Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #325 - Are You Wasting Your Time On The WRONG Things?

Last week Dean discussed in depth the “Dilemma of Lack of Time” and this week’s Weekly Wisdom is going to branch off slightly from last week’s message and discuss how so many of us are spending time doing the WRONG things that have no positive impact on moving our lives in the right direction. Dean will address the dilemma we have with wanting more happiness, more joy, more money, but spending time doing things that don’t help our journey to get there.

Some of the lessons Dean teaches this week are lessons he has spent years mastering and years implementing into his own life. This might just be one of the best weekly wisdoms of the year. Don’t miss out, watch now!

I needed to hear this

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Thanks Dean. I've been putting out my own bandit signs and I need to start paying someone else to do. I don't have to tell you, it takes a lot of time putting them out and picking them up.

Hire Assistants

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Hi Dean, that's an important change needed for our Businesses. Some things anyone can do, have them do it.. They need the work and it frees up more of our time to do the important work..

Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish

It's easier said than done. If you aren't making money it's very difficult to delegate. Once the money rolls in, it's easy to spread the wealth. When someone is struggling penny wise and dollar foolish is only natural.

Very real thoughts. actually

Very real thoughts. actually the proper utilization of the time is quite a necessary thing to take out the best from your life.


i enjoy the WW's every week.

Great Stuff!!!!!!

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Thanks for the reminder.

Great Stuff!!!!!!

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Thanks for the reminder.

The Next Level

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Implemented the VA and working on getting other to do signs and helping with the bookwork. I also have to get the right mindset to have others fix and repair the rentals. It's time to use the time wisely.
We all tend to go back to the same ways were use to.
Thanks for the WW

Great Weekly Wisdom

That was fantastic information. As an employee it is a little harder to apply it but I am going to do my best to make sure I am working on the best items for me.

I found someone

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Thanks to you Dean I took action and find a intern to help me do the $10 hour stuff that was eating up my time. Well this intern is gonna work for free basically. I found this intern on Craigslist. I'm gonna focus on my unique ability.

Using Time "Money-Wise"

Thanks,Dean !

Thank you! Yes! Delegate so

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Thank you! Yes! Delegate so we can be the best we can be!

Are You Wasting Your Time On The WRONG Things?

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......

To answer your question......Yes we are wasting our time on the wrong things.......We are all guilty of it.......Sad....We need to change that......this is why we are here, to listen, and learn from the Best in This Business......That is You My Friend....Smiling

Thank You For All You Do.......xo


Great reminder Dean! I needed it!

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Going to implement my VA soon like this wk I am still doing $10 an hr stuff & you have a great idea I was fretting bc nobody wnts to go put signs out for $15 an hr here in san diego & I thought well why not ask my janitor here in the apt bldg since he does side work for $10 an hr.

The immigrant comm works hard & is willing to work for less so I will contact them, thanks.

Great reminder Dean!

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Thank you for the ww. I've heard this before but have not taken action. Time to start tracking my time better!
Make it a great week!

Thanks Coach!

It is time that I focus on MY UNIQUE ABILITY,.


Signing Out-!


Yes, this is what Iam finally doing, make it simple even more and assign others the lesser things to do the more important things with greater returns, awesome Dean, sincerely, Jim

Love it ! Thanks for sharing

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“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
― Henry Thomas Buckle

Great advise Dean!!

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Along with our need to delegate is the need to stop doing "busy" work. Things we do that make us feel productive, but really produces no income! Sometimes it is just plain old avoidance. We should all make sure that what we spend our time doing and delegating will produce income! Either by making or saving!

Thanks again!

My dilemma.....

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Another great WW Dean. But here's my dilemma, what is my "unique ability"? I am, as most call me, a "Jack of all trades" so it is hard for me to NOT do something and pay someone to do it ( as well as where I live, the choices of people to hire are limited Sad ) So to hire someone and have the thing done wrong costs me almost as much time and money as if I did the job myself. No? I DO know my limitations so I do hire out for things I know I am not top notch with. It just hurts to see that money going out when doing the job myself makes for both a lesson on how and a financial savings opposed to working harder to make the money to pay someone else to do it.
Don't get me wrong, I have started to relinquish some of the things I used to do because of my age. I'm feeling the pains more now so I am needing more time to heal from certain activities. ( BTW, It sucks to get old, don't do it if you have a choice Eye-wink lol )

With my new business expansion, I WILL take to heart the lessons in this week's WW and do my best to change my way of thinking. Time to hire more people and move things forward faster. Eye-wink

Until next week.......

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member
2013 & 2014 EDGE Alumni Laughing out loud

thank you Dean!

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great reminder about our Unique Ability! so easy to fall in the 'busy work' trap... will do the log of where my time is spent this week... this will be a huge reality check!

Thanks for another awesome WW!


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Always good to watch WW, Im working on time management now..



Great timing Dean!

Hey Dean,

Great timing with this week's message.

Definitely an important part of
staying on track financially by
prioritizing activities that
make the most $ with your UA.

Just what I needed to hear!

You might be right. But when

You might be right. But when you giving it all youve got and still the rest hasnt come its very difficult, to believe these MANOPOLY MEN. Actually this only works for them and for people who are more fortunate than others. There teachings are OK but they dont teach you how do they actually made money, and everytime there gonna reveal something they want to sell it for thousands. I hope you really make as many thousands or millions as you can

Freedom from the small things

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Dean, thank you for sharing, I truly get this!!!! I even get the kids in the neighborhood to help me with things all the time to not take up my time. I am working very hard to free up time by using other people that want to make some money so I can use my unique ability.


So true.... Time and tide wait for no man... make the most of it!

right on again!

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It is so true. Dr John DeMartini is a phenomenal example of this. He is a world renown speaker, philosopher and chiropractor that hasn't driven a car since his late 20s! He spends all of his time researching, reading, learning things and relationships of things you wouldn't think are related. He focuses 100% of his time on his unique ability...truly inspiring.

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