them. Yes it is painful and heartbreaking, I’ve gone through this for almost 2 years, but I have decided to be kind, loving and uplifting to everyone around me. I have chosen to look at the bright or positive side of things. Truly successful people have gone these similar situations to grow. So many people are depending upon me to succeed including my family, children, business partners, others around me who need to hear my story for inspiration.
Forgiveness gives us great power over ourselves. We have the ability to take control of our feelings and we can move on. Tony Robbins said, “Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves”. That is so true.
Dean thank you for all you do, your words of inspiration and to all your DG Family. Over the last year I have met with several of your successful students and they have taught me so much. I truly have been blessed to associate with them and hopefully will share great success with them as well.

May God Bless You and have a Wonderful, Successful and Passionate week.

Emotional Time stealers

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Hey Dean!

Outstanding ww! I've never had these brought to my attention like this and I love the way you tied in the story with your kids. I'm going to to be more aware to make sure that none of these emotional time stealers are holding me back on a daily basis so I can keep pushing forward to be the best me for my family, friends and this world! Thanks for the new book too!

Make it a great week!


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Thank you Dean.
Weekly Wisdom is amazing as always. I'm grateful for you and these nuggets of love. This is another profound experience of awakening. I've decided to make the focal points apart of my journal, where I focus on the needed areas.
Thank you again with love X Infinity.

Live With Passion.

Great point

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Just keep your mind focused in the present moment

The dilemmas we face

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It's hard being me as well as it's hard being you. There are external forces (nay sayers) as well as internal (emotions) that influence our lives, our decisions, our actions.

Thanks Dean for an inspiration weekly wisdom. It's a reminder of things we can control to achieve our why. Let's overcome negativism and strive to achieve what's more important to us.


Have missed these

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THANKS Dean for putting this one out. Working on changing the mindset with a Empowerment program. Here is the quote you were trying to say:
Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt



Dear Dean,
Last year i attended one of your seminars. Two days later, I recieved a phone call about a tax deed program linked with yourcompany. At thAT time, i HAD A CAR ACCIDENT which took all available cash I now can go into this program. Therefore I am assking for the contact info for this program.

Sincerly yours,
David Cook

Dean, you are great...

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I am so grateful that I met a guy thru something else and we became friends, stayed in touch over the years. He got back into real estate when I was just getting started. I learned he worked with you and I started watching the WWs. Since I have read your book, taken classes and learned. I am grateful and blessed to have gotten to know him, you, Matt and now well as others in the DG Family. Thank you for putting this organization together.

Quote you were looking for:

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Great people talk about ideas...

Mediocre people talk about things...

Small people talk about other people...

Good stuff...

Thanks Dean!

***Moving Forward***

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Thanks Dean for Your Weekly Wisdom: Pack up the good stuff and ...'Let all the other stuff burn!" LOVE IT, and by they way Dean You are a good Dad, cherish the moments even though they maybe exhausting because you will never be able to get them back! As you can tell my two kids are now in college and I love all those great memories, even the zombie days! Smiling

The Lack of Time Dilemma

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Hi Dean,

Welcome Back to the weekly wisdom.....Smiling

There never seems to be enough hours in the day, to do the things that we want to do, or the things we need to get done....

Thank You for all you do.....xo


Thank you! We are grateful

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Thank you! We are grateful you post the Weekly Wisdoms to keep us focused and on track!

Things happen for a reason

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I like what you wrote. We develop more and more with Dean in our lives. He is really a cool person. To say the least. I'm happy for you in being able to get on board with the training. I wasn't able to afford it this time. Hopefully someday. I learn as much as I can without the training. Things happen for a reason. Just like what happened at Dean's house that night. My time will come for success in real estate, as well as yours.

a solution

Hi dean love your weekly wisdom very powerful. I am unable to open my training from Matt course can you help me please.

You are blessed Dean!

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Thank your for doing another awesome Weekly! I love how you keep inspiring us by sharing your own experiences. It's so nice that you are always there for your children.
Time is something that we can never get back, so we need to use it wisely.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you for the message

The message is so encouraging; letting my past burn and not let emotional time stealers take over our lives. Thanks again, Evangeline

time... it's on your side, yes it is...

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Hey Dean, yes you brought back lots of memories, bedwetters we had more that one and we laugh it now. But great ww to work on myself this week. TY.

The book

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Is is "The Shack" by William Young? Please let me know! Just make sure I am getting the right book!


Great Weekly Wisdom

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I will be buying the audio book for The Sack, thanks for the recommendation Dean. Also you right about looking at certain situations with a positive view and be grateful for you have the opportunity experience whatever situation.

Singing the Blues

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Hi, I just had to answer your comment. Music can be very uplifting, so I don't think listening to the blues is negative... unless you let yourself be bogged down in spiral downward of the story. What makes blues is a chord progression, not the storyline. You can still be uplifted by the listening and/or playing & singing the blues. Music is only negative if you are giving out negative energy with it.

That was meant for the comment way above me.

Listening the Blues

I was just thinking about the effects of the Blues on one's emotions. Personally, I don't necessarily get the 'blues" when listening, but taking into account its origins, it can potentially set the wrong mood. Delta Blues, for instance, is rooted in the struggles against poverty and discrimination. Nevertheless, music is an expression of joy and happiness in all its forms. Being in the right mindset when listening is what matters most.


we your adoring students love you my man...

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