Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #110 - The Worst Thing You Could Do Now

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog

In this 1st blog of the new year, Dean talks about the one thing you MUST avoid as you begin 2011.

Then he gives a simple way to make a real difference in your life and hit the ground running for a great year. Watch and tell him what you think, by posting below. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

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I totally agree taking small steps is the way to go. I have been told I am black & white when it comes to business so is there a list of steps that I and very newbie should be taking to reach our goals?

I appreciate any and all your help.

Thank you and looking forward to your next blog.


This time my hats off to you Dean right now were I'm at this Blog.made lots of sense to me I Thank you for that and Thank you for just being there for me and all of the D.G. family you are a true Leader.I just thought I been taking Plateaus of success all my life and this is another plateau that I need to go thought that why I refuse to give up. Real Estate is my passion and I did not know it till I saw you late one night.I always looked at House and thought what if, but now I belive I will.Growing up I always live in apt. but alway wish I live in a House.I now every day I getting closer to my dream home.THERE ARE THREE KIND OF OF PEOPLE IN LIFE. THOSE WHO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. THOSE WHO WISH THINGS HAPPEN. AND THOSE WHO WONDER WHAT WOULD HAPPEN.


Slowly but surely I'm moving forward. Made mistakes along the way, but learned from them. Wish there was a better way to learn! Going for another possible deal. We'll see. I partnered up with another as "when two or more are gathered there shall I be in the midst of them" I found years ago I cannot do it on my own! And yes, I need to lose weight also - another resolution!

I Love This Idea!

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Hey Dean,

Thanks again for another great blog! I love the idea of taking my goals and chunking them down into smaller steps that I can reward myself for and feel good about. Its much easier to eat the elephant that way Smiling

Have a great week!

Warm regards,

Personal "boot camp"

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Within the last month or so I've really been buckling down and taking an honest look at my life and where its going and realized I REALLY need to start taking action.
Especially in this market where there's deal after deal just waiting to be scooped up and used to make $$$ on. It's been a life long goal to get to a financial point where I dont have to "worry" about money and can have a networth supporting the things I like to do in life and allow me to give to others.

Thanks Dean for your blogs and this awesome site!


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You always opening minds Dean and thats exactly wat you do for me...I hope you know by you doing this you have something more powerful and great instored for you my brotha..Keep teaching...Why?...because you have to give to receive and there is nothing more greater than knowledge so if you give that then you will recieve back knowledge...THANKS

Javon Lowery

Mr. Positive

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That's my new name for you Dean...Mr. positive. I love you man. Keep it up. I am off to a great year. 1/04/11 I just closed on the purchase of another property-going to be my best year ever!!
Thank you!!

Commercial Financing

Great inspiration for the start of 2011. It reminds me of the quote "How do you eat an elephant?" One bite at a time. Enjoy the journey.

Blog #110 for the New Year

Another great blog for the New Year, Such an inspiration I need to take u up on your suggestions and plant some goals this yr that are reasonable plateaus

Thanks again

blue ribbons of success

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Again Dean, you really nailed me with this blog. Everything that could just about gone wrong has. Although I am striving to be in a good mood and keep a positive attitude I am frustrated because I can't seem to get my first deal done. We are so broke and scared. I love this idea. Really concentrating on one aspect of a deal will help me and then celebrating after it is done is such an easy concept. This blog caused me to cry tears of joy and relief. There is always hope and these blogs are such a big part of that. I am so afraid I will give up like I usually do but I keep close to this site and continue in prayer and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you so much!

Dean - Help! How can I get in?

Dean, I attended the Private Pre-Auction R E Event Wednesday 12/29/10 at the Knoxville Hilton. I didn't have the funds for the upcoming Academy Training weekend this month. I have no incoming funds but I would love to attend the event and then get started with this program, along with the Tax Lien Certificate and Affiliate Marketing programs. Is there any option out there for me to do this?

Well Said

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Well said Dean!!
Thank you for the steady words of encouragment and sound advice!

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction by Napoleon Hill. If you haven't read it. Better yet applied its concepts, You will be a winner and have MASSIVE success. Dean does all of these and shows it. Remember

Knowledge plus ACTION = SUCCESS


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As I look back on 2010 I would have to say that I failed in reaching my real estate goals that I set for myself. I lost focus and let many things cloud my mind and forced me off track. I find myself lost right now and not sure where to begin again.

Lost in Arizona

Happy 2011 to all.

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Great Blog Dean:
I think you are absolutely right by encouraging people to take baby steps.
Odd that mentioned in your blog, where I may have been going wrong, in setting my goals to high.
I know I would like nothing more than to move out of the dead end situation I am stuck in, and into my first condo by the end of July. But thats not gonna happen if I cant keep myself focused on what is important for me, and like you said:"The way to do that, is by giving yourself a little blue ribbon or pat on the back with every little step, inching you closer to your goal."
Great Blog Dean

Thanks Dean

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I signed up for one of your mentorships and training and I have been using the Plateaus of success with that and it encouraged me to do it with my life as well. I'm just started building my buyers list and hope to have my first deal done before Valentine's day. Thanks for all you do to help and encourage us to succeed. I will also see you in Vegas in February


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time for action

Blue Ribbons


And when I get five blue ribbons by the end of the week I get to have an In-n-Out Double Double fries and a Milkshake!Yeah!...... Just joshin.
2011 will be my year, our year!
Looking forward to every new day, every new opportunity to better myself, in REI and in my own personal life as well. It's exciting to know you'll be there the whole way my friend. Talk to you soon Dean.


Wise Words

Dean, you always seem to hit the nail squarely on the head. Your advice is so positive and will lead one to success. Thanks for the insight and I will continue to make purposeful steps on my ladder towards my goals.
I look forward to your next Blog. Thanks.

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In this 1st blog of the new year, Dean talks about the one thing you MUST avoid as you begin 2011.

Then he gives a simple way to make a real difference in your life and hit the ground running for a great year. Watch and tell him what you think, by posting below. Happy New Year!


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Reading all of these posts and comments makes me sit back and wonder how you feel...I mean all of these people looking up to its like you cant let them down..motivation right...Great Blog Dean and the best motivation you could ever ever ever give me is your phone call...One phone call from you and you speaking directly to me uplifts my day to the fact that i know wat you have done..I know what you have taught and i know what your trying to do..God Bless..and keep moving..Your youngest student.

Javon Lowery

we set the goals

Katie Taplin's picture

Hi Dean,
Conrad and I set our goals too but we're going to add the "plateaus of success". Right now we're putting the finishing touches on our first rehab and the "plateaus" have gotten really small, like put the switch plates on or vacuum the rugs. I love the mindset of the plateaus. Thanks so much for you words or wisdom.

Fantastic Message!

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This really hit home - thanks so much for reminding us how to put ourselves back on track. Here is to an amazing 2011!

Keep me motivated

Thank You so much, these keep me motivated!

I Like the Small Steps Idea

Great Blog Dean,

I like the small steps idea... to reach the levels of success. Great way to start off the new year.

Remember, the sky is the limit,

Thanks for the boost Dean!

Wow! Good pep talk Dean. It is very true that sometimes we make the goals too large. Like the idea of smaller steps and plateaus. Thanks Dean! Have a most splendid day!

Karen & Stephen

Thanks Dean

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Very inspirational info Dean, yes this will be my year just by doing exactly what you said by applying one plateau at a time and I will be where I want to be, debt free. Thanks to you Dean, I am going to do what I've been so afraid of doing and that's taking the first step, no more excuses, I'm going for it, and if the first transaction fails, at least I tried and the next one will happen as long as I keep trying and refuse to fail I will succeed. Again Dean, thanks for you support.

Baby Steps

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Taking baby steps and rewarding yourself along the way is the right way to achieve your goals.

Thank You,


You're Right Dean

GBU Ventures HQ's picture

1 step at a time

great advice

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One step at a time, but take action do it now is what I am trying to do in 2011 at 53.

great advice.

Mighty1 Real Estate's picture

taking action is the hardest part for me. I seem to lack motivation, but I never say die. I will never give up on real estate because I know this is the one business that will give my family the security for the future. I watch every video blog and am in the success academy. Your trainers are the best. They really care about making me succeed. I can feel it when they talk to me. I will never give up and I will focus everyday until I make my first deal, and then onto the next!
Thanks for the blogs, you make a difference in my life.

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